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Ron DeSantis and Moms for Liberty got conservatives to take over Florida school boards

I’m keeping a close eye on Florida to see what sort of conservative resume Ron DeSantis is building ahead of the 2024 presidential elections. This time, DeSantis fixed his sights on the woke public school system, endorsing 30 conservative school board candidates. Out of those 30, 25 of them won – including in some heavily Democrat areas like Miami-Dade and Hillsborough.

I saw an article in the Tallahassee Democrat about this story, and they called DeSantis’ involvement in these school board elections “unprecedented”:

Gov. Ron DeSantis took unprecedented steps to influence Florida’s nonpartisan school board races this year and largely was successful, with 25 of his 30 endorsed candidates winning or advancing to a runoff.

[…]DeSantis flipped school boards in some counties that had left-leaning majorities, shifting them into solid conservative territory.

[…]DeSantis-endorsed candidates also won in Democratic counties such as Miami-Dade and Hillsborough where school boards defied the governor on issues such as mask mandates.

Instead of firing off mean tweets, or crudely insulting other conservatives, DeSantis worked hard to get other conservatives elected in Democrat-infested areas:

Both Sarasota and Duval counties will now have conservative board majorities after DeSantis weighed in heavily on those races. The governor held rallies in both Sarasota and Jacksonville on Sunday. All five of his endorsed school board candidates won in the two counties.

[…]DeSantis worked to boost GOP turnout with his aggressive campaigning in school board races, helping to counteract the fact that Republicans didn’t have any competitive statewide races to bring GOP voters out. DeSantis’ political campaign paid for campaign mailers for his endorsed candidates and he barnstormed the state Sunday, hosting a series of rallies to boost their campaigns.

DeSantis has been pushing back against critical race theory, transgender indoctrination and COVID mandates for children. He also introduced mandatory teaching about the historical record of communism. Communism has a terrible historical record.

The article also mentioned Moms for Liberty, a group that works to get conservatives elected on school boards across the USA:

Not only did DeSantis have a good night Tuesday with his school board picks, but a conservative group that launched last year in Florida to influence school politics also scored some big wins.

Moms for Liberty supported nearly 60 candidates in 24 counties with endorsements, campaign donations, or both. Many of their picks were also endorsed by DeSantis.

[…]Of the 59 candidates, 23 candidates in 14 counties won their races, 12 got enough votes to advance to runoff elections, and 24 lost, according to an analysis by the USA Today Network – Florida. That means more than half — 59% — of the candidates Moms for Liberty supported either won or advanced to the General Election.

I’ve been trying to shop at Publix more and more, now that Walmart and Amazon are increasingly far-left.

OK, that’s enough about DeSantis’ latest achievements. Let me talk about some of his previous achievements below.

Ron DeSantis
Ron DeSantis

DeSantis has already signed bills to:

Many cynical people like to say that there isn’t much difference between Republicans and Democrats on social issues. But those people aren’t following the legislation. If you watch the legislation, Republicans do a lot for social conservatives.

Keep an eye on DeSantis. He is building achievements in the teeth of opposition from leftist schools, leftist corporations, and leftist news media. My preference is to support candidates who achieve results over the opposition of their enemies. I don’t much care for how good a candidate is a snarky  insults. I want results.

7 thoughts on “Ron DeSantis and Moms for Liberty got conservatives to take over Florida school boards”

  1. It’s a great victory. I know one of the Republicans who won with 65% of the vote.

    But to imply that Trump was too busy with mean tweets and insults to accomplish anything is to overlook Roe being overturned and the thousands of conservative Justices he appointed who are now giving us the victories that are actually just. You can be sure that Trump is still the Left’s biggest threat just by seeing how much they are going after him. DeSantis has borrowed from the Trump playbook well.

    A little bit of balanced commentary on DeSantis, whom I really do like. His anti-grooming law was only K-3rd. Public school groomers are all over 4th graders right now in Florida. Florida committed almost 75K abortions last year. Compare that with dark blue Illinois’ 45K abortions. Florida has a 15 week ban, which is a nothing burger. DeSantis has vowed to do more, and I believe he will.

    As for insults, I WISH I could find ANY GOP politician who will just label the Dimms as the baby killers that they are. We sit back while the other side calls us “Nazis” and we play nice with evil. I like fighters, and both Trump and DeSantis are fighters. Courage is contagious. We wouldn’t have a DeSantis if we didn’t have a Trump.

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      1. True, and he’s probably more palatable to the somewhat moderate women who vote with their feelies too. Suburban Moms who voted Biden because they think that mean tweets are worse than child sacrifice.


  2. As a florida man I would pefere DeSantis to continue as Governor but if we have to give him up then Potus or Vp will be fine.

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