illegal immigration

How are the Democrats doing at securing the Southern border?

Since there is a cost to American taxpayers for unskilled immigrants, it’s important to control the Southern border. Otherwise, American taxpayers will have to foot the bill for more schooling, higher car insurance, more law enforcement, and especially more expensive health insurance (since people with insurance pay for people who don’t have insurance when they show up at emergency rooms).

It’s well-known that illegal immigrants cost American taxpayers money. Here’s just one area, health care, where law-abiding Americans pay more:

All told, Americans cross-subsidize health care for unauthorized immigrants to the tune of $17.0 billion a year. Federal taxpayers provided $10.0 billion in subsidized care to unauthorized immigrants in 2019. The total amounts to $1,615 per unauthorized immigrant, imposing a burden of $51 per U.S. resident.

So, how are the Democrats doing at protecting American taxpayers from these costs?

Consider this article from The Federalist:

Recently updated data from U.S. Customs and Border Protection showed border apprehensions have surpassed one million for the 2021 fiscal year, for the first time since 2006. The number of apprehensions at our border will almost certainly surpass the 2006 totals, however, with our current fiscal year not ending until September 30, 2021.

The United States is also currently on track to set a new record for the number of apprehensions on our southern border, surpassing the records of 1.69 million and 1.67 million the country experienced in fiscal years 1986 and 2000.

Now, you might expect that Democrats would protect low-income voters from bearing the costs for all these people.

But no:

During what will almost certainly be a record-breaking year for apprehensions, the Democrat Party is attempting to insert more left-wing immigration policies in this year’s budget to provide additional green cards and even amnesty to an estimated 10 million illegal immigrants.

Another article from The Federalist notes:

Supported by the Biden White House, top Democrats plan to hide immigration measures in their massive $3.5 trillion spending bill. While the plan is still in drafting, it would provide citizenship to various illegal immigrants, such as those brought across the border as minors and farmworkers already residing in the United States. The Hispanic Caucus and many other Democrats also want to tuck a section into the bill that would provide green cards to “essential workers,” including COVID health workers.

Now, you might think that low-information Democrat voters will start learning that THEY have to pay for these costs. But I just don’t have a lot of confidence in their intelligence. They don’t think things through. The TV tells makes them feel bad about the Constitution and conservative policies, so they vote against them.

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