Going to university? Then be aware of the secular leftist thought police

Here’s a fine book I enjoyed by my friend Ari Mendelson, which talks about the dangers of political correctness on campus.


Lured by brochures promising limitless intellectual freedom, Jeff Jackson arrives at picturesque Tinsley College, eager to experience college life to the fullest. He does not know that the freedom he has been promised is in short supply at Tinsley, a college so dedicated to leftist ideals that the administration changed the name of the anthropology department to “anthrogynology” in order to make the name more “gender inclusive.”

Jeff makes the mistake of believing that the renowned Professor Bancroft Tarlton would be willing to debate the left wing politics that the professor advocates in his classes. Not realizing that there are just some questions one does not ask on a college campus, Jeff submits an essay outlining his provocative theories about happiness and human sexuality.

Professor Tarlton is not the only one furious at Jeff for his lack of devotion to left wing norms. Calling himself a “pomosexual” and believing Jeff to be not only a homophobe, but a “pomophobe” as well, Carl Fitzgerald, Jeff’s classmate, begins a feud with Jeff. The battle escalates from insults, to vandalism, to shattered love affairs and a dorm room inhabited by a fainting goat. In a college obsessed with political correctness, a clash between the writer of a “homophobic” essay and the “pomosexual” victim of a college prank can only end one way: with a showdown in a campus courtroom.

You can click the link to get an electronic copy for $0.99. You will get many times more enjoyment out of it than that. It’s a nice little introduction to parents about what really goes on in the liberal arts departments of most universities.

University is a fine thing as long as you go there to learn math, science, technology or engineering. If you go there to study anything else, all you will learn is how to parrot the opinions of your professor. Any dissent will be met with bad grades, and possibly expulsion. There is no focus on producing value outside of the STEM departments. Not only is it a waste of money to be indoctrinated, but it destroys your ability to think critically and independently.

Note: I have a BS and MS in the hard sciences, and that’s what I recommend to everyone going to college. Engineering, math and technology – you can’t go wrong with actual marketable skills.

3 thoughts on “Going to university? Then be aware of the secular leftist thought police”

  1. “Not only is it a waste of money to be indoctrinated, but it destroys your ability to think critically and independently.”

    I agree that if the student ends up indoctrinated, that’s bad. However, for the student who goes in with and/or comes out with conservative convictions, some would argue that these militantly leftist campuses can be great for developing critical-thinking skills—that is, the conservative student is forced to think about, articulate, and defend his conservative opinions at every turn; it makes him better at critical thinking, not worse.

    It’s too bad, of course, that such a culture leaves the majority of students to atrophy mentally and end up largely reflexive, un-reflective leftists. But at least it’s giving a worthwhile education to someone!


    1. I think what goes on on campus is not critical discussion but intimidation and coercion. That’s my concern. It’s not a debate they want, it’s the end of critical thinking.


    2. No, I guess you’re right. The conservative student can’t have a thoughtful discussion if dissent is punished with vandalism etc. I guess I was mainly thinking of things a conservative friend of mine says about her experience of going to a liberal college, but she went to a college where debate was possible.


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