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MUST-READ: The definitive catalog of left-wing media bias

This American Spectator essay is required reading. (H/T ECM)

It is basically a list of the most egregious examples of media bias in recent memory. I am not old enough to remember some of these, especially the JFK ones. So this was a real eye-opener to me.

Here’s a summary of the points raised:

What’s particularly interesting is that the stories not reported about JFK were in the early 1960s, the effort to not report the story about President Clinton was in 1998, the story on John Edwards was hushed through the time it counted most, in the election cycle of 2008 when he was a serious presidential candidate, and the decision not to report on Van Jones was — well — two weeks ago, and ACORN but last week. Which is to say, September of 2009.

In other words, across five decades of American journalistic history, the instinct of many Old Media institutions — specifically including NBC and the New York Times — has been to deliberately withhold the truth. To quite deliberately use their journalism skills and tools to misrepresent those whose politics they do not favor.

Were this, say, the field of medicine, practitioners of this kind of thing would lose their license to practice, sued for and surely convicted of malpractice. As it is, the examples listed here are what might be termed “media malpractice,” evidencing a clear and convincing pattern of deceit.

The mainstream media is totally untrustworthy.


MUST-SEE: MSNBC deliberately edits out black protester then complains about racism

Hot Air posted this video from the radically left-wing MSNBC.

That wicked, wicked white protester! Why, he is such a nasty racisty racist racist racist racist RACIST!

But wait! Look what MSNBC carefully omitted from their video: (H/T Ace via ECM)

Notice how ignorant these morons are about firearms. The AR-15 that guy is carrying is a single fire rifle, with a magazine capacity strictly regulated by law. It is NOT a machine gun. It is NOT an assault rifle. It cannot fire on full automatic, or even a measly 3-round burst! It is just a plan old hunting rifle that looks cool. That is all. (Full disclosure: I love guns, but I don’t own any. I just go to the firing range once a year.)

Too bad journalists spend 4 years in college learning how to create propaganda and how to paint people they disagree with as racist, sexist homophobes. That’s journalism school! Mom and Dad, fork over $100,000.

More videos of egregious media bias on MSNBC.

MUST-SEE: Shocking video example of left-wing media bias on MSNBC

PLEASE take 8 minutes to watch this video of Lawrence O’Donnell bullying Peter Schiff. (H/T Hot Air)

Newsbusters has the transcript of the interview.

Peter Schiff predicted the housing bust in 2006 and 2007. He is running for Senate in Connecticut in 2010.

UPDATE: The Maritime Sentry had this audio compilation from Peter Schiff.

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