Why do feminist academics think that feminism has empowered women?

NOTE: This post contains some adult language and themes.

Here is an article written by an academic feminist in the New York Times. (H/T Stuart Schneiderman)

Stuart exegetes the article:

In Bauer’s words: “If there’s anything that feminism has bequeathed to young women of means, it’s that power is their birthright. Visit an American college campus on a Monday morning and you’ll find any number of amazingly ambitious and talented young women wielding their brain power, determined not to let anything– including a relationship with some needy, dependent man– get in their way. Come back on party night, and you’ll find many of these same girls… wielding their sexual power, dressed as provocatively as they dare, matching guys drink for drink– and then hook up for hook up.”

Given the relatively lesser body mass of women compared with that of men, matching men drink for drink is a fool’s errand. Anyone who glorifies such behavior has completely lost touch with reality.

And why should Bauer be in awe of the fact that these girls can match men, hook up for hook up? If these women are so desirous of becoming unique individual self-creations, why should they be trying to emulate male behavior?

And let’s not overlook the piece of undisguised contempt for “some needy, dependent man” with whom these women might have relationships. The latest wave of feminism prefers hooking up to relationships.

According to Bauer, the party ends with said liberated empowered inebriated woman down on her knees. As Bauer so nicely expresses it: “When they’re on their knees in front of a worked-up guy they just met at a party, they genuinely feel powerful– sadistic even.”

Sometimes we get commenters who question whether feminism has anything to do with the behavior of women that we see today in college campuses. And to find out the truth, you have to read the elite feminists at the modern universities who have been grading the papers of women for the last 40 years. Was this alcohol-drenched hook-up culture unexpected by these elite academic feminists? On the contrary. It was their goal.

Feminists wanted to abolish the distinctions between men and women. They decided to achieve this by encouraging women to act like men. And the men they chose to emulate were alpha-male bad boys, since these are the men that women who don’t like marriage seem to really admire. Academic feminists like Bauer believe that women are happier now than they ever have been, with all this hooking up and being raised without fathers. They think they’ve won.

22 thoughts on “Why do feminist academics think that feminism has empowered women?”

  1. Men serve as role models, not only for each other, but for women. Yes, women are trying to beat men at their own game and many young women are now behaving as badly as their male counterparts. What’s the solution? Well, you can bash feminism, but that’s not going to produce anything. Better idea: maybe men should try and be better role models.


  2. That article is tragic to me. If you keep reading, right after the quoted part, you can tell how sad it is:

    “But the morning after, students routinely tell me, they are vulnerable to what I’ve come to call the “hook-up hangover.” They’ll see the guy in the quad and cringe. Or they’ll find themselves wishing in vain for more — if not for a prince… to sweep them off their feet, at least for the guy actually to have programmed their number into his cell phone the night before. When the text doesn’t come, it’s off to the next party.”

    Women can pretend be men, but we’re not. And that is a very good thing. When it comes down to it, all of my friends who did randomly hook-up fell prey to that hangover. There’s no aspirin or coffee to cover that up. Just the feeling of being used and then discarded. And wondering why the guy never returns the text.


    1. I read all about this in Miriam Grossmann’s book “Unprotected” and I just got her new book “You’re Teaching My Child What?”. I think that it’s important to let the knowledge of these things inform and constrain my choices so that I do no harm. Understanding and studying these makes the choice to do the right thing less about emotions and more about reason. I’ll be writing a whole post on this shortly.


    2. I see the hook-up hangovers all the time. I play in bands, that play in bars, and so almost all of the people that I spend time with in the music scene behave like and think of the opposite sex as objects. Men and women alike. It’s sad. Given the opportunity I always discourage that type of behavior in someone, and sometimes the hook-up hangover (it happens occasionally with guys too), gives me a vulnerable moment or two to slip in some alternate influence that might make a difference down the line. Sometimes I can get in a bit before they make the mistake, but when alcohol is involved a person is almost impossible to reason with.


  3. Good comment, Wintery, and I think it’s important to say that most feminist academicians are horrified that what feminism strove so hard to achieve for women (choices that men had) is being misconstrued by young women engaging in multiple hookups. I think all women want to make their own choices, even if they are bad ones, just as men have been doing for millennia. WE don’t want others making these decisions for us. But making bad decisions comes with the territory, as men and women both know.


