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Canada proposes bill to punish offensive speech with fines and jail time

The important thing to understand about Canada’s laws is that they are NEVER applied fairly. The laws are almost always used to punish Christians and conservatives. So, Christian pastors are punished for having “illegal” house churches during COVID, but Muslims or LGBTs can meet or march. The newest bill criminalizes speech that makes people feel “pain and suffering”.

Breitbart reports:

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s  government proposed legislation on Wednesday, Bill C-36, that is aimed at combating “hate speech” and “hate propaganda.”

The bill’s summary includes a proposed legal definition of “hatred” to be included in Canada’s Criminal Code.

[…]The bill’s text does not specify if or how non-verbal messages such as images or videos would be regulated to control “hate.”

Under a section titled “Fear of hate propaganda offence of hate crime,” Bill C-36 would allow provincial court judges to impose restrictions on those accused by an “informant” of a likely future commission of an offence “on reasonable grounds.” In other words, a judge would be able to issue restrictions against accused parties if the judge believes the accused is likely to commit an offense related to “hate.”

[…]If a complaint against an accused person is “substantiated,” the defendant may be ordered to pay up to $70,000 in penalties divided into two components. The first component would be a payment of “compensation” of up to $20,000 (CAD) “for any pain and suffering that the victim experienced” as a function of “hate propaganda” or “hate speech.” The second component is a fine, up to $50,000 (CAD), paid to the federal government.

Failure to comply with the “recognizance” could result in imprisonment of up to 12 months.

CP24 reported that Bill C-36 would “amend the Canadian Human Rights Act to reinstate an amended version of a controversial section [Section 13] that was repealed in 2013 amid widespread criticism that it violated freedom of speech rights.”

So now you have complaints about speech as a basis for fining people or putting them IN JAIL. Would you like to pay taxes to police, lawyers, judges, politicians, social workers, teachers, etc. in order for them to do this to you? Remember, Canada already jails parents who disagree with the LGBT agenda. And they throw Christian pastors into jail for holding church services.

Here is a Canadian pastor being arrested in front of his wife and children:

I don’t think it’s a good idea for anyone to travel to Canada, as the country is not safe. You might go there and merely express your opinion that marriage is for one man and one woman, or that children under 12 should not be given puberty blockers, and find yourself arrested and imprisoned if someone takes offense. You might do this in a private setting, to someone who agrees with you, but it sounds like they are taking complaints now from anyone who might overhear you. Why take chances? Look at them as a fascist country that opposes human rights like free speech, and don’t travel there. You wouldn’t vacation in North Korea. Why go to Canada?

7 thoughts on “Canada proposes bill to punish offensive speech with fines and jail time”

  1. I’m glad you brought up North Korea, because this is straight out of there.

    I’ve been posting this about collaborators and hope that this reaches all police, military, public school teachers, and judicial system workers in Canada, the UK, and Amerika:

    God hates collaborators. He despises them. There is a reason that the French Resistance hung Nazi collaborators from lamp posts and the excuse “just following orders” was firmly rejected at the Nuremberg Trials. By carrying out ungodly orders, you are doing the devil’s work, you are literally Satan’s hands and feet, and will be punished severely in Hell for it. In Amerika at least, police can still refuse to carry out an arrest order based on their conscience rights – this is referred to as the right and obligation of the lesser magistrates. This applies especially to the military right now – who is going along with Biden’s transgendering and destruction of the military. It also applies to public school teachers who teach critical race theory or LGBT propaganda. “Just following orders” or “just doing my job” do not cut it before the Lord Jesus Christ.

    Now, whenever I post this, cynics (probably correctly) point out that there either are no Christians left anymore in these 3 countries who are police officers, military, judicial system workers, or public school teachers, or that they are quickly fleeing these fields for good reason. Even so, I also want the heathen workers in these fields to know that you MIGHT get away with it in this lifetime, but you won’t in the next. God really despises workers of iniquity, collaborators, and traitors – whether you call yourself “christian” or not.

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  2. Gee, should I goose step and do the hiel salute if I go to Canada? They don’t look very far from that right now.


  3. Canada is under a minority gov’t run by the party with second most representatives and an unholy alliance of even further left parties. With the Conservative party having the most representatives of all but not a majority.

    Never mind the fact that if we got automatic seat realignment based upon population movement the Conservative party gained more seats. Even still conservative party Canada is closer to traditional mainline democrat in the US

    But since covid we have not had a functioning gov’t. People distanced on zooom calls only a few in the house. The pm steps out of his chateau to proclaim law.

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  4. Read up on Winnipeg lab with ties to China. A few people marched off the top Canada lab by RCMP. The opposition asked for documents about this incident to be released to parliament. The liberal speaker agreed it must be done.

    Now in a historic but not shocking even the Trudeau gov’t filed a law suit against the speaker to avoid turning over documents to committee and the prosecuter for review.


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