Obama’s new proposals penalize married couples and stay-at-home parents

Article about Obama’s SOTU proposals from the Family Research Council. (H/T Muddling Towards Maturity)


“Tonight the President also proposed expanding the Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit which would only benefit families if: both parents work, a single parent works, or one parent works and the other is in school. In other words, it completely discriminates against families with stay-at-home parents, who wouldn’t see a penny from this plan. The President’s plan further drives a wedge between parents and children as it would encourage parents to place their children in government approved day-care rather than encouraging one parent to stay home and personally care for their off-spring.

“This new socialized child care proposal comes on the heels of a proposed major marriage tax penalty included within the President’s health care bills. A tax penalty on married couples only serves to discourage couples from marrying while encouraging societal instability through cohabitation and divorce.

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7 thoughts on “Obama’s new proposals penalize married couples and stay-at-home parents”

  1. Family Research Council. Modern-day pharisees.
    Where is the “penalty”? That tax break was one of several he proposed. Most of the others would directly benefit the “victims” of this one.


    1. Yes, Kip. It’s redistribution of wealth from married couples with stay-at-home parents to single mothers, and those who put their own offspring into day care with strangers. Those are Obama’s views. Anti-family and anti-child.


  2. the government should encourage families to take care of their own kids rather than taking money (taxes) from people and giving it to those who would rather abdicate their responsibility of raising their ow children and give them to government approved baby sitters.


    1. That’s it. That’s the point I was trying to make.

      I was out for lunch today reading Jennifer Roback Morse’s “Smart Sex” and she was talking about how little babies learn all kinds of things that will help them to adopt the moral point of view later on in life. Mothers are crucial during the first 18 month period. Any government policy that discourages mothers from being with their children to form a relationship with them during this 18 month period is WRONG! We need to cut out the marriage penalty, cut taxes, encourage men to be good fathers and husbands, and encourage women to be careful when they’re choosing men.


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