    1. The point of the story was that the architects of the feminist movement WANTED women to get drunk and have hook-up sex with men. They are HAPPY about it. That was their aim. They think that anonymous sex EMPOWERS women. Men didn’t engineer promiscuity, abortion and broken homes – feminists did. They love what they’ve done.


    1. Well, I presented some evidence for my view by citing a feminist academic. And in the previous post I cited another bunch of famous feminists, to show how feminists deliberately set out to destroy marriage. The destruction of marriage causes fatherlessness, which causes a host of social ills, not the least of which are abortion, poverty and crime. This was their plan, and it is not reflected in government in the Democrat party. And to a lesser extent, in the Republican party.

      I do not want more children to cry and to be sad. I want LESS children to cry. I want LESS children to be sad.


  4. @WK and @McS, LOL! You two are hilarious. I’d love to sit and listen to a podcast of you two going at it. It would be so entertaining!

    Okay, (a little more) seriously, I think it’s not right to lay the blame solely on feminists, chauvinists, men or women. It’s our sinful, rebellious nature. Today I posted this awesome music video on my blog. Check it out: http://far-above-rubies-and-pearls.blogspot.com/2010/06/in-words-of-satan-arrows.html


  5. Lobstrosities come in many forms… :)

    Firstly, this is an excellent post. Here’s the problem: double standards were used in the past to assess the behaviour of men and women. Men were allowed to be promiscuous and coy euphemisms were coined to describe it, such as “sowing their wild oats”. A woman who behaved the same way was called a “slut”. This double standard was unfair. Thing is, the feminazis came up with a very poor solution: making it permissable for women to behave as badly as men were allowed to. Female feminists told themselves it was empowering to women. Male feminists pretended to care about women while secretly being very pleased at the prospect of easier sexual access to women. The result, as WK has rightly pointed out, was that women became debased and basically agreed to being treated badly by men. The correct approach would have been to stop accepting bad behaviour from men. Men should be held to the same high standard that women used to be held to. Instead of women lowering their standards for themselves they should have raised the standard of what they expected of men.

    Ladies who read this post, I charge you to expect more of men. Expect better behaviour and don’t lower your standards. The men you lose in the process aren’t worth worrying about and it will encourage decent men to step up to the plate and behave in a chivalrous and gentlemanly manner.

    Alisha, that’s a brilliant song. Oh the lies that Satan tells us… I have the CD. Bought it when I saw them perform live. :)


    1. Mary, you are right. A man should never make a woman feel pressured into anything physical. And I abhor the double standard you mentioned.

      A man who even touches a woman before he is willing to commit to protect and provide for her in a marriage for life, (and to lead her and the children spiritually for life), is a disgusting failure as a man. It is not good for a woman to feel hurt by allowing a man to touch her outside of a lifelong commitment. A good man should turn down any and all physical contact from a woman before marriage – hold her to a higher standard. Men can do what you ask women to do, too. Show women that men cannot be controlled and used. It hurts a man’s honor to be reduced to an unreliable animal in the eyes of God. And that’s exactly what God think of a man who is willing to be dirtied by sex before marriage. A woman who will not commit to a man for life before having sex is just using that man. Destroying his ability to love God, his future wife, and his future children.

      Any man who commits to a woman who treats him badly has no one to blame but himself – he made the choice of a bad mate, he is to blame for the suffering she causes him. Once a man has chosen a mate, he is culpable for anything she does to him. Men – DO NOT ASSOCIATE WITH THIRD-WAVE FEMINISTS.


  6. @Mary, AMEN! Wow, you saw them in concert? LUCKY!

    @WK, so true/ Sometimes, I feel I’m stepping into an alternate universe when I read some of your posts! And I mean that in a good way!


  7. Oh, really? I didn’t know that. Oh, one day I would like to visit South Africa. It seems beautiful. For now, I just watch the World Cup. ;-)


    1. I recommend a visit. It is a very beautiful country. :) Hehe. The World Cup is great fun. I’m enjoying the vibe enormously. :)


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