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Far-left students shout down father who lost his child to transgenderism

This seems to be happening a lot lately. I just wrote about a father in California who was stripped of child custody and parental rights by his ex-wife. Prior to that, a Canadian father was arrested and imprisoned for gendering his child according to her birth sex. And now in Texas, a father who lost custody of his child, after the child came out transgender gets heckled when he tells his story.

Here’s the background from Life Site News, posted in December 2018:

A six-year-old Texas boy is being dressed and presented as a girl by his mother; at the same time, she is threatening the boy’s father legally for not going along with her plan for their son to live as a girl.

Jam3s lives as a girl when with his mother, but when with his father and given the choice, the six-year-old boy lives as a boy.

Court order:

J3ffr3y Young3r is currently prohibited by court order from affirming in any way his son’s sex, including imparting Christian teaching on gender and sexuality to Jam3s.

Child abuse charges against the father for disapproving:

4nn3 Georgu1as has charged Young3r, her ex-husband and Jam3s’s father, with child abuse for not affirming their son as a transgender “girl,” according to court documents.

Restraining order blocking father’s contact with the boys:

She has also sought restraining orders against Young3r, she is trying to terminate his parental rights, and also seeks to compel Young3r to pay for Jam3s’s visits with a transgender-affirming therapist and for medical procedures to “transition” Jam3s to a girl.

Chemical castration and sex-reassignment surgery:

The controversial “treatment” could include hormonal sterilization that could begin in as soon as two years when Jam3s turns eight, in preparation for Jam3s to later have “sexual reassignment” surgery.

Father loses all parental rights:

The court has awarded her the sole right to consent to psychiatric and psychological treatment of Jam3s and his twin brother Jude, rendering the boys’ father unable to get a second opinion.

Child Protective Services:

Young3r is even prohibited from cutting his sons’ hair, having been reported by a teacher to Texas Child Protective Services for giving Jam3s a haircut.

Like the California case, the father gets the bill:

Since the cost for psychological and psychiatric treatment of children is considered child support in Texas, a website on the case created by friends of the family says, and current Texas statutes being what they are, Young3r could be “forced to pay for the sexual mutilation of his own son.”

That’s just slavery, by the way. And men don’t like to be enslaved.

And here is the latest from Life Site News about the outcome of the trial:

A jury has ruled against J3ffr3y Young3r, the father who is trying to protect his seven-year-old son, Jam3s, from chemical castration via a gender “transition.”

[…]The jury’s decision likely means that Mr. Young3r will be required to “affirm” Jam3s as a girl, despite his religious and moral objections, and will also be forced to take a class on transgenderism.

Although it was a jury trial, I just want to point out that the judge overseeing the trial is a woman, and Georgu1as has two female lawyers leading the questioning of witnesses.  The therapist who diagnosed the boy with gender dysphoria is also a (gay) woman, and founder of Da11as Ra1nbow Couns31ing. So a panel of women is overruling the wishes of the child’s father for his son, and this apparently isn’t a problem for anyone.

The American Conservative noted that Georgu1as is not the biological mother of the boys. They were conceived with Young3r’s sperm and eggs from an egg donor. This is an immediate red flag to me, as women who use IVF are often feminists who deliberately delayed child-bearing during their fertile years for their careers.

The latest news

So, the latest news is that the father is now running for office as a Republican in Dallas, trying to get these laws changed. But young people, who are increasingly growing up without their biological mothers or biological fathers, did not receive him kindly.

The Post Millennial reports:

A University of North Texas classroom in Denton erupted into chants of “f*ck these fascists” and slammed their fists on the desks as Jeff Younger tried to speak on Wednesday. Younger was not thrown off, telling them to be “louder!”

Younger, who is running for a seat in the Texas House, lost custody of his 9-year-old twins because he opposed the medical transition of one of them. His ex-wife began pushing for gender transition when the child was 3-years-old.

Younger came to speak to the school, hosted by the Young Conservatives of Texas, noting that he has “attracted national attention defending his young son against being forcibly transitioned by his ex-wife.” Younger opposes the medical gender transition of children.

Notice how just like the story about the California father and the British Columbia father, there is an ex-wife involved. Women who initiate divorce can use false accusations or transgendering of children in order to eject the male from the lives of the children.


Younger tried to speak to the room, but was repeatedly shouted down before he was escorted out. He was joined by Kelly Neidert, a student who is part of the conservative students’ group. She had invited Younger to speak. He encountered a mob of far-leftist activists waiting for him outside, and was ushered by security to a waiting car.

Conservative students were reportedly chased from the building. Far-leftist activists and students harassed members of the Young Conservatives of Texas as they left the building where Younger had attempted to give a talk.

The police had to hide one of the conservative students in a janitor closet, in order to get her away from the angry mob.

My thoughts

I have two thoughts about this.

First, I don’t see how the upcoming generation will be able to form stable relationships. They are just too invested in fringe issues, too selfish and too unstable, to be able to take on self-sacrificial commitments to a spouse and children.

I thought this was interesting: (archived here)

Throwaway for privacy.

I’ve been an out and proud lesbian since I was 16. I’ve had some wonderful experiences and relationships with women but now I’m 29, I’m officially throwing in the towel. I am actively going to stop searching for dates on dating apps and in general.

I’m so tired of all of it. I get that this happens in straight relationships too.

But I’m so tired of being ghosted when things are seemingly going well. I’m so tired of being used. I’m so tired of having someone else’s insecurities projected onto me. I’m so tired of being cheated on. I’m so tired of being put on the back burner only to be replaced by someone more “convenient”. I’m so tired of the sudden emotional outbursts I’ve experienced from women I’ve dated.

