Alone In the Light

To be a Bible-believing Christian, you have to be comfortable working alone

So, when I read the Bible there are things that stand out to be as being of first importance. The priorities are about personal moral character. The overall theme seems to be to deny your personal desires and ambitions and gain control of yourself so that you can devote yourself to following Jesus. The Bible isn’t teaching that we need to implement Marxism as a solution to “inequalities”.

The Bible emphasizes things like controlling your temper, being patient when you must suffer for being a Christian, forgiving others who are penitent about treating you badly, giving to charity, being sober and chaste, either staying unmarried or marrying an opposite sex partner for life, not envying, not stealing, building other people up in the knowledge of God, renewing your mind. There’s no emphasis on disparities or social justice. Everything is about individual choices. Every person is responsible for themselves.

Now, when I go to Twitter and Facebook, I see people who occupy positions of power in Christianity who don’t talk about any of those things. They don’t practice those things themselves as of first importance. They don’t read books about how to practically pursue those things, e.g. – books about evidence countering premarital sex, divorce or same-sex marriage. They don’t talk about those things, they aren’t informed enough to be convincing about those things, they don’t promote those things to non-Christians using evidence.

Let’s take an example: chastity and natural marriage between one man and one woman for life. When you look at the social media of prominent Christians, Christian professors, Christian apologists, Christian celebrities, etc., you aren’t going to see them linking to studies about the premarital sex, hooking up, cohabitation, polyamory, no-fault divorce. Instead, they’re going to be talking about what makes them look virtuous to others. Things like recycling, essential oils, amnesty for illegal immigrants and refugees, girl wash your face, wear a COVID mask, black lives matter, yoga, dog and cat parenting, supporting public school teachers, etc. The sum total of their Christian distinctiveness is that they’ve got essential oils and rainbow unicorn mugs that say “just believe”.

There isn’t a single point where their personal morality or public engagement is centered around what the Bible teaches explicitly. The leaders have left the Bible behind for life enhancement and virtue signaling, as required by their new Lords and Saviors in the secular left mainstream news media. And this is not surprising at all when you look at the most popular books in Christian Women’s section of book stores. It’s all Rachel Hollis, Beth Moore, Joyce Meyer, Jen Hatmaker, Lauren Akins, Priscilla Shirer, etc. The goal is for the individual to feel good, get social approval and achieve their heart’s desires. Nothing there about promoting what the Bible teaches using reason and evidence to non-Christians. Whatever these people understand Christianity to be, it’s not something that requires that they read non-fiction, behave morally and persuade others with evidence. They’re neither salt nor light. They’re just trying to live a “good life” – just like everyone else.

So what about feminism and the Sexual Revolution? The response of Christian leaders to the new ways of meeting, dating, marrying proposed by radical feminists is enthusiastic celebration. And if delaying marriage for careers and promiscuity result in more abortions and divorces and single motherhood, then don’t blame the choices of women, just blame secular men for not turning into Christians after being given premarital sex. (This is the majority view among conservative pastors – let women have sex with atheists, then blame atheists for not converting into faithful, devoted husbands). It’s just too hard to read actual studies on sex, dating and marriage, and then take a stand against women who have accepted feminism for emotional reasons: “it’s just easier to get along with my teachers and peers if I’m sexually active with no-commitment bad boys”.

The response to the challenges of atheism is to quote Bible words and expect magical conversions due to burning of the bosom. There is no difference between the evangelistic views of Al Mohler and Russell Moore and Mormon leaders. Both camps are firm believers in magic words evangelism, i.e. – fideism. You have to pre-suppose the Bible is true because of a burning sensation when you read it. Since this approach doesn’t work when used on non-Christians, you get this retreat from proclaiming the truth of Christianity to non-Christians. They’ve been doing the same thing over and over for decades, and now they’ve just stopped presenting Christianity as true entirely. Now, they to focus on “wear a mask” and “defund the police” instead, so they can continue to achieve their real goal – communicating their virtue to others.

