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The importance of chivalry in everyday life

I was just telling Andrew and Jen about the importance of chastity for enabling men to think of the needs of women around them whether they are attracted to them or not, whether they are married or not.

Well, just now I was chatting on my cell phone outside the building and it started to rain. One of the ladies who I work with came out and stopped there staring at the rain with a frown, so I offered to go and bring her car to the door for her so she would not get wet. And she agreed! (Even though she voted for Obama and doesn’t like Sarah!)

Anyway, let this be a lesson to you women of all ages – it is nice for men to be able to do nice things for you, even if you can do it yourself, you should let men help because it makes them happy to help. Men should always have one eye open for the needs of other people, especially women, around them.

By the way, if you like this post, I could tell you more about some of the other chivalrous things I do. So be sure and leave a rating or a comment, so I know. If you have a chivalry story to tell, leave it in the comments.