MUST-SEE: Cato Institute lady explains why competition is better than monopoly

Look at this fun video of a young lady from the libertarian Cato Institute explaining why choice and competition are better for consumers than monopolies! (H/T Hot Air)

She is especially interested in education and has lots of wonderful statistics.

It’s only 5 minutes long! This woman (Izzy Santa) is way better than Dan Mitchell! His videos were horrible compared to this one. I can actually understand what this lady is saying, and she makes fun gestures when she talks. She says “rotten”! The charts are really helpful, too. This is probably the best thing you could ever watch to learn a little bit about why I find economics so interesting. This is really something that all women should know a lot about to help them to be excellent wives and mothers.

You might want to send this post to your friends and family who may think that the best thing for education is to give public schools more money. It may be that the best way to get better public schools for less money is to make them compete with private, parochial and charter schools.

Moral hazard and the recession

Here’s another video on moral hazards, which explains how we got the recession:

This one is only 4 minutes long. I don’t think it’s quite as good as the first one. The lady who is presenting is from the Independent Women’s Forum. I love that think tank! They have Carrie Lukas on staff. She is the author of “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Women, Sex and Feminism”.

3 thoughts on “MUST-SEE: Cato Institute lady explains why competition is better than monopoly”

    1. That is totally not true! The first one said “rotten” and that’s a funny word. Blunderbuss! Fussbudget! Flibbertigibbet!

      And the first one had wonderful charts. Think if you were trying to convince a woman you liked that public schools sucked. This one video would do that!!! That’s why I liked it better.

      My friend Denyse O’Leary says bloviating boffins! And bafflegab!

      You have to learn how to tell a good woman from a bad one. The good ones say cute things like “competition increases quality and decreases price”.


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