Regarding Marxism, they keep swallowing every cause trotted out by the left to achieve the left’s end goal of a Marxist utopia. Whether it’s global warming, importing big-government supporting refugees and illegal immigrants, black lives matter Marxism, the housing bubble bailouts, the new trillion student loan bubble, or defund the police, Christian leaders just keep rushing around like lemmings to support any cause that the secular left tells them is good. The Bible does not give them their priorities and definition of good and evil. Instead, they now look to the talking heads on CNN and MSNBC to tell them what they must promote in order to signal their virtue to others. Their religious hobby was always about signaling their virtue to others. When sobriety and chastity got hard, they switched to wear a mask and defund the police.


If you are approaching Christianity like “Jesus was a refugee” and “black lives matter” woke pastors, and thinking that the church / seminary hierarchy is a great place to communicate your personal virtuousness to a large group of people, then keep doing that. But if you’re just interested in championing the viewpoints that the Bible considers of central importance, then get yourself some books about the evidence related to challenges to Christianity, and read them. Get yourself an alias and a blog. Write what you learn about. Mentor others one-on-one so they learn how to defend the Bible’s teachings as well. Get involved in politics for the Republican party, which at least has some policies that overlap with our concerns about abortion, religious liberty, self-defense against criminals, etc.

We’re past the point of relying on woke pastors and Christian leaders to know anything about how to defend the Bible. They’re just pissing away the religious liberty that was built by previous generations for their own selfish purposes. Don’t rely on them.

9 thoughts on “To be a Bible-believing Christian, you have to be comfortable working alone”

  1. Oh yeah, it’s despicable. It’s every Christian’s duty to resist Marxism in ways great and small, but the churches just salute and march in lockstep with it.

    Don’t forget Franklin Graham saying Jesus would have taken the “vaccine” for the “good of all.” No mention that it’s not a vaccine, no mention of the strong ties to abortion, no mention of those killed, blinded, paralyzed, etc by it, no mention of the idolatrous nature of it, no mention of the possible close relationship between jab passports and the mark of the beast, no mention of his Marxist justification for it, I could go on and on.

    But then look at his “evangelism” style: rock concert, altar calls, very little hard preaching on sin, Judgment, Hell, abortion, transgendering children, rampant divorce rates (including in the churches), etc. “Let’s all say a magic prayer, come forward, be prayed over, and you’re good to go.” No mention of the cost of discipleship.
    No mention of defending the Faith. Pretty much the exact opposite of how Christ presented His Gospel.


  2. Marx is dead. Hitler killed it. He offered elitist communism to the world and the left grasp it eagerly. We’re still fighting WWII because the Nazis sent about a half-million SS and Gestapo to refugee nations. Stalin, a friend of Hitler’s, took in a lion’s share. White Muslim nations. Franco of Spain, a Nazi, took many. And, the dnc in the US gave refuge, as well.
    Castro went to college under Nazism. Guevara was raised in Nazi Argentina. During the war, most Muslim politicians had adopted Nazism. Joe Kennedy and many other dems became Nazis. Kennedy never recanted and died a Nazi.
    It’s not marxism except in name only. We’re dealing with the most vicious, ugly political entity known, Nazism. The DNC does nothing except things Hitler approved of.


  3. Unfortunately, all true. Individuals must realize these truths and practice and promote them openly.

    The facts prove them. But society lives without facts, so advancing such will be hard — but that is why we’re here.


  4. I knew essential oils would make it into this list! Made me laugh. Although I understand that the topic of this article is important and is no laughing matter.

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  5. It’s sad but true. The ingratitude and squandering of hard gains and blessings is very sad

    My pastor talks of things getting harder for Christians but steadfastly stays silent about communism, feminism, voting for Democrats, etc. He considers it a distraction from expository preaching. But he takes 2 to 3 years to get through Matthew, so how much of the bible are we getting? He is pursuing a PhD too, not making house visits, nor exposing pretensions and strongholds.


      1. And it hurts many too, WK. That’s why Jesus prefers even the cold to the lukewarm.

        Think about it: how much worse does our culture have to get before these Sunday hirelings start speaking up against these abominations that would make Sodom and Gomorrah and the Canaanites blush by comparison?!? What kind of “man of God” is so ungrieved by these wicked things that he remains silent in the pulpit about them?

        Think what kind of sermons he could have if he brought some good philosophical and scientific reasoning into his sermons to show how REASONABLE our Faith is – how it pulls together all of the pieces of the puzzle that even secularists are trying to put together AND is 100% in line with the Bible and authentic Christian practice too! He sure wouldn’t be creating atheists in the youth groups if he did that.


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