The New Republic takes Darwinists to task for witch-hunt against Thomas Nagel

ECM found this striking article in The  New Republic, of all places.


I understand that nobody is going to burn Nagel’s book or ban it. These inquisitors are just more professors. But he is being denounced not merely for being wrong. He is being denounced also for being heretical. I thought heresy was heroic. I guess it is heroic only when it dissents from a doctrine with which I disagree. Actually, the defense of heresy has nothing to do with its content and everything to do with its right. Tolerance is not a refutation of heresy, but a retirement of the concept. I am not suggesting that there is anything outrageous about the criticism of Nagel’s theory of the explanatory limitations of Darwinism. He aimed to provoke and he provoked. His troublemaking book has sparked the most exciting disputation in many years, because no question is more primary than the question of whether materialism (which Nagel defines as “the view that only the physical world is irreducibly real”) is true or false.


A few of Nagel’s scientific critics have been respectful: in The New York Review of Books, H. Allen Orr has the decency to concede that it is not at all obvious how consciousness could have originated out of matter. But he then proceeds to an almost comic evasion. Finally, he says, we must suffice with “the mysteriousness of consciousness.” A Darwinii mysterium tremendum! He then cites Colin McGinn’s entirely unironic suggestion that our “cognitive limitations” may prevent us from grasping the evolution of mind from matter: “even if matter does give rise to mind, we might not be able to understand how.” Students of religion will recognize the dodge—it used to be called fideism, and atheists gleefully ridiculed it; and the expedient suspension of rational argument; and the double standard. What once vitiated godfulness now vindicates godlessness.

The author of this article is in the minority on the secular left, though.

Have you ever wondered why there are so many atheists in a universe that is so obviously created and intelligently designed? Just look at the close-minded hand-wringing over Nagel’s book, and you’ll see the real atheism. The atheism that refuses to debate. The atheism that would rather silence critics by force than look through the microscope.

One thought on “The New Republic takes Darwinists to task for witch-hunt against Thomas Nagel”

  1. Thanks for the blogpost, Wintery (or what ever your name might be). Having read Nagel’s book, I can see why atheists are kicking up a stink. Nevertheless, what is quite telling of the current atheistic milieu is that rather than engage Nagel on the merit of his book they (and I don’t wish to generalize) would rather shun and ostracize him. It’s quite pitiful, actually.

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