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Canada passes new law making it illegal to recommend Christianity to LGBT people

I blog about the state of religious freedom in Canada a lot on this blog. Canadians like to blog about how much better they are than Americans, but if you look at their actual policies, they have no respect for Constitutional rights like free speech, self-defense, religious liberty, etc. We can learn a lot about where progressives want to take America by looking at Canada.

Here’s the first story reported in Daily Wire:

Days ago, Canada approved a “conversion therapy” ban that condemns Christian doctrine on the sinfulness of homosexuality and transgenderism as “myth.” Indeed, bill C-4 — passed unanimously by both the Senate and the House of Commons — threatens pastors with up to five years of prison time if they remain faithful to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

[…][T]wo Canadian pastors — Jacob Reaume of Trinity Bible Chapel and Tim Stephens of Fairview Baptist Church — told The Daily Wire about the implications of C-4 and how Canadian Christians plan to respond.

While describing C-4, Reaume — whose church incurred over $100,000 in fines last year for refusing to shut its doors in defiance of Canada’s COVID-19 lockdowns — noted that the edict will “make the preaching of the biblical gospel a criminal act.”

“The biblical gospel is a message of conversion, whereby Christ causes sinners to be born-again, thus converting them from sinful propensities to godliness,” he explained. “The bill’s language is vague enough that many think it might criminalize a biblical call to forsake sodomitic propensities to embrace righteousness.”

Stephens — who was jailed in a maximum-security facility last summer for refusing to close his church — added that “the law is overly broad in defining conversion therapy,” thereby enshrining “progressive gender ideology and queer theory as normative.”

Canada is well known for being taken over by radical feminism. Emotions have replaced reason, such that offending someone becomes illegal, even if you’re speaking the truth. Today, American culture is permeated with “compassion” and “non-judgmentalism”. But in Canada, it’s the law. They are constantly apologizing and falling over themselves to avoid offending anyone with the truth. The whole country has become feminized.

On this blog, I already posted about how Canada jails pastors for continuing to meet during COV1D restrictions. Canada jails fathers for calling their biological daughter “daughter”. Canada jails people who offend other people with words of disagreement. But of course they don’t arrest or jail people who are on the secular left – these laws only apply to Christians and conservatives (in practice). People on the left can march without masks, commit crimes, etc.

Here’s another story from Canada, reported by Daily Caller:

Quebec Premier François Legault announced at a Tuesday press conference that his province would implement monetary penalties in the form of “health contributions” for unvaccinated citizens.

“Those who refuse to receive their first dose in the coming weeks will have to pay a new health contribution,” Legault said. “I know the situation is tough, but we can get through this together. We need to focus our efforts on two things: Getting the first, second, and third doses of vaccine and reducing our contacts, especially with older people.”

The penalty would apply to all unvaccinated adults unless they get the first dose of the vaccine in upcoming weeks, according to Legault.

I’m hearing the same thing coming out of the mouths of progressives in America – the same people who promote “universal health care” want to restrict access to health care.

New York Post reports:

MSNBC host Joy Reid was yet again getting ripped online after calling for anyone not vaccinated against COVID to be taxed or fined.

“I feel like people who are willfully unvaccinated — fine, don’t get vaccinated. But they need to start to pay a little bit more of the cost of what this is doing to our system,” Reid said on her show Tuesday while interviewing a New York doctor wearing a “FAUCI” T-shirt for the infectious disease doctor.

She praised ideas like fines and slashing sick pay for the unvaccinated.

“At some point, don’t we have to make people who are just saying ‘I’m willing to take the risk to be unvaccinated, take the risk for me and take the risk for everyone I come in contact with.’ Shouldn’t they have to pay more into the system?” Reid asked.

Remember, these are the same people who want open borders and refugees, so that people who cannot speak English can come here for free education and free health care. Why is health insurance so expensive? Because progressives keep importing people from OTHER COUNTRIES to use our emergency rooms for regular health care. Then they want to tax us more to pay for their “generosity” to people who shouldn’t even be here.

Progressives also don’t want to restrict access to elective “health care” like breast enlargements, free drug injections, sex changes, IVF, abortion or contraceptives. They just want to tax people who disagree with them on the risks and benefits of COV1D “vaccines”. We are seeing the real fascist nature of the progressives emerging more and more, and we need to remember it in November.

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