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Is there a bullying epidemic against gay students?

From the Lilley Pad – the blog of Canadian journalist Brian Lilley.


We are being told it is part of a bullying epidemic, specifically an anti-gay bullying epidemic. We are told that suicide rates are huge.

Now the numbers don’t back this up.

We’ve talked before on this show that men between 35 and 54 are the most likely group to commit suicide, men in their 90s have among the highest success rates compared to attempts.

Teen boys, specifically gay teen boys killing themselves is tragic, just as every suicide is but it is not an epidemic.

Neither is there an epidemic of bullying in Canada or the United States.

In an op-ed in the Saturday edition of the Wall Street Journal, Nick Gillespie detailed how bullying rates in the US have bounced from 28% of kids being bullied in 2005 to 32% in 2007 and then back down to 28% in 2009 the most recent year available.

Here in Canada the rate sits at about 25% of children reporting bullying, a number that has remained fairly steady and is similar to the 20-22% reported by a pair of academics who have studied this issue across Canada.

What are kids bullied about most often?

You would think from the news media that it is sexual orientation but it’s not.

Body image is by far the leader, followed by grades or marks, cultural background, language, gender, religion and then income.

So what is driving this?

I’d say it is an agenda and that agenda was on display last week at the Ontario Legislature.

We’ve discussed the attempt by the McGuinty government in Ontario to force Catholic schools to let kids set up and run their own gay-straight alliance clubs even though such a club would go against Catholic teaching.

Well now it is clear they don’t care. Liberal cabinet minister Glenn Murray selectively quoted from the Catholic Catechism last week. He read the part saying that homosexual acts are “intrinsically disordered” a fancy way of saying they are not the normal way sex is performed. As a gay man Murray obviously would object to that and many of you might as well. But here’s what Murray said next that should worry everyone.

“I have to say to the bishops: ‘You’re not allowed to do that anymore.’”

He is now trying to dictate and bully a religion on what its doctrine should be.

He wants to tell Catholics what they can believe, what they can say, what they can teach.

You don’t need to be Catholic to be concerned that the Ontario government has gone from being co-parent to co-pastor as well.

Forget separation of church and state, in Ontario the McGuinty government will tell you what to believe in your house of worship.

Like the Redford government in Alberta trying to tell homeschooling parents and private schools what they could teach, even about faith, this is disturbing but not a surprising step for the progressive left.

At its heart, this is about control.

Read the whole thing.

Brian Lilley actually talked about this issue on Sun TV, with another Canadian conservative Michael Coren. The video is worth a look.