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Access Research Network’s top 10 science stories of 2009

Here’s the list from ARN, one of my favorite sites on intelligent design.

Here’s my summary:

15. Gene regulatory networks in cell nuclei are similar to cloud computing networks

14. Molecular motors in the cell operate in a coordinated manner

13. White blood cells use legs for gripping, moving and reading distress signals

12. A failed attempt to defeat the argument for irreducible complexity

11. Rapid formation of early galaxies

10. Reverse-engineering of designs in biology for use in human inventions

9. Peppered moths go back to light-gray from black

8. The deflated excitement over Ardi

7. The deflated excitement over Ida

6. The Cambrian explosion defies materialist explanation

5. The edge of evolution confirmed by experiment

4. Genomics destroys the modern sythesis hypothesis

3. The emergence of holisitic explanations in biology

2. Signature in the Cell is released to high acclaim

1. New peer-reviewed paper on ID by Dembski and Marks


ID the Future has three podcasts going over the stories, if you prefer to listen instead of read.

BloggingHeadsTV restores censored video interview of Michael Behe

You can watch the video here, where Michael Behe is interviewed on a variety of topics by an atheist, who is nevertheless impressed by Behe’s book.


  • Michael’s book, “The Edge of Evolution” (04:29)
  • Malaria and evolution (06:56)
  • Do proteins point to teleology? (05:59)
  • Have we really hit a wall of understanding? (04:08)
  • Challenges to Michael’s theory of irreducible complexity (05:28)
  • John: The boredom objection to intelligent design (09:13)

Here is Robert Wright’s comment about the restoration of the interview:

This diavlog has now been re-posted. The decision to remove it from the site was made by BhTV staff while I was away and unavailable for consultation…. It’s impossible to say for sure whether, in the heat of the moment, I would have made a decision different from the staff’s decision. But on reflection I’ve decided that removing this particular diavlog from the site is hard to justify by any general principle that should govern our future conduct. In other words, it’s not a precedent I’d want to live with.

Kick off the audio, (or download the MP3), and then read the comments of the Darwinists.

Comments from open-minded, tolerant Darwinists

Many of the commenters don’t mention the interview at all – they didn’t watch it.

Here’s one comment:

I’ve listened to a few seconds of this diavlog, enough to hear John McWhorter call Behe’s nonsense “a very important book.” I can’t remember the last time I lost so much respect for someone so quickly.

And another:

Grab the popcorn: this is bound to be a good thread. (Doubtful I’ll actually watch the diavlog.)

And one last one:

If this creationism thing keeps up no one will want to be on bhtv anymore. A spinoff site is better than no site for us regular viewers. Who’s with me?

Who can have any confidence in a theory when the adherents cannot even be bothered to listen to a tenured biochemist explain his own research which contradicts that theory?