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Conservative black man explains why “Women Today Are No Longer Marriageable”

I had so many household chores to do this weekend. I had to pull weeds! I had to change air filters! I had to mow the lawns! I had to do laundry! And I had to run 2 sprinklers and move them all around! Anyway, five chores done means I got to watch 5 videos, for 5 breaks. The first one was from “The Roommates” channel. It’s 2 cool black guys teaching men and women how to be better.

In this video, (H/T Randy G.), one of the hosts explains to women why men don’t want to marry them. Now, he has lots and lots of funny videos about the problems with men, and you can look on his channel for those. These guys are fair and balanced. But I liked this video, and it’s one of his most popular videos, so I’m sharing it with y’all.

His outline was:

  • men and women both need to improve themselves
  • women have standards that some men don’t meet
  • but women don’t realize that men also have standards
And here are his 6 arguments:
#1: too many single mothers
  • most important thing for women is that man be employed
  • most important thing for men is not to raise other man’s kids
  • in the black community there is 72% out of wedlock birth rate
  • not talking about widows
  • women don’t care what men want, that’s why the rate is going up
  • response from single mothers has been to shame men for not marrying substandard women
#2: too many women are overweight
  • black women have the highest rate of obesity in America
  • response from overweight women is to shame men for not loving them as they are
#3: women don’t have role models
  • men need to be shown good husbands and fathers as role models
  • women think that they will be great wives and mothers just because they are women
  • women think that they don’t need to be taught anything to perform their roles
  • increasing numbers of women grow up fatherless, so they don’t see mothers being good wives
  • more and more women don’t know how to communicate with men and support them
  • women who grow up fatherless, without an example of a loving wife, need to find role models
#4: women today are too masculine
  • women want to be in charge, and they want to be independent of leadership by good men
  • men want women who led them lead, and give them respect for solving problems and getting results
#5: women have too much baggage
  • men prefer women who have less baggage
  • too much promiscuity, and it’s very obvious to men when women have been promiscuous
  • women get exposed to the wrong kinds of men, and then don’t trust or respect the good kind of men
  • lots of women on OnlyFans and Instagram are getting money for undressing, sex work, etc.
#6: women cannot accept criticism
  • women don’t want to hear what’s wrong with them
  • women attack anyone who gives them constructive criticism

My thoughts

As a West Indian black myself, I think I know which group of women he’s talking about. It’s almost impossible for a black guy to find a black girl who is suitable for marriage. I’m surprised that dueling hasn’t come back where black guys fight to the death over the last few remaining black conservative women. I know in other countries, the black women are way more conservative – because I mentored a Nigerian girl through her BS and MS and now she works for a big IT firm. She’s actually my replacement, because she donates all her money to Ratio Christi for on-campus apologetics. So I know women like that exist, but American black women are almost all unsuitable for marriage.

The main take-away from this post, I think, is for women to understand that they are not qualified for marriage and motherhood just by being women. Men expect a lot more than that from their wives. We expect a lot more than that from the mother of our children. And like everything else in life, the way to get better is to study, practice and prepare for challenges.

5 thoughts on “Conservative black man explains why “Women Today Are No Longer Marriageable””

  1. This is a very important post. I was just thinking yesterday how the media does not allow this type of information to get out into the culture. Thank you. I will share it.

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  2. There’s a great book called His Needs, Her Needs about saving your marriage from divorce threats. In this book he talks about what men want and what women want. It has NOT CHANGED. This are God-given desires.

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  3. I usually won’t watch videos longer than a few minutes, but I watched all of this guy. He is a very effective communicator.

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  4. This film is good! Thank you.
    No bootie, no beauty. Large woman, large heart. This is wisdom from the ancients, but there is such a thing as too big. 25-35% ‘overweight’ is healthy. More, she risks diabetes and worse. She risks being lazy. Men, 10-15% is OK. Low carb diet (keto or carnivor) for both means healthy weights. walk in beauty


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