Study of elementary school children finds entrenched discrimination against boys

The study is here (PDF), and Susan Walsh writes about the study on her blog.


A new study of nearly 6,000 elementary school children has found that boys are discriminated against beginning in kindergarten. Christopher Cornwell, an economics professor at the University of Georgia, says that ”gender disparities in teacher grades start early and uniformly favor girls.”

Despite having higher scores on standardized tests, boys get lower grades than girls. Why? Because teachers are basing grades at least partly on classroom behavior, and the standards are very much geared to female norms.

[…]Here’s what the disparity looks like for kindergarten boys:

Std. Deviation Test Scores Grades
Reading -.017 -.27
Math +.02 -.15
Science +.035 -.14

(Note: Values are approx., gauged visually from study graphic.)

Another interesting finding was that boys who adhere to female norms on non-cognitive skills were not penalized. Effectively, the more female behavior was rewarded with a grade “bonus” for males.

The implications of this are obvious. Masculinity, even normal maleness, is being punished in schools from a very young age. Only the most female-acting boys are rewarded with a fair assessment.

I found this story on Stuart Schnederman’s blog, and this is what he had to say about it:

The results demonstrated that schoolteachers are prejudiced against boys. When teachers do not just grade on performance, but include a number of intangible qualities that girls are more likely to possess, they are acting as bigots.

I recommend that everyone pick up a copy of “The War Against Boys” by AEI scholar Christina Hoff Sommers to learn more about this anti-male discrimination problem.

I see a lot of people raving at men to “man up” these days. Many of those people are pastors who remain ignorant about the real, systemic causes of male underachievement. Even very obvious factors – like the dominance of female teachers and administrators in schools – are ignored by the blame-men crowd. Boys generally learn better when they learn from male teachers in all-male classrooms. But unfortunately for boys, there are people who don’t want to do what works for men, especially when it doesn’t fit with feminist ideology.

7 thoughts on “Study of elementary school children finds entrenched discrimination against boys”

  1. Homeschool. And get your children away from the psychopathic abortion-loving women who fill up the government schools.

    Many of these “women” claim to be “christian.”


  2. Men – Want to live a simple, successful, carefree life unburdened by women’s and the state’s forced wealth, power and life transfer from men to women? Don’t (1) get married, (2) give women any legal, social, psychological, physical, financial or spiritual power over your life and (3) enlist in war to have your body parts blown across the battlefield for women. Let the little female snowflakes fight off the foreign aggressors themselves. Don’t build anything for them. Don’t sacrifice on their behalf. Women love it when men sacrifice of their life, health and wealth for women. Just stop doing these things and women’s power declines precipitously.

    It’s all so simple. Women use and manipulate men for transfer of power, wealth and control from men to women. All you need do to have a great life is to not participate in their game. All you need do is cut them off from their normal, every day pipelines of wealth and power transfer.

    “A prince proposed to a princess. The princess refused. The prince lived happily ever after.” This is how it really works. Never give a woman any power over your life and you’ve solved 99% of your potential life problems. Be happy. Be free of women’s power and control. For every man that opts out, another man is freed from the slavery of women’s hatred and envy of men.


    1. I LOVE this. And, coincidentally, WK is already following your advice. :-)

      My boys are too.

      But, a truly strong first woman to the tomb Christian gal is, while a diamond in the rough, an amazing partner!


    2. So Tim, your basically saying that you’re part of the MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) movement? Well sorry, but while I sympathize with you and other MGTOWs I see the movement as short-sighted. You say that the way to be happy is to “never give a woman any power over your life”, but that means that you’re advocating men avoid any contact with women. Men could try to only interact with women how they want to and only on their terms, but any good relationship requires sacrifice, compromise, and risk. Opening up to someone is a sign of trust and respect. And yes, opening up increases your risk of getting hurt. But there are no rewards without risks. And to quote Danny Wallace from “Yes Men”: “…maybe sometimes it’s riskier not to take a risk. Sometimes all you’re guaranteeing is that things will stay the same.”


      1. I sort of agree with you, well mostly, but there needs to be a serious vetting process for any woman, especially one caught up in Western Churchianity, before anything serious develops.

        WK has his well-known list of questions, which we all kind of made a little fun of for being too difficult to answer, but which I now think is a pretty worthy general start.

        For me, it is simple: has she spent significant time on the sidewalk in front of an abortuary? (Or, is at least VERY heavily involved in the pro-life movement in some capacity.) The bravest women I know have done this, and not coincidentally, they are also some of the best women at presenting the Gospel, conversational apologetics, and, of course, scientific and logical apologetics under fire. They have had the f-bomb and 1 fingered (IQ) salute dropped on them many times, and they know how to deal with it. They have witnessed death, death, and more death, so they know that only the Lord of Life is the Answer.

        They know that demonic influences are real, because they have experienced them firsthand, as well as the Power of the Holy Spirit. They are used to doing VERY difficult things for no other reasons than in obedience to Jesus and compassion for His little ones. They have recognized the holocaust of our age, when the vast majority have not. Any woman who is not heavily involved in pro-life work, in one capacity or another, is unworthy of a true man of God. Any Christian man who earns a first-to-the-tomb woman, a modern-day Corrie ten Boom, of sorts, has been given the best by God.


  3. Christina is on to something. I work in the elementary school teaching profession and I even found myself, unconsciously, trying to force boys to conform to behave like their female classmates. My mistake!


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