Ron DeSantis

Ron DeSantis signs universal school choice bill into law

I’m watching Republican candidates for president closely to see whether they are performing any actions to oppose the secular left. One person who is building up a nice resume is Florida governor Ron DeSantis. In this post, I’ll look at his latest achievement, then look at how Tennessee Republican leaders are responding to the recent murder of Christians by secular leftists in Nashville.

First, Ron DeSantis, reported by Focus on the Family:

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a historic school choice bill into law earlier this week, making Florida the largest state in the union to give parents universal school choice for their children.

The bill (HB 1) promotes school choice in multiple ways. Among other benefits, the bill:

  • Eliminates financial eligibility restrictions and allows any student who is a resident of Florida and is eligible to enroll in K-12 to participate.
  • Eliminates the enrollment cap on students who can participate in the Family Empowerment Scholarship for Educational Options.
  • Requires the development of a new online portal for parents that shows every educational option available for their student.
  • Expands the number of scholarships for students with unique abilities by tripling the annual increase from 1% to 3%.

[…]“Florida is number one when it comes to education freedom and education choice, and today’s bill signing represents the largest expansion of education choice in the history of these United States,” said Gov. DeSantis.

“When you combine private scholarships, charter schools, and district choice programs, Florida already has 1.3 million students attending a school of their choosing,” the governor added. “These programs have been instrumental in elevating student achievement over the past twenty years.”

The article goes on to point out education freedom successes in other Republican-run states; Nebraska, Arkansas, Iowa and Utah. You’re not going to see wins for parents in blue states like New York and California, because these states are not pro-child.

Add this action to the list of previous DeSantis actions:

Meanwhile, in Tennessee, Governor Bill Lee has proposed a new law to protect children from violence.

Daily Wire:

Every Tennessee private and public school will have the resources necessary to hire an armed guard if Governor Bill Lee (R-TN) gets his plan through a Republican-led legislature.

Next week, Lee will propose a plan to funnel millions of dollars to public and private schools to beef up security following the mass shooting at a Nashville Christian elementary school on Monday. Lee’s plan would place an armed school resource officer (SRO) in every public school and provide funding for private schools to hire armed guards with the same level of training as those in public schools. Private schools would not be forced to join in on the program…

[…]The governor also addressed “mental health concerns,” adding that his new plan will seek more mental health support through school-based behavioral health liaisons…

You might be wondering if Tennessee can afford this, but don’t worry. They had a massive surplus last fiscal year, as conservative business owners are fleeing blue states to come to Tennessee.

The Tennessee senators are also busy looking out for kids:

Earlier this week, Tennessee Republican Sens. Marsha Blackburn and Bill Hagerty announced that they will introduce The SAFE School Act at the federal level. The legislation seeks to establish “a $900 million grant program that will allow both public and private schools to train and hire veterans and former law enforcement officers to serve as school safety officers, hire off duty law enforcement officers, and provide funding to harden schools and increase physical security.”

I saw last week that Democrats were howling for Republicans to “do something”. Well, Republicans are doing something. But the something they’re doing is not banning all gun ownership and self-defense for law abiding people. Democrats created this crisis, by manufacturing a generation of mentally ill children in their government-run public schools. Well, Republicans have a solution, although it’s not the one that the Democrats want.

One thought on “Ron DeSantis signs universal school choice bill into law”

  1. Ron is a good guy, but what happens if he steps into the White House? Trump wasn’t dealing with normal people and very quickly found that out. This time, he’s a bear and this time, most of the nazis were knocked back and soon should be out or open power. niio


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