Ted Cruz raised $12 million dollars last month alone

Texas senator Ted Cruz, his wife Heidi Cruz and their two daughters
Texas senator Ted Cruz, his wife Heidi Cruz and their two daughters

This article from the left-leaning Houston Chronicle has some amazing news about Cruz’s fundraising.

It says:

Big money flew through the checking account of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign in February, when it reported its highest monthly income and expenditures to date, soaring above the GOP pack. And for the first time, the Cruz campaign spent more than it took in.

Fresh federal filings posted Sunday show a dramatic uptick in campaign costs and contributions for the period that spanned from Cruz’s unexpected win in Iowa, the nation’s first primary contest, to the day before his momentum seemed to fall behind frontrunner Donald Trump in a string of Super Tuesday votes on March 1.

Cruz’s Houston-based campaign took in $12 million in February, according to Federal Elections Commission records, compared in $7.6 million in January and $20.5 million in the last three months of 2015 combined.

The article also notes that Trump is lying about his campaign being self-funded – he takes donations, just like all the other candidates:

Trump has collected $7.7 million in contributions since he launched his campaign in June, in spite of his repeated assertion that he self-funds the operation. He has lent his campaign $17.5 million.

I don’t think it’s a good idea to support a candidate who says things that are not true, then has to back away from them after. If he lies about silly stuff like this, then what will happen when he has to tell the truth about something important?

It’s a good thing that Cruz is surging, because the polls show that Trump cannot beat Hillary Clinton:

Latest polls show Trump losing to Clinton, but Cruz ties Clinton
Latest polls show Trump losing to Clinton head-to-head, but Cruz ties with Clinton

I’m really hoping that Cruz can pull off a winner-take-all victory in Utah, which he will if he gets over 50% of the vote. And if Cruz wins in Arizona, that could mean that he will have more delegates than Trump at the time of the GOP convention.

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2 thoughts on “Ted Cruz raised $12 million dollars last month alone”

  1. Real Clear Politics has been listing and averaging the polls and I’ve seen Clinton go from about 5 points above Trump to 9.8 points in less than a month. Cruz on average has been above Clinton but within 2 points. Unfortunately Trump’s attacks have been taking their toll and now on average Clinton is 1 point above Cruz. Kasich has been consistently stayed above Clinton by more than 5 points in the since last month. I would much rather see Cruz get the nomination but I would settle for Kasich over Trump.


  2. I like all the candidates running right now but all of them are flawed. I like trump best and though I have tried, I have not been able to give money to him so I think it is true, he is self funding. I have given money to Cruz and get several solicitations every day.


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