Former-leftist Robin of Berkeley explains the left’s corruption of children

Warning: this post discusses topics that are not suitable for young readers. Reader discretion is advised.

Her article is in the American Thinker. (H/T Wes Widner)


Through Obama’s election, some of the most ferocious and unhinged inmates of the nation’s radical sexual fringe have been released upon the citizenry.

This fringe doesn’t want to be left alone. In fact, it will not leave you and your children alone. We’re talking about a lethal combination of traits: for many, manic-depression, severe character disorders, and addictions, sexual and otherwise.

The fusion of the three produces the most toxic of people, what I call “poisonous personalities.” Empowered, they are now wrecking havoc in every place imaginable.

Corrupting the public has been on the Left’s agenda for decades. Beginning in the l930s, the Frankfurt School plotted the installation of Marxism in the West. They knew that a debauched citizenry is easier to manipulate.

The school found willing henchmen in the amoral Left, which worships at the altar of pleasure: If it feels good, do it. Their hedonism has been legitimized by a host of mad scientists, such as Drs. Wilhelm Reich and Alfred Kinsey.

A principal architect of the sexual revolution, Kinsey purportedly falsified evidence to support his subversive theories that everyone, babies included, is hyper-sexual and bisexual.

Growing up, Obama himself was surrounded by people with no boundaries to speak of. Grandpa Stanley told lewd stories about women in front of young Barry. Stanley anointed alleged pedophile Frank Marshall Davis to be the child’s mentor and tutor.

Frankly, given Obama’s early exposure, I wonder if he’s desensitized to abuse. Can he see it if it’s front of his eyes?

This possible blindness may partly explain Obama’s selection of Kevin Jennings as the Safe Schools Czar. Jennings, a militant gay man, has been “queering” students in Massachusetts for years.

Robin goes on to explain how the favorite allies of Democrats – the UN, the public schools, etc. have been going after children. And she links it to moral relativism, which is in turn a consequence of Christians who refuse to defend the existence and character of God using mainstream evidence – which grounds objective morality. We made our religion about “faith” and people rejected that as delusional and instead pursued pleasure. And the pursuit of pleasure means that even if you do something wrong, you want people to approve of you, since being judged by others makes you less happy. Which brings us to indoctrinating children to approve of hedonism, which is a project of feminists and gay activists alike.

The left goes after children because they want to normalize their own views. Parents are the enemy. And that’s why Christians need to get serious about de-funding and abolishing public schools and enacting school choice. Every Christian who votes Democrat is voting to destroy the innocence of children. That’s one thing that redistribution of wealth rhetoric results in – it really means letting strangers teach your children how to sin. If you think that voting Democrat means “sticking it to the rich”, then you’re a fool. It really means that you won’t have a job, that you’ll be depending on the secular left government, and that your children will be taught from cradle to grave by people who repudiate your worldview and values. And since when are Christians supposed to be envious anyway? Leave the rich alone and worry more about who is teaching your children.

4 thoughts on “Former-leftist Robin of Berkeley explains the left’s corruption of children”

  1. “Like necrophilia, liberals’ obsession with black people is a sick and creepy fetish.”

    Add this to the other choice (and direct) quotes from the poison (and anonymous) pen of “Robin of Berkley.”

    Wintery, why on earth are you giving space to this coward? You, who will often refuse to publish a response unless it’s got supported (and checkable) sources. You, who decry women who offer opinions and feelings, but not facts, have devoted an entire post to the very thing you say you dislike.

    You’re lowering your standard, here.


    1. She’s coming from a leftist background in San Francisco, just like Ann is from Connecticut and Ann Arbor. It makes them snarky!

      I understand what you’re saying, and I’m sympathetic. Maybe this was over the line.


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