University of Michigan: withholding sex and affection from a woman is domestic violence

Here’s a recent story from The College Fix that shows how far the university is going with this. (H/T Steve)


Examples of abuse listed on the University of Michigan’s domestic violence awareness website say “sexual violence” includes “withholding sex and affection” and “discounting the partner’s feelings regarding sex” – definitions that have come under fire by some men’s rights activists.

[…][I]nterspersed within the typical definitions of abuse – “pushing, shoving, pulling, shaking, slapping, biting, hitting, punching, kicking, strangling, throwing objects at partner, restraining, throwing the partner, use of weapons” – the other examples, such as “discounting the partner’s feelings regarding sex … criticizing the partner sexually … withholding sex and affection,” are found.

Also included in the definition of sexual violence is the example of having “sex with other people.”

The campaign also gives examples of what’s considered to be “verbal or psychological abuse,” including:  “insulting the partner; ignoring the partner’s feelings; withholding approval as a form of punishment; yelling at the partner; labeling the partner with terms like ‘crazy,’ ‘stupid.’”

It’s not unheard of for sexual violence to be defined so loosely within a campus community.

“Sexual violence is anything that makes someone feel unsafe; it could be catcalls, peer pressure to act a certain way in a situation, verbal harassment and unwanted touching. Many of these things occur daily without anyone giving a second thought to them,” Jami Coughler, program coordinator for the Brock University Student Sexual Violence Support Centre, told the Canada-based campus newspaper this week.

The University of Chicago, on its website, defines an abuser as someone who “has a strong belief in extreme gender roles” and “is jealous and possessive” among more typical forms of abuse listed.

A man who has a strong belief in extreme gender roles? That’s me! Me and my chivalry and chastity.

When you have a group of feminists who set out to destroy the traditional gender roles of men, and who criminalize the traditional virtues of men, then you should NOT be surprised that government has to grow to fill the void. They told women that chastity was out, and chivalry was out. Traditional male roles of protector, provider, and moral/spiritual leader are out. What kind of men do women choose if they want to avoid all of those traditional male virtues? Bad men. And when bad men aren’t doing what the feminists want, they resort to big government to coerce and punish them. Every other man looking on to this situation is going to be reinforced not to pursue relationships with women, out of fear that they could be hit with false accusations for upsetting her – even if he hasn’t done anything at all!

I hope that even non-Christian men who do think that premarital sex is OK will wake up and realize that there is a secular leftist agenda here that they tend to be supportive of when they vote for Democrats. The right is for free market capitalism and individual liberty in almost ever case, except that we don’t think it’s OK to killing unborn babies or that two men who meet through the Grindr app can then “marry” and then raise a little girl. But the left is all about controlling people’s behavior to the smallest detail, and you will be punished if you disagree with their radical ideologies. In fact, if you don’t celebrate the ideologies of the secular left, the way that citizens had to at rallies in left-wing regimes like socialist Germany and Communist Russia, then you should expect to be persecuted by the state if you cross any of their favored causes and groups. Using coercion to force people to affirm that wrong is right is pretty standard practice on the secular left.

I have no axe to grind in this premarital sex debate. I’m a virgin and I’m saving my first kiss on the lips for my engagement. I don’t go near feminist women because I can’t deal with the craziness, the irresponsibility and the misandry. My advice for young men today – Christian and not – is this: don’t even speak to third-wave feminists. Don’t even speak to women who drink more than a beer or a glass of wine per night. And don’t have sex with women before you are married. If you want to go out on dates and get married, then pick a woman who repudiates third-wave feminism in its entirety.

I recommend studying STEM subjects as well, in order to avoid the more radical feminists – they tend to congregate in the humanities or in fake majors like “women’s studies”.

9 thoughts on “University of Michigan: withholding sex and affection from a woman is domestic violence”

    1. Exactly. After they got rid of standards of chivalry that caused men to be honored for acting chastely and gallantly, now they are enforcing it from the top down with might and intimidation. Only its not restraint that is expected it’s obedience. Does this work? Will men be happy with that? I think not. I think they will back away from women who are even slightly feminist.


