Wisconsin public school teachers protest the publication of their salaries in flier

From the Wisconsin State Journal.


Janesville teachers and their supporters expressed outrage this week after an anonymous group distributed fliers listing their salaries and urging parents to request their child be assigned to a “non-radical teacher” next year.

The fliers, which included the names, titles and salaries of the 321 highest-paid Janesville teachers, also urged readers to go to iverifytherecall.com to determine if the teachers signed the petition to recall Gov. Scott Walker.

[…]The flier angered teachers, who were already targeted by a flier earlier this year accusing them of having a “Marxist, globalist agenda,” said Ted Lewis, regional union representative for Rock County teachers.

“It’s trying to intimidate them and make them feel guilty for earning salaries,” Lewis said. “They’re creating this witch hunt for people who engaged in their civic duty.”

Lewis said it was “ironic” that whoever distributed the fliers “very publicly posts the names of individuals and their salaries and yet he or she won’t even divulge their identity.”

Do you know what I find ironic? That unionized teachers want to hide how much money they steal from taxpayers – taxpayers who have to see their children graduating from these public schools with more left-wing ideology than marketable skills.

6 thoughts on “Wisconsin public school teachers protest the publication of their salaries in flier”

  1. I am not unionized and don’t live or work in Wisconsin, but an organization has made my pay public and I don’t like it either. And not because I want to hide how much money I steal from taxpayers. Indeed, I don’t think most normal people want their pay made public for a variety of privacy reasons.


    1. Booooo! If you are not unionized then what does it matter? You’re paid for the good that you do, and that’s fine no matter what anyone thinks. It’s only when people are paid because they carry signs and attack people and attack replacement workers and disrupt traffic and lobby politicians that we have to be concerned.


    1. Right! One out of two means at least there’s hope—when other governors consider enacting a similar reform, it won’t look like certain political suicide.

      I hope!


  2. Makes it harder for them to whine about how little they’re paid when the parents realize that the whiners make as much or more than they do.


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