The American Library Association’s gay agenda

Story from NewsBusters.


“Authentic literature” is the term that has been adopted by the ALA to describe books with “literary merit.” It sounds harmless enough – just saying “authentic literature” evokes images of musty catalog cards and spinster librarians. In reality, however, it’s a manipulative term abused by the liberal ALA to promote books like “Skim,” written by Mariko Tamaki and illustrated by her cousin Jillian Tamaki.

“Skim” is a “graphic novel” (aka a comic book) about a depressed, gothic, homosexual, Wicca-worshipping high school girl and, according to the ALA, that’s good literature – it’s “authentic literature.”

The protagonist of the graphic novel, Kim Cameron – nicknamed “Skim” because she’s not slim – participates in séances, channels the spirits, swears judiciously, discusses porn and handjobs, and skips class to smoke. The major plot of the story revolves around Skim’s relationship with her flaky drama teacher, Ms. Archer. When Ms. Archer catches Skim skipping class and smoking a cigarette, she sits down for a drag herself, which eventually leads to a romantic relationship depicted in a double-page tableau of the two kissing in the woods.

Published in 2008, the ALA has already given “Skim” numerous awards, including a spot on the “2009 Top Ten Best Books for Young Adults” and the “2009 Top Ten Great Graphic Novels for Teens.”

The ALA claims that “authentic literature” like “Skim” more accurately portrays the gritty, real American life, and therefore, has more literary merit. It’s a manipulative tactic that has effectively stocked library shelves across the nation with pro-homosexual books that inevitably fall into children’s hands.

They don’t respect the innocence of children.

3 thoughts on “The American Library Association’s gay agenda”

  1. I’ve seen other stories that demonstrate the radical leftist bent of the ALA. To say they are pro-gay is to wallow in understatement. Yet, try to find books that warn of the dangers of such lifestyles and you’d be on a wild goose chase. As you say, they don’t respect the innocence of children and worse, they are complicit in the attempt to corrupt them to the satisfaction of deviant groups like GLSEN.


  2. Not just pro-homosexual, but pro-statutory rape as well, apparently.

    We send teachers to jail for having sexual relations with their minor students, don’t we? So how does this get a by?


  3. No man (or woman) is an island. How we think, and how we live, has a ripple effect.

    For centuries the Christians of America (and Canada) were a light (in establishing just and moral foundations for society) and salt — a preservative. There was a time when you could trust your child to a librarian because the librarian held the same basic values as you did. No more. “It takes a village”? Unfortunately, the village is populated by people who would like nothing better than to demoralize and corrupt your kids, i.e., to re-make your kids in their image.

    Hey, here’s an apologetic. If it is natural for humans to want to make kids (or society) in their image, why is it hard to think that God would want to make the pinnacle of his creation – us – in his?


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