Where the action is: Frank Turek speaks to U of M college students

So, Bible-believing Christians are doing lots of things in the world these days, and some are more useful than others. In my opinion, the most significant thing that a Christian can do is produce original research that leads to the development or improvement of arguments for the truth of Christianity. So, Douglas Axe’s work showing that protein sequences that have biological function was significant. However, that kind of contribution going to be out of reach for most of us, because who has 6 years to waste on a PhD? But there is a next best thing, and that’s sending scholars to the universities to speak to the college students.

Here’s an account of Frank Turek speaking at the prestigious University of Michigan from The College Fix.


It’s rare that college students are told on a university campus by someone holding a PhD that the universe is no accident, but rather designed by a loving creator.

Perhaps that is why a visit to the University of Michigan by popular Christian apologist Dr. Frank Turek drew a standing room only crowd of about 500 students, filling the school’s largest ballroom to capacity.

Turek, a former aviator in the U.S. Navy who holds a master’s degree from the George Washington University and doctorate from Southern Evangelical Seminary, offered students his blunt reasoning on why he believes Christianity is supported by science, not just faith, but the event last Thursday also delved into subjects such as radical Islam and homosexuality as well.

Turek gave straight answers to touchy questions that flew in the face of political correctness and the academe. On the topic of homosexuality – which he says is the biggest question he gets – he maintained homosexual acts are sinful, per the Bible. On the topic of evolution, he denied “macro-evolution” in support of intelligent design.

“You can breed all kinds of dogs from dogs,” he said, “but can you can’t get something that isn’t a dog from a dog.”

In case you’re wondering about his being a naval aviator, what I heard is that he used to fly navigator and bombardier on the P-3C Orion. I use those to hunt Russian subs in the military simulator I play. Anyway, I digress.


The bedrock of Turek’s lecture was one that many religious people can appreciate, that people must hold themselves to God’s moral law. Turek attacked the materialistic determinism (the belief that there is no higher meaning to life) of scientists like Francis Crick. He attacked the way scientists deny there are such things as miracles.

“People don’t want morality and accountability,” he said. “I was in college, too.”

“The greatest miracle in the Bible has already occurred and there’s scientific evidence for it,” he said, referring to the creation of the heavens and the Earth. “God is the unmoved mover, the one who is contingent for all his creation.”

It’s very important for Christians to be familiar with scientific arguments for God’s existence. Here is a list for those who have not looked into it, so you can get a bird’s eye view:

Turek also nails what the problem is with students abandoning their faith and having no curiosity about ultimate questions:

Turek also asked students if they thought religion was being marginalized on campus, to which a senior named Alexander answered that “university culture has become more hostile to religion and to the idea of faith.”

After the speech, Turek was asked by The College Fix about why the younger generation is leaving religion. As of two years ago, the largest religious denomination on campus is now the “nones” – people who do not identify with any religion at all.

“It’s the church’s fault,” Truck said bluntly. “If the church doesn’t know how to defend itself, then people will leave.”

“Sex,” he added, “is the new religion.”

Right. No atheist in college is examining the claims of theism against the evidence rationally. The college students are seeking their own pleasure first and foremost, and to use others for that end. They adopt the lifestyle and worldview that allows them to feel good about pursuing fun and thrills above all. But I do think that confronting them with the evidence for God’s existence and character is the right move. At least then when they find out that pure selfish hedonism is a dead end, they will remember that there was another truth-focused approach that they never looked into.

In the meantime, we can help them along by writing and speaking about the harm caused by the Sexual Revolution. It never hurts to be familiar with studies that show what happens when people dump the Bible’s approach to sex, and go their own way. On this blog, I try to post lots of studies about the perils of premarital sex, rapid relationship tempo, cohabitation, no-fault divorce, abortion, etc. It’s important to share this research with young people so they can detect the threat before they walk blindly into it.

11 thoughts on “Where the action is: Frank Turek speaks to U of M college students”

      1. Well, it was there and I watched the whole thing … although I’m not seeing it at the moment. But it was definitely recorded. Here’s the facebook chat I received from Cru:

        Hello Erik. Frank Turek’s talk should now be posted on our Michigan Cru YouTube channel. (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMuUqE-GntvhyggbrtsZsZg) If for some reason you are not able to find it on our channel you may want to check Dr. Turek
        Michigan Cru
        Real People. Real Faith. Real Life. A caring community passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ at the University of Michigan.


    1. OK, here is what someone on the Cross Examined crew says to me:

      “I don’t have footage. CRU did not record it. When I don’t travel with Frank and they don’t have a camera crew then we get no videos.”

      He also had a cry emoticon, so he is sorry that it was not recorded.


  1. Hey Wintery,
    Regarding the Craig debate you posted the other night, Pro. Carroll said the Kalam is based on “outdated” metaphysics. Why did he say this can you explain. You private message me on facebook if you’d like.


      1. Sorry to comment here again, (I cant comment on the Craig/Carrol debate). Anyway, when Carrol says that the universe isnt fine tuned optimally, what is he talking about? God could have done a better job fine tuning the universe? Also along those lines, the impression i get is that since the only complex life we know of is here on Earth, that the universe really isn;t fine tuned for complex life because so little of it exists (that we know of) How would you respond?


        1. I think he is arguing that just because the constants are life-permitting and this is incredibly unlikely, that if you change the numbers a bit more they would be even MORE life-permitting, or permit life better. It’s just childish and petulant.

          Liked by 1 person

      2. ok. So he really doesn’t reason, he just asserts that its an “out dated” view of metaphysics?

        Also who in your view did the best against Craig? I read Carrol’s post debate reflections and unsurprisingly many naturalists there though he did very well.


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