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MUST-READ: Doug Groothuis explains how science confirms the beginning of the universe

Post is here on the Constructive Curmudgeon.

No excerpt is possible, you must read the whole post.

Evidences cited for the origin of the universe (the Big Bang):

  • Einstein’s theory of general relativity (and experimental confirmation of the theory)
  • Hubble’s observations of red-shifted light from distant galaxies
  • Measurements of the cosmic microwave background radiation
  • Confirmed predictions of light element abundances (H and He abundances)
  • The second law of thermodynamics

When you present the kalam argument, you should present it exactly the way Doug does here. You should hang the entire argument on the progress of science. Once upon a time before science, there was ignorance. But now we know better, thanks to the progress of science. Science disproved atheism. Five times over.