Why social conservatives should support free market capitalism

The free enterprise system should not be adopted simply because it is the best system for creating wealth. The best reason to support free market capitalism is a moral reason. Arthur Brooks, President of the American Enterprise Institute, and a Christian, describes the moral argument for free market capitalism.


It might seem that the best case for free enterprise is the material one. Free enterprise lets people make more money, buy more and nicer stuff, and have a greater degree of comfort. The freer our economy is, the more competitive the US economy is vis-à-vis the rest of the world. And so on.

But these aren’t our best arguments. There is another reason, a transcendent reason, for which free enterprise matters most—and this is the case we all must be able to make today.

We all learned early on in school that the Declaration of Independence claimed for each of us the unalienable right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Note that the founders didn’t assert a right to be happy; such is the domain of tinpots and crackpots, of 1984’s “Ministry of Plenty” and Josef Stalin’s aggrandizing self-description as the Soviet Union’s “Constructor of Happiness.” So what, in practice, does this right to pursue happiness mean?

It means the right to define and earn our happiness through our ideas, hard work, and gumption, to earn our success by creating value honestly, in our own lives and in the lives of others. It doesn’t mean the pursuit of a big lottery win or an inheritance. Those bring money, but not happiness. And a mountain of evidence shows that after a fairly low threshold, more money doesn’t make us happier. The best case for free enterprise has nothing at all to do with money or material goods or wealth. Those are just icing on the cake. We must stop talking about free enterprise as just an engine of wealth creation. It’s much more than that.

In short, the secret to the pursuit of happiness is earning our own success; creating value with our lives and in the lives of others. This earned success is the fruit of hard work and just rewards in a system built on merit. Only in a free enterprise system is effort and innovation rewarded over connections and predation. (And this means that we have to draw a distinction between free enterprise, which is based on opportunity and competition between ideas, and corporate cronyism, which is just another form of statism masquerading as free enterprise.)

Here are 3 reasons why I think that social conservatives should support free market capitalism.

1) Right to work

It’s very important for Christians to have an economic system in place that allows them to work without having to promote anti-Christians ideas. But when government gets too big, what happens is that Christians are no longer free to take any job they want, and still keep a clear conscience. In some states, you have to join a union which uses your union dues to elect Democrats, who very often are liberal on social issues. Or, you have big government forcing Christians to perform abortions against their consciences. Or, you have big government forcing Christian organizations to provide health insurance plans that cover abortions and contraceptives. That’s why Christians need to vote against big government regulations on employment – we need the freedom to work at a job that does not violate our consciences.

2) Right to earn

It’s very important for Christians to keep what they earn so that they have the maximum amount of money to make decisions that make sense for them, according to their consciences. Take the example of day care and education. The big government statist is constantly trying to to create more and more government-run day care and public schools. Why? They want to take money away from families so that they cannot afford individualized private and parochial schools, and lump them all into government run schools that are more “equal”. The problem is that this is bad for Christians who want more oversight into what their children learn. For example, what sense does it make for a Christian man to pay for day care and public schools when he marries a teacher who becomes a stay at home homeschooling mother for his children? He has to pay for day care and public schools he will never use, and it eats into the money he has to afford a stay-at-home homeschooling mom. Christians should oppose a day care and education system run by a secular leftist government. They will never reflect the values of Christian parents.

3) Right to spend

It’s very important for Christians to have the freedom to purchase products and services that make sense in their worldview. Take the example of health care. Secular leftists would love to force private medical insurance companies to cover things like abortion and contraception as health care. In some states, these things are specified as mandatory for every health care plan. That means that Christians who purchase health care are being forced to pay for services like abortion which they will never use themselves. This is nothing more than the redistribution of wealth in order to lower the cost of abortions for people, in order to encourage them to be sexually active before they are able to accommodate children. Christians need to oppose this – we do not want to have to pay for things that go against our consciences.

So, in addition to the reasons that Brooks mentioned (the happiness of earning your own way and serving others), it’s important for Christians to understand how free market capitalism fits into their plans. We do not want to support big government, especially when big government so often is not compatible with Judeo-Christian values. In the free market, it is much harder for ALL the businesses to conspire together to block Christians from working, earning and spending according to their consciences. We must resist top-down control of the free market so that we have the liberty to do what we ought to do in order to be virtuous.

3 thoughts on “Why social conservatives should support free market capitalism”

  1. I will also note that Marxism is at the other end of the spectrum from free market capitalism, and abortion and Marxism go hand in hand. The USSR was the first country to legalize abortion, a half century before America did, and China loves abortion.

    You can’t have Marxism for long without abortion, or vice versa, because abortion is one of the fundamental means of population control in Marxist countries. America has been socialist since FDR and quasi-Marxist since Obama, so there aren’t many people alive who can remember true free market capitalism. But it is clear that we continue to move further and further away from it and now we are a corporate banana republic.

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  2. Point 1 is funny. Many American companies and businesses promote themselves as being diverse and tolerate of people worldviews and accept everyone, everyone that isn’t Christian nor a person who hold similar values to Christians of course.

    Point 2 is best described as the frog in the pot scenario. Democrats/leftist been doing this for years, it’s simply been a slow process which over time the entire US population hasn’t felt the effects in full force and now considered the negative effects as being good/normal. But recently more and more people are starting to notice these problems and slowly pushing back. Can we stop and fix the problems? Possibly, but at the moment we will have to go through hard times to get there.

    Point 3 somewhat connects to point 2. I’m still trying to piece together how can abortion be healthcare. In what shape or form is mudrering a unborn child considered Healthcare? Healthcare is supposed to save people lives, not end people lives who hasn’t took their first breath out of the womb.

    I think your article can be broken down to: Freedom. Christians should promote freedom, with freedom you can do whatever you want, but with consequences and risks being side product for choosing freedom. And supporting and working in businesses that support
    or tolerate our beliefs. Which is compatible to free will. I hope I understood what you was trying to explain.

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    1. I thought no the goal if Christianity has become to feel good.

      And the secularists come along and say to Christians “it’s so much thinking to decide what to do with your money, why don’t you let us decide, but you can still feel good about yourself by paying taxes”.

      And the Christians go for this because it’s easier. So now you have Christians telling God that they are generous by allowing atheists to buy votes from people who need Jesus by giving them free abortions and sex changes and free needles and nurses at safe hard drug injection clinics.


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