France passes law to jail spouses who commit psychological violence

Here is an article from the UK Daily Mail. (H/T ECM)


Married couples in France could end up with criminal records for insulting each other during arguments.

Under a new law, France is to become the first country in the world to ban ‘ psychological violence’ within marriage.

The law would apply to cohabiting couples and to both men and women.

It would cover men who shout at their wives and women who hurl abuse at their husbands – although it was not clear last night if nagging would be viewed as breaking the law.

The law is expected to cover every kind of insult including repeated rude remarks about a partner’s appearance, false allegations of infidelity and threats of physical violence.

Police are being urged to issue a caution in the first instance, but repeat offenders could face a fine, a restraining order or even jail.

Feminists don’t like long-term, stable male-female relationships, because they think that it creates unequal “husband” and “wife” roles.

This law will dissuade men from marrying. Men are not going to be happy about going to jail just because they tell their wives to spend less money, etc. And women need to start to do something to prevent such laws. Women are going to have decide whether they want to substitute courts, police and government-run social programs for husbands and fathers. They can’t have socialism and a family.

Until I see proof that women intend to crusade against these anti-male, anti-family laws, I am not going to be favorably disposed toward marriage. This is where we are going in the West, towards greater and greater feminism, higher taxes, more social programs, and greater regulation of the family by the courts. A man cannot be the head of a family when he has no power and no respect.

6 thoughts on “France passes law to jail spouses who commit psychological violence”

  1. Speaking of questionable European laws, you’ve no doubt heard about Ireland’s new blasphemy legislation and will be speaking out about it in due course? Right?

    Men won’t be happy paying a €25000.00 fine for causing someone to be “outraged” if they feel some god has been slighted.


  2. “A man cannot be the head of a family when he has no power and no respect.”

    Well, this “privilege” is earned. The only things that can take away the power and respect for the father within a family is the actions, behaviours and language used by the father himself.


    1. Oh, and the police who arrest him for non-payment of child support or a false accusation of domestic violence in order to get custody of the children during a divorce. Don’t forget that.


    2. The power and respect of fathers are being robbed since these fathers were really young (e.g.: children), through school, media, law, etc.


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