New study finds that feminism does not empower women in relationships

From the Daily Caller. (H/T Kelli)


“Girl power” might have brought women and girls victories in academics and sports but, as a recent book out of the University of Texas reports, an unintended consequence of women’s success has given men a leg up in the game of love.

Based on research published in their new book,“Premarital Sex in America: How Young Americans Meet, Mate and Think About Marrying,” Mark Regnerus and Jeremy Uecker, sociologists from the University of Texas at Austin, have found that with women becoming more educated and professionally successful than ever, it has become extremely difficult for them to find a committed man.

Financially secure and with less incentive to marry, more and more young women are playing the field longer and lowering the value of women in general — leaving their sisters, (usually older and hearing the tick-tock of their biological clocks) out in the cold.

If he can get to the “business” with just one or two dinners with Martha, why would he commit to 20 dates and “maybe” Mary?

Regnerus told The Daily Caller that in the sexual economy women act almost like a cartel. At one time the price of sex was extremely high, but with the demise of the shotgun wedding, the invention of “the pill” and a population of willing women, the “price” of sex has plummeted.

“People’s individual choices matter in part because they contribute to collective norms, collective possibilities,” Regnerus said. “So this is why I say there is no such thing as truly discrete sex because it becomes a data point in what you expect from women or from men in subsequent relationships.”

According to Regnerus, it is largely women who decide the going rate for sex.

“So if you think of a collective of men and a collective of women, the men come to learn what is expected of them in order to access sex, because they want it a little bit more than women …Women have to decide, more than men, how much it is worth so to speak … but she is not deciding alone,” he said.

In this model, phenomena such as the “one-night stand” act to lower the price for all and as women get older the value becomes more consequential.

“When you are say 27, 32, I assume most women wouldn’t want to give it up just for dinner,” Regnerus said. “They are at a different life phase where they want to cut the crap and say, ‘If this is going nowhere, then goodbye.’ But the problem is they are being under-bid and men are reaching further down the age range.”

The article goes on to cite Jennifer Roback Morse and Carrie Lukas, who are two of my favorite women in the whole world when it comes to this issue. I have read Dr. Morse’s “Love and Economics” and “Smart Sex” and Mrs. Lukas’ book “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Women, Sex and Feminism”, and I highly, highly recommend them all to men and women. Carolyn Graglia’s “Domestic Tranquility” and George Gilder’s “Men and Marriage” also pretty good, with lots of insights on how feminism changes the dynamics of marriage.

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    3 thoughts on “New study finds that feminism does not empower women in relationships”

    1. This is all true *if* sex is the only thing a man is looking for and *if* sex is the only thing a woman has to offer. Thankfully, however, some men value other things more highly in a relationship and some women have more to offer. I’m not exactly heartbroken that the players aren’t wanting to marry me because they can get easy sex elsewhere. No loss to me, seeing as such men don’t interest me in the first place.

      The problem is that Western society, male and female, is in decline. There are fewer marriageable men and fewer marriageable women. Feminism is part of it, but the root cause is a general move away from Judeo-Christian morality to post-modern “feel goodism”. Western society is in a bad way because it’s mostly post-Christian and has rejected absolute truth and objective morality. Modern, third-wave feminism is a symptom of this.


    2. This sounds like the fundamental game theory problem called the Prisoner’s dilemma. There, the prisoner’s can maximize their benefit, if they cooperate, though usually they do not.

      For gals, if they teamed up and held out, then the more ‘desirable’, if you want to call them that, men would stick to their age, or pursue marriage. But once the option of giving it up early is available, then the men who might have married just say, the heck with it, and go for the younger gals who put out. Then that leaves older women with fewer desirable choices for marriage.


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