I’m so tired of them being flighty and going radio silent for days for no reason when otherwise things were going well. I’m so tired of the intense emotional immaturity and emotional instability. I’m so tired of the hot and cold behavior. I’m so tired at how many are so quick to be physically violent if they don’t get their own way.

Even the ones who seemingly have their sh*t together, end up being openly cruel and spiteful at the drop of a hat. Even the ones I seem to vibe with super well, end up buying into playing mind games and “testing” me to get a reaction out of me by giving me the silent treatment unprovoked or challenging everything I say to spur an emotional response.

None of my straight friends around me have experienced any of the horror stories from their boyfriends like I’ve experienced with my lesbian partners. I’ve seen it all – from intense and violent outbursts where I’ve been blamed for “not looking after her anxiety” (like it’s somehow my job to look after someone’s mental health?) to setting up a life with one of my partners, emigrating thousands of miles to be with her, only for her to admit the entire time she’s been with someone else without telling me.

I’m not saying all lesbians are like this by a long shot. But boy am I tired. I’m sorry but I’m done trying to balance my own life, mental wellbeing and day to day routine while trying to jump through hoops to not trigger my female partner.

Lesbians have the highest rates of instability and domestic violence. This is what happens when the stabilizing influence of men is removed from women’s lives. The point is that the more young people embrace sexual anarchy, turning away from chastity, self-sacrificial commitment, and complementary genders, the more they will run into problems. And marrying a sexual anarchist should be completely avoided.

Second, isn’t it interesting how men keep marrying women who initiate divorce to them, then use the family court system to get full custody, alimony and child support? This will work for the first few women who do it, but I think men are learning not get involved with women from watching what’s happening.

A lot of “pro-marriage” social conservatives tell men to man up and ask women out on dates, but what is the value of marriage for men? The problem of declining marriage rate will not be fixed by urging men to jump off the cliff of the devolved modern notion of traditional marriage. If the pro-marriage social conservatives don’t fix what is being offered to men, then men will opt out.

9 thoughts on “Far-left students shout down father who lost his child to transgenderism”

  1. A man would have to be an absolute fool to marry a non-Christian woman today. Most of them have lost their minds, and there is nothing to keep them in check. Even marrying a Christian woman is dangerous unless there is evidence of a long-term commitment to the Lord and to conservative policies at great personal cost to herself. Church attendance is not indicative of genuine Christian beliefs or commitment. I’ve met some insanely selfish women in the churches too. If I were a man, I wouldn’t even risk it. Let the feminists see the fruits of their labor and live out their days in crazy land…all by themselves.

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    1. I hope everyone will learn from these mistakes, and there will be a memory of how marriage and family used to be for them to return to. Young people seem to be very scornful of old ways while they are young.

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  2. It was bad enough that women could “divorce r*pe” men and take custody of the kids, but now they can mutilate your kids for life. I’m glad that father is standing strong and fighting back. One more reason for pre-nups well before the wedding, with a new addition that neither parent will support “transitioning” any children.

    Good point about LGBTQ couples. Any relationship is going to be complex enough because it involves two sinners, but those pairings involve people who by definition have rebelled against God so much that He has given them over to their depravity. Volatile problems are to be expected.

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  3. And the only thing worse than hearing post-carousel wall-hitting feminists tell guys to “man-up” is having poor-thinking churchians say that. I’ve yet to hear them tell females to “woman up” and not have sex with men who aren’t their husbands, but they expect beta males to come along and support the wife and kids for life.

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    1. I don’t want to be exposed to a community that has formed their views by emotions and cultural pressures. I built my fortune by reading books and making plans thaf work. I don’t want people who have not read or planned telling me what to do.

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  4. Great article and comments.

    I just wanted to add that most forms of IVF involve embryo “disposal.” That means that IVF is responsible for far more abortions than the regular murder mills. Thus, it is likely that both the man and his ex are already murderers, even child sacrificers, in God’s Eyes, depending on how the IVF was performed. Regardless, they BOTH participated in this abysmal practice and are therefore accomplices to murder.

    She, of course, is a Luke 17:2 offender, which means that her Hell is almost certainly going to be literal torture.

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  5. The issue of how we’re going to raise our children, is my biggest concern when it comes to dating. As hot as I might think a woman is, I find myself more “attracted” to women who are kind, considerate, and nurturing…the kind I can actually visualize as good “mothers”.

    And let’s not be fooled by ladies who put on the “Christian” tag, yet actively choose the ways of the world over what the Bible says. On all of my “matches” from online dating, I’m very up front about living by Christ’s standards. So when they match with me, they profess the same.

    But when you ask them about stuff like this, the transgenderism, and homosexuality…suddenly they act as though this private conversation between she and I is being seen by hundreds of her friends. They openly reject “parts” of the Bible that contradicts what the world is saying and then go on to try and shame me for not “getting with the times.”…No way I’m about to have a child with a woman like this. Because these are the kinds who’ll say, “So what if Marcus wants to be called Madeline? If it makes him happy, let’s just do that!”

    And of course, if you pull out the Scriptures to teach them, suddenly you’re being oppressive.

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    1. I love this comment because it demonstrates why no woman should ever be elected to a place of leadership over men.

      And it also shows why most “Christian” women aren’t Christian.

      I’m afraid the West is a sea of Jezebels with a rare pearl here and there that requires great effort to find.

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  6. There is also a failure and fear in the church. At some point followers of christ and leaders need to take a stand on Bible and affirm our religious liberty rights.

    Most of our leaders value their own lives and family above the Bible and Jesus.

    It is sad to see once great nations that allowed religious freedom being turned over and our leaders in the church won’t make a stand for truth

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