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Equip yourself for conversations with Muslims with a new #apologetics course

My family is half Muslim. I’ve often noticed that Christians who attend church don’t really learn a lot about how to talk to Muslims. They’re sort of in their own silo, and not interested in having these conversations with outsiders. Although you might get lucky and find a Muslim who wants to hear about Christianity, a much better approach would be to ask a Muslim questions that show that you know something about what they believe.

When I was working for a Fortune 100 company, a Muslim co-worker asked me if I had looked at any of the other religions. He was an Indian-born Muslim who had married a Hindu wife, then gone atheist in response to their families rejecting them. I mentioned that my mother’s side was all Muslim, and my father’s side was all Hindu. He asked me whether I knew what the difference was between Sunni and Shia Muslims. I don’t remember exactly what I said, but my answer was close enough to correct that he was delighted. We had a good conversation after that.

With that in mind, I wanted to recommend to you a resource from a staff apologist who works for Women in Apologetics. You might remember her from my previous posts linking to her work. She is the one who dumped sharing her testimony in favor of making an evidential case for her worldview, and the one who also likes to have conversations with people about spiritual things. And it turns out that she knows quite a lot about Islam, from her experiences as well as from her studies.

Here is part of her biography:

I have been privileged to serve in member care, discipleship, counseling, missions, college ministry, women’s ministry, and music ministry. I’ve traveled to nearly thirty countries, including Afghanistan, Egypt, Jordan, Burundi, Peru, Uganda, India, Thailand, Greece, Turkey, Italy, the Philippines, and throughout Central America. My relationships with people of other cultures have solidified my faith, broadened my perspective, and enriched my life immensely.

What I like about this is that she chose Islam for her area of interest based on her compassion for Muslims living in these countries. But it’s a controversial topic, not one that is designed to attract popularity. Clearly, her ambition is to make a difference for God and for Muslims who need God, not to make a name for herself by appealing to people looking for entertainment. I get so discouraged by the top books that Christian women are reading. I would like to see the careful use of reason and evidence a normal part of the Christian woman’s life.

She has a new 20-part course starting June 7th that will equip you to have conversations with Muslims. Registration is open now.

Here’s the description:

Led by WIA’s Islam Ministry Specialist, Laura Powell, Islam Foundations is a 10-week course that will equip Christians to have productive conversations with Muslims by preparing them to understand the similarities and differences between the two worldviews, respond to the most common objections to Christianity made by Muslims, and raise thoughtful objections to Islam, out of love and compassion for God’s image-bearers.

Each week features two lessons. Here are the weekly topics:

  • Week 1: Introduction & Barriers to Understanding
  • Week 2: The Islamic Dilemma & Building Bridges
  • Week 3: The Deity of Jesus & The Death of Jesus
  • Week 4: The Resurrection of Jesus & Muhammad’s Life and Teachings
  • Week 5: Violence According to the Prophet of Islam & Slavery, Supremacy, and Spiritual Slipups
  • Week 6: The Death of Muhammad & The Miraculous Qu’ran – Perfect Preservation
  • Week 7: The Miraculous Qu’ran – Four More Evidences & The Three Stages of Jihad
  • Week 8: Violence in the Old Testament & Violence in Church History
  • Week 9: Trinity or Tawhid & Was Muhammad Prophesied in the Bible
  • Week 10: Women in Islam & A Christian Response

She’s also bringing in other experts and interviewing them about their experiences discussing worldviews with Muslims.

Here’s the trailer for the course:

And the speaker will be answering questions about Islam this evening live on Youtube at 4 PM Pacific, 7 PM Eastern.

If you know any women who are interested in learning apologetics, this would be a good thing to show them.

I’ve had a good impression of her organization “Women in Apologetics”. They seem to favor an evidence-based approach that strikes me as very good for men like me who like engineering and evidence and problem-solving. What I want is to be equipped for adventures. Give me some good material that will wow my Muslim or atheist co-workers. Apologetics conversations make my pulse race. It’s fun to be called by God and to be a good ambassador.

5 thoughts on “Equip yourself for conversations with Muslims with a new #apologetics course”

  1. Thanks for this. I’m a woman in Australia who has been teaching myself apologetics for several years now – there is honestly very little available in Australia in terms of classes, resources etc so I read widely and have a rapidly growing library of apologetics, theology, philosophy, etc. I am always very interested in courses like this but the timing often doesn’t work for me on the other side of the world with different timezones – and I also work full time in a very demanding job. So I will pray about it for a while but am very keen to sign up if I can make it work around my schedule.

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    1. Hitting the ‘reply’ button in your question about cockatiels brings me here to your column again, so I hope it is ok to post my reply here (being irrelevant to the column). Yes, yours was so close to the world record for age as I have now discovered. We probably do have them by the millions in the inland, less populated areas and people who go camping may see them, but I can’t recall seeing them just flying around in populated areas. They are known to be a pest to farmers’ crops in some places. They are a popular pet here – it’s the only time I have ever seen them myself, when someone has one as a pet. Apparently it is fairly easy to get hold of one. I don’t share your joy about the potential happiness of being surrounded by millions of them – books, yes, birds, no. Blessings.


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