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Governor DeSantis signs legislation to promote fathers and fatherhood

I try to keep abreast of what’s going on in the men’s rights movement, and a frequent complaint is that there’s nothing going on in either political party that benefits men. Men feel that their needs don’t matter to Democrats or Republicans. And no one is interested in having men lead their homes. But is it true? Let’s take a look at a bill that Governor Ron DeSantis signed into law.

Here’s a statement from the governor:

Today, Governor Ron DeSantis signed HB 7065, which includes educational programs, mentorship programs and one-on-one support to encourage responsible and involved fatherhood in Florida. The bill is tied to nearly $70 million in funding to provide a wide spectrum of family and youth support through the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) and the Department of Children and Families (DCF).

“There are more than 18 million children in our country who live without a father in their home,” said Governor Ron DeSantis. “This has a severe impact on children, and often leads to dropping out of school, crime and substance abuse. Incredibly, there are those who diminish the importance of fatherhood and the nuclear family – we will not let that happen in our state. I am proud to say we are doing everything we can to support involved fatherhood in Florida.”

It’s so common these days for governments to spend money on women’s programs. Think of how much money governments spend on single mother welfare, which does nothing except subsidize women who want to get pregnant by a hot bad boy instead of getting married to a good man. It’s rare to see a government spend money on a program designed to help men who want to be involved in raising their children.

The bill  offers money to help fathers with “finding employment, managing child support obligations, transitioning from a period of incarceration, accessing health care, understanding child development, and enhancing parenting skills.”

The bill also supports mentoring at-risk youth to develop useful skills by working alongside father figures.

DeSantis was in the news recently for banning teachers from discussing sex and sexuality with 5-year-old children in the classroom. He took on many woke groomer corporations and journalists in order to get it passed.

Previously, signed a new law designed to teach children basic financial skills in high school:

 Only one day after passing both chambers of the State Legislature, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) signed a bill into law requiring students complete a financial literacy course for graduation in all Florida high schools.

Passed in the midst of the final week of legislative session, S.B. 1054, or the “Dorothy L. Hukill Financial Literacy Act,” sailed through the bicameral state legislature with a tremendous amount of support. Both the State House and Senate approved the measure unanimously.

Just prior to DeSantis signing the bill, the Governor stated, “Financial literacy is an important life skill for a student to have.”

“We think it will improve a student’s capability for financial management when they enter the real world.”

And don’t forget, last year, DeSantis signed bills to protect wildlifebanning biological males from women’s sports, and punishing Big Tech social media companies for censoring conservatives.

Many cynical people like to say that there isn’t much difference between Republicans and Democrats on social issues. But those people aren’t following the legislation. If you watch the legislation, Republicans do a lot for social conservatives.

4 thoughts on “Governor DeSantis signs legislation to promote fathers and fatherhood”

  1. The fact that some politician is showing the backbone to do anything to promote fathers being involved in the lives of children brings me great joy.

    For far too long we have been force-fed a media diatribe about the ‘wonders of being a single mom’ and how having a dad in the picture just isn’t necessary.

    Three cheers for Gov. DeSantis!

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