MUST-READ: How brainwashed young people vote for their own downfall

Great column by Bob Parks from Big Government. (H/T ECM)


Those kids grew up with progressive teachers who, because of the power of the grading system (which can make or break futures), told them they knew more than their ignorant parents; they knew more than simpleton adults. Their opinions, despite the lack of life experience, were equal, and important, if not superior, to adults.

[…]They believed in recycling, came home and told us we should too. They believed in the Palestinians, and came home and told us we should too.

[…]They now believe in global warming caused by evil corporations and our lust for the very fossil fuels that enabled us to take their lazy butts to the mall, came home and told us we should too. Then they believed in a man named Barack Obama for all the wonderful things he would do to fix this imperialist, racist, homophobic society that enabled them to live relatively carefree lives.


They called us names when they couldn’t debate the realities of what Obama’s policies could cost us all, which was not big deal to them because most of them still live at home, don’t pay rent, don’t pay for food, don’t pay for their cellphone bill (and bitch when they exceed their text limits), don’t pay for the Internet bill, don’t pay for power, don’t do dishes, and many don’t even wash their own clothes, yet THEY KNOW what’s best for the nation.

THEY KNOW that Cap-and-Trade will be good for the economy and will create “green jobs” although they can’t tell us what specifically they’ll be.

THEY KNOW that universal health care is something they all want, although probably none of them could define it two years ago.

Read the whole thing.

This is another serious problem that worries me a lot about the future – brainwashed children who will cause government to sway hard to left. They don’t even know what they are doing to themselves. Parents are just too busy focusing on making and spending money to care what their children believe. They only care that the grades are good. God, morality and patriotism definitely take the hindmost.

Be sure and read about how the unemployment for young Americans is at a record high of 52 percent.

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5 thoughts on “MUST-READ: How brainwashed young people vote for their own downfall”

  1. I’m not sure this is that big a problem because young people don’t really vote — although it’s always tragic when your own kids turn against you.


    1. I am disgusted that I am forced to pay the salaries of these people who would turn my children against me – the very children that I would be providing for from birth! It really is sick that that the state teaches children to scorn the very parents who love the children the most, and take all the trouble to raise them.


    2. I have a son, and if my son ever turns against me because of secular propaganda, I would call that injustice, not tragic.


  2. This is very true when it comes to teachers. Almost every union member in history is a left wing radical, they are constantly fighting for workers rights, / labour arguments. Some left winger with a lot of money and Influence must have influenced north American teachers unions, because now because of this 1/10 teachers are close to being conservative, and they are all complete radicals. They loathe in brainwashing people making them accept their opinions like anyone else in the world would.. It’s scary and sad. I am a high school student and really makes me angry sometimes, I just took a politics course and it was complete propaganda, everyday was a mental struggle… Left wingers are really in reality evil control freaks that love being managed and controlled, they are this way because they are totally insecure about themselves and their economic futures, and they think they are entitled to more because of other people that have more than them.. It’s sad that unions endorse such a dependency, a union member is just about as dependent as an institutionalized criminal.


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