Unemployment rate among men aged 25-54 is 19.4%

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According to an analysis done by TIME Magazine’s Justin Fox, almost 20% of 25-54 year old men are unemployed today, a receord since the Bureau of Labor Statistics started keeping track of the data just after World War II. An unemployment rate of 20% among men in their prime is shocking. Absent the substantial government transfer payments today and the large labor force participation by women, the 20% male unemployment figure would be regarded as a national emergency.

Rome is burning. And yet Congress and the administration fiddle with crooked healthcare deals, tomfoolery such as AGW, perverse nonsense like cap and trade, imaginary “green” jobs, the treating of enemy combatants as mere crooks, etc. — and their policies towards hostile powers are even more ill-informed and provocatively weak. It’s hard to imagine a government more out of step with the people.

Here’s the graph from the Bureau of Labor Statistics showing the decline since 1948. (H/T Time Magazine)

This is actually important to me, and something I am thinking a lot about. I have come to realize that marriage is really an incubator for passing on values to children that are often different from those of the state. Scholars like Stephen Baskerville and Jennifer Roback Morse have argued that the family is a buffer against the power and influence of the state. This is especially true for Christian men and women whose values are definitely not those of the secular leftist state. But where do families come from? How do they start?

In order to have a family, a man marries a woman who agrees with his worldview and values, and then they have children. It’s the man’s role to lead the family by protecting and providing for his wife and children. But that man needs a job so that he can have confidence that he can fulfill those responsibilities. The earning of money is what gives a man the respect and authority in the home so that he can lead his wife and children. Any challenge to the man’s role as protector and provider diminishes his authority to lead.

Already, I am concerned about how the massive tax burden placed on working men causes them to have their authority whittled down, since the state confiscates much of a man’s money and then provides services that he really should be providing himself. Often the services provided (abortion, etc.) are not compatible with Christianity at all! But this new statistic about 19.4% of men in their prime being unemployed is even worse, because now men are earning no money at all! How can they start a family with no income?

There really isn’t much thought going on today about the problem of how to get men to marry and stay married. Instead, people are more focused on dealing with a variety of of grievances from victim groups. I’ve blogged before about the problems that men are having in the schools today, largely due to the application of feminist theory to education. No one seems to be concerned about whether men are doing well in school, and whether they are being raised in families with actual fathers, instead being raised by government subsidies.

I think that young people really need to stop and think about what they want out of life. There seems to be a tendency today among young people to think that relationships are about fun, and that it isn’t necessary to be careful about your choice of mate because the government will always be there to take care of you if you get into trouble, (e.g. – unplanned pregnancy, abusive spouse, etc.). This must stop. We need to stop looking at the government as a substitute for making solid, long-term choices about sex and marriage.

At some point we are going to have to ask ourselves whether we are ready to abandon the family entirely and just substitute sperm donations and government checks for men. If the state is the source of money in a child-producing unit, then the state is the one who calls the tune about what the children will believe. And make no mistake – academics on the secular left are salivating at the thought of pushing their values onto the next generation of children. That is why they are hostile to voucher programs and private schools.

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There are actually many other problems that men are facing that I could have brought up, but my focus today is on education and jobs. These are serious problems and they have serious consequences.

2 thoughts on “Unemployment rate among men aged 25-54 is 19.4%”

  1. I am 54 and since Dec of ’08 have been out of work. I took a gig driving a semi over the road and after two weeks confirmed what I already knew about such a decsion: being away from my family for extended periods, followed by very brief time at home (often less than 48 hours) is no life and really hard to endure. I may yet have to resign myself to just such a situation for who knows how long.

    The worst part about being unemployed for me is dealing with the fact that I am by nature quite lazy, or more to the point, prefer not to work a job. That I spent the previous 30+ years in the work force and rarely in the last twenty or so did I take any “mental health” days, more commonly known as “playing hooky”. So I never liked the jobs I had, but I did them because I’m supposed to and I owe it to my wife and kids. I also owe it to society in general not to be just another leach.

    So here I am out of work, not really disliking the free time though the pay sucks, but very troubled by what it means to my wife, kids and society in general. I’m letting them down, in my opinion, even though it’s not for lack of trying to find a job. I’ve applied for jobs I never would have considered two years ago. Desperation is mounting, but like many, it’s hard not to wonder, “What’s the use?” I live in Illinois, a state that was bleeding jobs before the recession, with only Ohio and Michigan being worse. The wife is fearful and stressed and I don’t blame her as our emergency measures, carefully built up over the years is almost exhausted.

    It’s a bad place for any man to be. It’s hard to maintain the proper attitude. You’re still working (at finding work) but not getting paid. I’m so glad I have a family, but it sucks tremendously to see them go without. I have faith God will provide, but I wonder when. I hope my resentment toward all those friends and family members for voting for Democrats isn’t holding Him back. I can’t help it when this admin and Congress are doing all they can to keep me in this situation.


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