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Fraud and waste in government’s program to distribute “free” cell phones

From CBS Atlanta. (H/T Wes)


Georgians pay the federal government more than $262 million a year in mandatory universal service charges. That’s the hidden fee you pay on your cell phone bill every single month.

That fund is supposed to help the government pay for free phones for the poor.

But CBS Atlanta News found multiple phones being given away to people who already had a free phone, and to people who don’t need them or even want them. And the more phones these companies give away, the more money you pay.

[…]”Get your free government cell phones today, sign up today, get your free phone today,” a Life Wireless contractor yelled out the door of his car.

The pitch the salesman is making is for people to get something for nothing – a free cell phone. In some cases, they receive the phones whether they need them or not.

“I signed up for two already, I got like two of them,” one woman said.

The woman was in line to get her third free phone. In some cases, the people lining up for free phones admitted they already had three or four government-supported phones.

[…]But the bigger problem is that the FCC has no database where companies can check if a person has received one, two, three or even four cell phones from various companies. All someone has to do is show they are on government assistance, show their I.D. and they can get a free phone.

This is nothing but wealth distribution – an effort to equalize life outcomes for all regardless of prudence, thrift and hard work.

91% of Planned Parenthood clinics help hide statutory rapists

From Melissa Clouthier at Red State. (H/T Neil Simpson)


Planned Parenthood claims to support women’s health. Their institutional actions, though, indicate they support criminal activity that would harm a child. How? By facilitating abortions for children raped by adult men. Fully 91% of the abortion clinics contacted would help an underaged girl receive an abortion even when the clinic counselor knew the father was an adult male.

[…]Far from being champions for women, abortion mills exploit them–even the young and raped. They cover up the crimes of grown men to what end? To keep abortion an absolute “right”? To protect their business?

In the last year, we’ve seen abortion mills shut down due to deplorable conditions. We’ve seen women maimed and even killed. We’ve seen jars of baby body parts on shelves.

And from the Planned Parenthoods of America, we’ve seen obfuscation and straight up lying. No, they don’t perform mammograms. No, they don’t focus on preventative health for women.

What Planned Parenthood does do is make a lot of money aborting babies. And, it seems, they are willing to abort the babies of babies who were raped by adult men trying to get rid of the criminal evidence.

Neil also linked to the audio and transcripts of the calls to Planned Parenthood.

Here are links to previous stings of Planned Parenthood by Live Action.

The videos:

Why are we giving these people so much taxpayer money?

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