Knight and Rose interviewed by Brian and Chad on the Apologetics 315 podcast

Desert Rose and I were so thankful when our friends Brian and Chad over at the Apologetics 315 podcast asked us to come on and talk about our backgrounds, and the new podcast. A lot of people have been asking me about who Rose is, and how we met, and how we decided to the podcast. Well, we talked about all of that on their show. I’ve got an outline and an MP3 download link below.

You can listen to the episode on Spreaker, but I was able to embed their player right in this post!

Here is the outline:

In this episode Brian Auten & Chad Gross interview Wintery Knight and Desert Rose about their new podcast: The Knight & Rose Show.

0:23 – Intro
1:25 – What’s new with Wintery Knight
2:11 – Who is “Desert Rose”?
5:05 – How Knight and Rose got started
7:27 – An overview of the Knight and Rose Show
12:15 – Mentoring people in apologetics and using evidence and facts
19:36 – Why serving the boss is the number one priority
22:15 – God’s not our cosmic butler
24:51 – Why are people leaving the church these days?
25:26 – How to start equipping the church in apologetics
29:08 – What you win them with is what you win them to
31:09 – Masculinity in the church: what does it look like?
37:58 – Should Christians be interested in politics? Why?
46:09 – Where to find Knight and Rose online…

Further Resources:

Wintery Knight blog:

The Knight and Rose Show:

On YouTube:

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My thoughts

Rose and I are delighted that Brian and Chad had us on their show. They just interviewed Casey Luskin, who has several chapters in the book “The Comprehensive Guide to Science and Faith“, which I am reading right now.

Future episode topics

If you made it this far into the post, I will give you a sneak peek ahead at our future topics! This week’s episode is about masculinity related to marriage. After that, we have already recorded and edited episodes on Christianity and Politics, and Black Lives Matter. We’re recording episodes on the Problem of Evil, and Classical Movie Wisdom next. (If you have any classical movie suggestions, send them in!)

Rose has been having a lot of fun lately talking to all of her friends and neighbors who are all listening to the podcasts. They are asking her for book recommendations, what they should major in, etc. I love when people listen to the podcast, and get motivated to have adventures.

How to listen to our podcast

I thought this might be a good place to explain how to listen to podcasts using your smartphone, in case people are reading and don’t know how.

You will need:

  • a smartphone
  • a podcast “catcher” app

Basically, if you have a smartphone, then you’re probably used to download apps from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

    1. You can download the free PodBean app from either app store. It’s free. They give you a guest account, so you don’t have to register or give them any information.

  1. And then just subscribe to the podcast by searching for it in the Podbean app:

Or if you don’t have a smartphone, you can just listen on the PodBean web site, from your computer, tablet or phone.

You don’t have to use PodBean’s app or web site to listen. The podcast is available on ALL the major podcast sites – 18 of them! So just pick the one you’re already using: Spotify, Amazon Music, TuneIn, Samsung, etc.

One thought on “Knight and Rose interviewed by Brian and Chad on the Apologetics 315 podcast”

  1. Thank you for the podcast! For film suggestions… I don’t know if this counts as a “classic” movie, but maybe “Lord of the Flies” (1963)? Since it has themes about sin nature. And I’ve only seen the newer musical version, but “Les Miserables” (1935) has themes about redemption, forgiveness, showing mercy to your enemy, etc.

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