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National School Board Association wanted Biden to deploy military against parents

I know that a lot of people put their children into schools, thinking that the schools will teach children useful skills that will help them to get jobs and move out. Unfortunately, it seems as though the school boards, teacher unions and education bureaucrats don’t want to help parents. In fact, they view parents as their enemies. They want to indoctrinate children, and they want parents to let them.

Here’s a news story from Daily Wire:

The National School Boards Association (NSBA) considered calling for the federal government to use the “Army National Guard and its Military Police” against parents who made threats toward school officials before deleting the language from its September 29 letter to President Joe Biden, according to an independent review released on Friday.

This is the letter that the school boards sent to the Biden administration, asking for the FBI to investigate parents for “domestic terrorism”. What domestic terrorism? Opposing the indoctrination of their kids in transgenderism and critical race theory.


 Days later, Attorney General Merrick Garland directed the FBI to investigate a recent spike in “harassment, intimidation, and threats of violence” against school board members — a move seen by many parents as an attempt to chill free speech among those concerned about progressive curricula in public schools.

The idea of using the military against “domestic terrorist” parents seems to have been fine with the Biden administration, since they collaborated with the National School Board Association on the letter that the National School Board Association eventually sent to the Biden administration.

The Washington Free Beacon explains:

The country’s largest school board association collaborated with the Biden White House before sending a controversial letter calling on the FBI to investigate parents as potential domestic terrorists, according to previously unreported emails.

[…]The emails also show that the White House asked the association for examples of threats against school board members days before Attorney General Merrick Garland created a task force of officials from the FBI and the Justice Department to determine how to prosecute alleged crimes at school board meetings.

The letter makes clear that the White House was aware of the letter before it was released, while raising questions about whether the White House colluded with the association on the letter to prompt federal action.

So what exactly is it that the Biden administration wants to enforce with the military? Well, maybe they don’t want parents objecting to what this teacher is doing, as reported in The Post Millennial:

As if things could not go more downhill from an elementary school teacher suggesting that sexual orientation and gender identity is suitable classroom curriculum for 3-year-old children, an unidentified school teacher took to Facebook to post a series of disturbing confessions.

The teacher posted in a “Trans, Intersex, and Non-Binary School Professionals” group on Facebook saying, “So this is me feeling my best teacher self because I’m wearing panties on a work day for the first time ever and I feel so good!”

He goes on to identify his appearance to the group as “a tall bearded demiboy with pomaded hair and glasses, wearing a purple and white checked shirt, a gray sweater vest, and a brown jacket with black jeans.” For those not keeping up on the infinitely expanding gender dictionary, “demiboy” is someone who identifies as male only in part.

The teacher continued on to confess his jitters before coming out with his sexuality and gender identity to a group of children:
“I signed up to lead an affinity group for LGBTQIA+ students at my school a while back. The first meeting is this afternoon, and I’m going to be coming out to a bunch of high schoolers as bi [bisexual] and enby [non-binary]. I’m a bit nervous. Good vibes/encouragement are needed and welcome.”

Affinity groups are groups, typically reserved for those of specific disability, religion, race or ethnicity, so students can come together to discuss their common identities or interests.

Amidst what is being deemed the “Groomer Epidemic,” with 135 school teachers and aides being charged with sex crimes in 2022 alone, there are a concerning amount of teachers targeting these groups of children who already feel ostracized in one way or another to satisfy their own perversions.

I think what the secular leftists are saying is that if you disapprove of this person teaching your children, then you are domestic terrorist who needs to be silenced using the military.

We have an election in 2022.

4 thoughts on “National School Board Association wanted Biden to deploy military against parents”

  1. I remember in the 70’s and 80’s when homeschooling was considered not only “radical” but quite dangerous – in that the schools unjustly used CPS to harass homeschool parents and many relatives of these early homeschool pioneers made false complaints to CPS and police merely because they disapproved or were jealous. I truly admire those homeschool pathfinders as heroes.

    Nowadays, it isn’t radical at all to homeschool your children: it’s sane and essential. In fact, it’s spriritual child abuse to send your children into those dens of iniquity called “public schools.” It’s also quite dangerous – as yesterday’s events in Texas showed.

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  2. I’ve said it elsewhere around the blogosphere and I might as well repeat it here: anyone who continues to insist on sending their children to gubbimint skoolz is a child abuser as vile and odious as one beats or sexually molests children. The damage that these Marxist institutions do to children has been painfully obvious for a LONG time, and there is no excuse whatsoever for any parent who loves and values their child to subject them to them. The problem is that most American parents –including those who self-describe as Christian– really DO NOT care about their children at all.

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    1. It’s true. Many care more about their bling than the souls of their children.

      I can understand why an atheist might fall for that, but not a Christian. The amazing thing is that homeschooling does not constrain a family – it frees the family up for true Christian ministry.

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