MUST-SEE: MSNBC deliberately edits out black protester then complains about racism

Hot Air posted this video from the radically left-wing MSNBC.

That wicked, wicked white protester! Why, he is such a nasty racisty racist racist racist racist RACIST!

But wait! Look what MSNBC carefully omitted from their video: (H/T Ace via ECM)

Notice how ignorant these morons are about firearms. The AR-15 that guy is carrying is a single fire rifle, with a magazine capacity strictly regulated by law. It is NOT a machine gun. It is NOT an assault rifle. It cannot fire on full automatic, or even a measly 3-round burst! It is just a plan old hunting rifle that looks cool. That is all. (Full disclosure: I love guns, but I don’t own any. I just go to the firing range once a year.)

Too bad journalists spend 4 years in college learning how to create propaganda and how to paint people they disagree with as racist, sexist homophobes. That’s journalism school! Mom and Dad, fork over $100,000.

More videos of egregious media bias on MSNBC.

7 thoughts on “MUST-SEE: MSNBC deliberately edits out black protester then complains about racism”

  1. I wish I could say I’m suprised. I’m not.

    Anyone paying attention already knows that MSNBC doesn’t report the news. They carry water for liberals and invent the news.



  2. Wow! I’m also not surprised. But I do find it amazing how with the Left owning the media and the universities that some 50% of Americans are conservatives, despite the slanted news coverage that we see above. I think this is because real life is the best educator: when you get your first job and then get your first paycheque and realize that 30% of YOUR earnings are missing, you realize that none other than YOU are paying for all of the ‘essential’ social programs, ‘free’ health care, etc. Or when a friend of yours makes a joke about someone of a different sex or race and is hauled off to jail you realize that free speech is more important than hurt feelings. Real life experience reveals the truth that the media and universities seek to pervert.


    1. Look at the people who vote Democrat. They have NO EXPERIENCE in real life. To vote Republican, you need to be one or more of the following: married, self-employed, run your own business, be more productive than average, work in the private sector, etc. In other words, grown-ups vote Republican. Overgrown children vote Democrat.


      1. That’s a good point. Typically younger people (who in general are idealistic rather than experienced with real life) vote Democrat and older people (who in general have more experience in life) vote Republican. Women in general vote for the Democrats, but a higher proportion of married women vote Republican. Hmm. This would be a good blog post sometime, WK.


        1. I think there’s a frightening angle to consider. 42% of eligible voters pay no federal income tax. What happens if that hits 50%?


  3. There are plenty of black conservatives that are concern about 2nd amendment rights, too. It is just perverted to think that every person that wants their guns are some white, racist country bunks or something. Totally wrong and shows that the leftys are bias too.


    1. One would think that blacks would have a special attachment to the 2nd amendment, to ensure that their civil rights are never forcibly stripped from them again.

      A large faceless government promising to provide food, shelter, and health care in exchange for the lion’s share of a person’s labor while denying them the right to speak out, arm themselves, or freely practice their religion in the public square…

      Well, that sounds suspiciously like a previous shameful social institution that the same party previously supported.

      Everything old is new again.


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