Does the education system discriminate against boys?

Check out this article from MercatorNet, about the plight of boys stuck in the feminized public schools.


Men are now lagging women in every major category from lifestyle to health, from education to employment. For instance, on the health and lifestyle front, men are involved in twice as many fatal auto accidents as women. Good-bye to all those jokes about women drivers. Currently the US has 1.5 million men in the slammer, a 15 to 1 lead over the fairer sex. We guys are much more likely to be alcoholics and we are ahead in the obesity derby. No surprise, then, that on average women have a five-year lead in life span.

For decades now, feminists have been decrying the salary deferential that men have enjoyed. Perhaps this is so for men in their 40s and 50s, but no longer for the 20-something crowd. The playing field is now level, with the advantage held by the women when it is time to tighten the corporate belt and lay-offs occur. As our recession/depression deepens, bosses are laying off young male employees at a greater rate than young women. This employment data corresponds to staggering statistics showing that across the country girls and young women are dramatically out-schooling their male counterparts. Last September 58 percent of the entering freshman class at the nation’s colleges and universities was female.

However, not only is there a large gap in favor of women’s college attendance, but women go through college faster, with higher grades, more honors and fewer disciplinary setbacks. Currently, they are being admitted to elite graduate business and medical schools in greater numbers.

Other topics:

  • men’s apathy due to getting sex from women without having to prove themselves
  • the lack of fathers (caused by no-fault divorce and welfare programs)
  • the lack of male teachers in schools
  • the lack of male role models in the feminized curriculum
  • parents spending too much on video games and other distractions

This is a must-read for anyone who cares about men.

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One thought on “Does the education system discriminate against boys?”

  1. I hate to break it to you but, in the other topics, if porn, video games and extra-marital sex(for the dum-dums who forget about vagimony) didn’t exist society would of been burnt to the ground sometime around 2004-05.

    That is the reason why I want nothing to do with the female dominated society, female dominated educational system and female dominated church. It is all about “how can we whip boy’s and men harder to get them to do what we want them to do.?”.

    Ever stop and think that maybe, just maybe those things you list as being a “problem” are just symptoms of the real problem?

    Why would someone favor porn, video games and drugs over life? If you keep trying to treat the symptoms all you will do is drop a match in the proverbial powder keg.

    And after 20-30 years of calling boy’s, young men and men, horrible monsters and dehumanizing us; well sooner or later a person or persons, given enough dehumanization will becomes very real monsters.

    So keep blaming the victim, cause a lot of us young guy’s view the Church and you so called Christians(more like hypocritians) as well as the feminist left as our enemies.


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