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Can atheists ground objective moral values and duties, just like theists?

Consider this article from Thinking Matters in New Zealand.


There is an objection to the moral argument for God’s existence, specifically the premise which states the best explanation for the foundation for objective moral values and duties is God. It is the idea that moral values and duties can be plausibly anchored in some transcendent, non-theistic ground. That moral values and duties exist objectively, but as brute facts, not needing an explanation for their existence. They are sort of eternal unchanging ideas that are necessary features of the universe. This position we shall call Atheistic Moral Platonism, and there are three ways we could respond.

Click here for the three ways to respond.

I actually used to hold to Deistic Platonism before I became a Christian, and that’s all documented in my testimony. To learn more about this topic, here is my series on how morality cannot be rationally grounded by atheism, and the series includes links to lectures and debates for further study. The relationship between a cosmic designer and objective moral values and duties is the easiest topic in the world to discuss with non-Christians. It takes only a little preparation, compared to more difficult issues like scientific evidence and the historicity of the resurrection.

Drew rants against libertarians, and I agree with him this time

Last time, you may remember, I disagreed with Drew about what was wrong with the church, and Rebekah made a post illustrating our fearful struggle and recommended that we be reconciled. And so we were, because who can resist Rebekah’s will? But this time, there will not be a titanic struggle because I agree with Drew completely on this issue, and his post is worth reading.

His post is here on Pursuing Holiness.


I worked at the local juvenile DA’s office this summer, and a sizeable portion of the defendant-children came from broken homes. These children usually consumed tax dollars by accepting public defenders or other appointed counsel. Paid lawyers were atypical. Just sitting in court, you could easily recognize that broken homes contributed not just to these wasted tax dollars (and court time), but to the crimes themselves.

This same trend almost certainly holds true in adult court as well, but juveniles bring their parents with them to court, so the pattern in juvenile court is more obvious.

Private immorality leads to gross public immorality, and ultimately to socialism. Most people (including myself) support the court appointment of criminal lawyers because the government must have a check on its power when it hauls people into court. But unfortunately, the public subsidies soon extend far beyond appointed lawyers.

There’s a lot more to this post, I gave you a short snip. Read the whole thing.

Basically, breakdowns in families and society are caused by left-wing social policy, and bigger government is needed to clean up the resulting mess. Bigger government means less liberty – exactly what the libertarians were trying to avoid. Life is more complicated than their purely economic vision. And I don’t think F.A. Hayek and Thomas Sowell would approve of this.

Drew’s viewpoint was echoed in the podcast on family and marriage that I posted recently by Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse.