Court rules that father must affirm that his son is a girl

Most people today who have noticed that men are hesitant to get married, or even get into relationships, with women. But few outside of the men’s rights movement are aware of the real reasons. Although it’s fashionable to mock men as weaklings for their cautiousness with women and marriage, it takes a little more work to look beyond the insults and find the real root causes.

So, with that in mind, consider this story from the red state of Texas, about a man whose ex-wife took him to court to force their 7-year-old boy to transition (via drugs and surgery) to becoming female.

Here’s the first from Life Site News, posted in December 2018:

A six-year-old Texas boy is being dressed and presented as a girl by his mother; at the same time, she is threatening the boy’s father legally for not going along with her plan for their son to live as a girl.

J4m35 lives as a girl when with his mother, but when with his father and given the choice, the six-year-old boy lives as a boy.

Court order:

J3ffr3y Y0ng3r is currently prohibited by court order from affirming in any way his son’s sex, including imparting Christian teaching on gender and sexuality to J4m35.

Child abuse charges against the father for disapproving:

4nn3 G30rgu1a5 has charged Y0ng3r, her ex-husband and J4m35’s father, with child abuse for not affirming their son as a transgender “girl,” according to court documents.

Restraining order blocking father’s contact with the boys:

She has also sought restraining orders against Y0ng3r, she is trying to terminate his parental rights, and also seeks to compel Y0ng3r to pay for J4m35’s visits with a transgender-affirming therapist and for medical procedures to “transition” J4m35 to a girl.

Chemical castration and sex-reassignment surgery:

The controversial “treatment” could include hormonal sterilization that could begin in as soon as two years when J4m35 turns eight, in preparation for J4m35 to later have “sexual reassignment” surgery.

Father loses all parental rights:

The court has awarded her the sole right to consent to psychiatric and psychological treatment of J4m35 and his twin brother Jude, rendering the boys’ father unable to get a second opinion.

Child Protective Services:

Y0ng3r is even prohibited from cutting his sons’ hair, having been reported by a teacher to Texas Child Protective Services for giving J4m35 a haircut.

Father gets the bill:

Since the cost for psychological and psychiatric treatment of children is considered child support in Texas, a website on the case created by friends of the family says, and current Texas statutes being what they are, Y0ng3r could be “forced to pay for the sexual mutilation of his own son.”

And here is the latest from Life Site News about the outcome of the trial:

A jury has ruled against J3ffr3y Y0ng3r, the father who is trying to protect his seven-year-old son, J4m35, from chemical castration via a gender “transition.”

[…]The jury’s decision likely means that Mr. Y0ng3r will be required to “affirm” J4m35 as a girl, despite his religious and moral objections, and will also be forced to take a class on transgenderism.

Although it was a jury trial, I just want to point out that the judge overseeing the trial is a woman, and G30rgu1a5 has two female lawyers leading the questioning of witnesses.  The therapist who diagnosed the boy with gender dysphoria is also a (gay) woman, and founder of Da11as Ra1nb0w C0uns3l1ng. So a panel of women is overruling the wishes of the child’s father for his son, and this apparently isn’t a problem for anyone.

The American Conservative noted that G30rgu1a5 is not the biological mother of the boys. They were conceived with Y0ng3r’s sperm and eggs from an egg donor. This is an immediate red flag to me, as women who use IVF are often feminists who deliberately delayed child-bearing during their fertile years for their careers.

By the way, the story has also been reported in The Blaze, the Daily Caller, Daily Wire, Christian Post, etc.

Support for gay marriage by gender (Source: Pew Research 2019)
Support for gay marriage by gender (Source: Pew Research 2019)

My thoughts

First, everyone who reads this blog knows that I am forever blaming women for their poor choice of men, and poor choices of when to have sex. Well, it works exactly the same in reverse: Jeff Y0ng3r should not have married this woman. I blame him for this mess.

Second, there is no concern in the church about the challenges facing marriage-minded men in this society. Christian men receive no support from the church when they try to lead on moral or spiritual issues that conflict with women’s emotions and preference for non-judgmentalism. In my opinion, it’s very likely that if I were somehow married to this crazy lady, that my church would side with her against me, just because she is a woman. After all, what are people learning in church about male headship or defenses against feminism or LGBT? NOTHING. The church’s goal is to produce feelings and community. They prioritize essential oils and praise hymns. What good is that to me against  an army of anti-Christian teachers, doctors, therapists, lawyers, judges, and powerful gay rights groups? I’m not going to get involved in a situation where I am wasting a lot of time and money losing legal battles.

Finally, I just wanted to point out that marriage-minded men are aware of how the government is stepping in and overruling their authority as fathers and husbands. It’s not just in obvious ways, like no-fault divorce, higher taxes, big government meddling in families, Equality Act, etc. It’s also in subtle ways, e.g. – men are forced to pay into a public school system that is dominated by secular leftist administrators and teachers. Stories like the one above show a growing intrusion by government into Christian men’s lives, which is made possible by higher taxes and more government spending. The money for big government intrusions comes out of Christian homes. The bigger the government, the less money and fewer degrees of freedom the husband / father has to execute his plan. And this is something we have to address if we expect Christian men to take the risk of getting married and having kids. “Man up and jump off this cliff that feminism and socialism has made!” isn’t going to cut it.

19 thoughts on “Court rules that father must affirm that his son is a girl”

  1. “They prioritize essential oils and praise hymns.” It probably shouldn’t have, but that line made me laugh in the midst of a heartbreaking story.
    I take it that no one should ever give you essential oils!
    I saw this story yesterday too with Matt Walsh’s article on the Daily Wire. The father and sons are on my prayer list. My heart breaks for the father and sons. Many people are speculating that the ex-wife probably has Munchausen by proxy.
    I’ve mentioned before that my son (who is only 16) is leaning toward MGTOW. Not just because of my own divorce, but also because of what he sees in the culture. The only way I can see the ship righting itself is if women lead the charge for cultural change. That seems next to impossible since it’s so profitable for women not to. I wonder if/when we hit cultural and moral bottom?

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  2. I want to cry for this child and violently defend him at the same time. Who would denounce the father if he kidnapped the boy and fled the country? He’d be a hero. And this was a Texas jury!

    An honest media would ask Democrats running for president if they agree with this. Republicans are always put in these spots. It won’t happen.

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    1. Please make sure to share this story then, so that people understand what it means to elect Democrats, and what this jury decision communicates to men about how society views their plan to marry and have children.

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  3. My heart breaks for the father and sons. What incredible evil is being done to them!

    There are already ex-trans people starting to speak out against the damage done to them, trying to save today’s children from this vile ideology. Interestingly, I’m also seeing more lesbians speaking out against trans validation. Trans women (biological men) who have not had bottom surgery are claiming to be lesbians and basically demanding that lesbian women date and have sex with them. Just like the trans women who are demanding straight men date and have sex with them.

    What an insane world we live in right now.

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      1. I agree; in fact, I foresee a LOT of suits in the not-so-distant future, from all these kids who have been abused like this.

        Have you seen the documentary, Tranzformed? I found it on Amazon Prime. What amazes me about all these people who became trans is how many of them were sexually abused as children. Just as so many who identify as homosexual came from abusive backgrounds. Many were sexually abused as children, but many were also psychologically abused or neglected. A family member who is a mortgage broker had a few lesbian couples as clients, and as she got to know them, found that every single one of them became lesbian after leaving abusive husbands; they basically wrote off all men because they married abusive ones.

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        1. I like how you phrased that “because they married abusive ones”. But in cases where it’s child abusez that is not their fault, and it makes me feel so sad for them. We need to teach adults not to let their selfishness override the needs of children.

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          1. Agreed. It seems to me, however, that many adults are still developmentally just petulant children themselves. And children just exist to satisfy their own desires. 😦

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      2. I don’t see them at all as victims. Sex is male and female. That is commome sense. They’d be suing others for engaging their own stupidity.


  4. I believe that the father has a Christian obligation to “kidnap” the child and attempt to flee – even if it causes them both to die or him to be imprisoned. That is my belief.

    An unjust law is no law at all.

    Meanwhile, the churches sleep.


  5. I try not to wish ill on anyone, nor celebrate their misfortune. That said, the more I’ve read of this case, the angrier I have become. From all I have gathered, this woman is forcing sex change on the boy, who frankly is too young to decide such a course for his life even if it wasn’t being forced.

    I will have zero sympathy if this poor boy becomes the bane of this woman’s existence when he gets older. This is no less than gross child abuse. If he becomes her worst nightmare, it’s her own fault.


  6. WGC expresses my thoughts, “and the Church sleeps.”
    They say they aren’t sleeping but are staying focused on preaching and reading God’s Word. They see the story as a temptation of distraction that they need to be strong against as the pastor prepares his next expositional sermon as he teaches through the bible.
    But watching the football games this weekend, or a movie, that’s not distraction, just God-given recreation.
    I will also start praying for the Dad. A female judge and a Dr. ex-wife: Somewhere out there lurks two extremely proud Dads and empowered Moms.


  7. Every time I think I’ll never be surprised again by anything the left does, I read something like this and shake my head in disbelief.


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