      1. I would hope men would back away from feminists. They will if they’re thinking with their heads. Unfortunately, many men do their thinking with a different organ and date and marry feminists for the sake of the sex. Then they wonder why they end up with a nagging, manipulative wife or, worse, get their money and children taken away when she decides she isn’t “happy” with the marriage any more.


  1. Once you understand that feminism is about destroying masculinity, family, natural male power and “the patriarchy”, it all makes perfect sense.
    You ain’t seen noth’n yet, gents. Laws and policies that have at their core the destruction of men will only accelerate. You’ve only seen a small taste of what’s coming.
    Equality is a myth. The thirst for superiority defines all of human history.


  2. I am a Bible College Student at very conservative bible college in the bible belt- I say this because if I start to disagree with this post or the comments in praise of it as a woman then I am labled as a feminist- and I think what I have to say warrants attention so I’ll come right out and say that I’m from a conservative school in the Bible belt and I would consider myself conservative.
    Feminism is not about destroying masculinity. At least that’s not what it started as. Feminism was desperately trying to advance the then crazy idea that women were people too. The anger and hurt stemming out of that has led to a lot of vindictive individuals who have since started hating men because they have lived or been taught that you can’t trust a man- but don’t speak in generalities. Generalities are what allow us to stereotype and silence the humanity of the people we disagree with.
    I think the broadening of the definition of sexual violence is a good thing. There is a better understanding of what sex is and the value of loving committed relationship touted in these new additions than I’ve heard explicitly from some Christians. Granted these are meant for a secular audience, in a secular situation- but Biblically husbands and wives are not supposed to keep affection or sex away from each other. (1 Cor. 7:5) That verse has been used to justify what I would consider rape in the past but I think is really meant to point to the significance of sex in a healthy marital relationship. If this rule were actually enforced on both sides, so neither men nor women were using sex as a weapon, I’m sure most relationships would be better as this biblical principle is universally recognized as the truth.
    As for extreme gender roles- that’s a pretty vague term to write a reaction against. Are Christian gender roles really that extreme? In my experience some people can be quite sexist (against men as well- especially when it comes to being loving or supportive as a father or leader) but Christianity shouldn’t be linked to extreme gender roles, and as a Christian you don’t have to identify with that (whether that is their intent or not). A role that limits a person and decides who they can be and how they should behave is a prison designed by Satan. The only gender roles (use that term loosely because its not a 1st century concept) in the New Testament refer to the marriage relationship- and have nothing to do with who does the cleaning, brings home the bacon, or who’s ‘on top’ as it were.
    When I read the new definition I was excited because I may have naively assumed that it applied to both genders, and this understanding of violence might help stop the manipulations and power trips of men and women in a relationship that is meant to be marked by love and respect. If more people had this understanding of a sexual relationship they’d take them more seriously, and those in the only God-ordained sexual relationship (marriage) might actually be practicing the mutual submission of Ephesians 5.


    1. ”then I am labled as a feminist”

      What you believe in makes you a feminist for you believe in feminist beliefs Mutual submission, “Gender Equality” etc.

      ”might actually be practicing the mutual submission of Ephesians 5.”

      And as exposition of submitting to one another out of reverence to Christ. In Ephesians 5 and 6. Wives are to submit to their husbands in everything. As the church submits to Christ. Children are to obey they parents and slaves their masters.

      If mutual submission can be applied to husband and wife it can be applied to parents and children and masters and servants since they are all members of the body of Christ. One piece of Scripture doesn’t nullify the rest of Scripture. Likewise Christ in no way submits to the church.


  3. Reblogged this on Patriactionary and commented:
    Imagine if men tried to argue the same…

    Nobody would take them seriously.

    Which is what should be in this case, too.

    But that would require societal sanity…


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