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Do not expect the woke police in Canada to protect you from an LGBT assault

The big story from the weekend came from Vancouver, BC, where a pro-child activist was assaulted on camera by a transgender activist. Crowds of police were standing around watching, and one of the female police officers was smirking and laughing as the assault happened. She refused to lift a finger to investigate or make an arrest, and accused the victim of causing his own wound.

Here’s the story from The Blaze:

The Vancouver Police Department is investigating after activist Chris Elston, also known as “Billboard Chris,” says he was assaulted Friday at a trans-rights rally.

“The most violent group in the western world are transgender activists,” Elston tweeted Saturday. “Here I am getting assaulted in the presence of dozens of police who do nothing,” Elston said.

The police officer was not interested in seeing the video of the assault, instead accusing the victim of assaulting himself.

One video of Friday’s incident in Vancouver shows Elston, already with what appears to be an open cut on the bridge of his nose from an earlier assault in the public park. That video shows a group surrounding him, chanting “f*** you.” Police officers are seen standing by as the swarm quickly grows violent.

The video shows one chanting protester with an orange umbrella and a rainbow flag, standing within inches of Elston, directly behind him. As Elston turns, his elbow appears to graze the protester’s fluffy coat collar and Elston appears to place his hand lightly on the protester’s collar as he continues turning on the spot.

The video shows the protester immediately go for Elston’s neck with what appears to be an attempt at a choking type hold. A scuffle ensues as Elston pulls back from the hold, then pushes the protester away, and tumbles toward the group of officers. As Elston creates some distance between himself and the protester group, one female officer among the several officers in view in the footage, appears to be smiling or chuckling.

[…]The first assault at the Vancouver location occurred “within seconds” of his arrival, Elston said, adding that he had called 911 for assistance. According to Elston, the female officer — who appears to be the same officer smiling during the later assault described above — initially suggested Elston might have cut his own nose.

That’s what you get for “law enforcement” in Canada.

If you are the victim of violence or vandalism in Canada, the police will probably not do anything to the criminal. Especially if the criminal is in one of the special interest groups favored by the secular left. They might even charge you instead, if you’re not in one of the left-wing special interest groups. Canada is not America. It’s more like a third world banana republic, where a hierarchy of victimhood determines who is right and who is wrong. There is no law.

From Twitter:




Now, I want to say something about the smirking female police officers. I’m not sure if it’s the same one in all the videos, or different ones. But something about this really rubbed me the wrong way, and I’m actually quite angry about it.

So, let me start by saying that a woman can’t measure the value of a man by reflecting on how his appearance makes you feel. A man with a tall appearance, tattoos, muscles, etc. might make a woman feel protected. But without looking at spiritual ability and moral ability, there is no guarantee that there is a worldview inside the man that would cause that man to protect a woman from a threat. And in any case, not every threat is a bear to wrestle with. Sometimes the threat is in the public school classroom, or even inside the woman’s desires.

So, when you look at Billboard Chris, you have to look past his appearance. And when you do that, you’ll see that this about as good of a man as you can make. Why? Because a good man protects children and animals from stronger people who want to hurt them. The man can be tall, the man can be short. The man can be handsome, the man can be ugly. The man can be rich, the man can be poor. The man can be smart, the man can be dumb. But what makes a man good for his family, and good for society, is that he is willing to deploy whatever strength, thinking, money, etc. he has to defend the weak from the strong. And Billboard Chris does that.

And that brings me to the smirking affirmative action police officer. And it brings me to the rule of secular leftist women over men in Canada, as a whole. Canada is a society that is dominated by the feelings-based priorities of secular leftist women. From the banning of free speech, to the banning of guns, to the high tax rates, to the single payer health care, to the coddling of criminals, gay rights, taxpayer-funded abortions… the whole society is set up to punish men who want to lead a home based on moral and spiritual ability. So when I see this immature police officer smirking at Chris, I find it infuriating. Chris is the kind of man that women should look up to and support. But in a country like Canada, what you get from the whole society is this smirking mockery. And that’s why marriage is in a steep decline in Canada. Men don’t marry women who mock spiritual and moral leadership. Men might have hook-up sex with immoral women, but men don’t commit to them. Men don’t make babies with women who are opposed to God and morality.

Billboard Chris says he is scheduled to be on Tucker Carlson on Monday night. I want everyone to be clear on what a banana republic Canada is. Don’t go there. Don’t spend your money there. It’s not a country of laws. It’s just a left-wing dictatorship where the police do the bidding of the secular left. Keep out of there.

4 thoughts on “Do not expect the woke police in Canada to protect you from an LGBT assault”

  1. I already figured that back when they used police horses to trample little old grannies with walkers, and stole gas from the truckers, during the honkening. What a let down that was. Although I’m hardly one to talk, we didn’t do much better in America. Fascism holds sway because we the people failed to stop it. For now. 💣✌🐸

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  2. This happens in the US too – I have personally seen it with pro-abortion cops – even in red states. Smirking, laughing, minimizing violence by pro-aborts against pro-lifers. I have witnessed all of these things in my personal witness, and been the victim of it too.

    I haven’t seen it as much with the LGBTQP crowd – in fact, I have been personally protected from them by police, even secular police, because even they know how inherently violent LGBTQP are. But, I’m sure it happens there with other people too.

    It’s an uneven situation in the US, but it does occur. Just look at the present DOJ arresting pro-lifers and letting pro-aborts attack and vandalize pregnancy resource centers, etc, with near impunity.

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