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Canadian police can stop people and fine them for being outside of their homes

I know in America we have a lot of people who were concerned about the loss of Constitutional liberties during the Wuh4n virus crisis. But I’ve noticed that in Canada, people don’t stand up for their rights against government as much. They think that big government should take care of them (with their tax money) because big government knows best.

Here’s the latest from one of Canada’s two national newspapers about the province of Ontario:

Citing rising COVID-19 case numbers, on Friday the Province of Ontario enacted one of the strictest lockdowns yet seen in the Western world, including empowering police to stop and question any person seen outside their home.

“Moving forward, police will have the authority to require any individual who is not in a place of residence to, first, provide their purpose for not being at home, and provide their home address,” said Ontario Solicitor General Sylvia Jones in a livestreamed Friday news conference. She added, “police will also have the authority to stop a vehicle to inquire about an individual’s reason for leaving their residence.”

[…]The new orders effectively confine Ontario’s 14 million people to their home, save for a handful of permitted activities. “It is imperative that everyone limit their trips outside of the home to permitted purposes only, such as going to the grocery store or pharmacy, medical appointments, outdoor exercise, or for work that cannot be done remotely,” said Jones.

[…]Accompanying the expansion of law enforcement powers was what Ontario Premier Doug Ford called the “strictest measures in all of North America.” This included a full shutdown of outdoor amenities, including golf courses, basketball courts and playgrounds. Under the prior provisions of the Reopening Ontario Act, anyone caught on a jungle gym until the lifting of the measure can face fines of $750, to an individual maximum of $100,000 and up to a year in jail.

While Ontario had previously allowed outdoor gatherings of up to five people, that has now been limited to “members of one’s own household.”

Did you get that? It says: “anyone caught on a jungle gym until the lifting of the measure can face fines of $750, to an individual maximum of $100,000 and up to a year in jail.”

This part was (to me) amazing:

Jones also announced the partial closure of Ontario’s borders with the rest of Canada. Starting at midnight on Monday, roadblocks at the Manitoba and Quebec borders will now turn away any traveller who can’t prove they are travelling for work, medical care or the exercise of Indigenous treaty rights. “Should an individual not have a valid reason to enter Ontario, they will be turned back,” said Jones.

So, police are now able to arrest you without a warrant for any criminal violation. Just being outside without a good reason is enough for them to fine you, and presumably imprison you for repeated offenses. Seven-hundred and fifty dollars. And you’re paying that AFTER paying the salaries of all the politicians, police, judges, teachers, etc. That’s on top of the 45% that Canadians typically pay in income and sales taxes. Would you live in a place like that? Would you be content to pay the salaries of people with degrees in radio broadcasting (like their attorney general) to rule over you and restrict your basic human rights?

I have to tell you, this time they’ve gone too far, and I think this will be rolled back before too long.

9 thoughts on “Canadian police can stop people and fine them for being outside of their homes”

  1. They clamp down on their own citizens’ rights and then close their borders to outsiders.

    Where have I seen this in history before?

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  2. I’m happy to say that ON has backtracked somewhat, because most police agencies in ON publicly stated that they will not enforce things like random checks.

    And many Canadians *are* trying to stand up against this. There are rallies and protests. If the news covers them at all, they are portrayed in the worse possible light. Mostly, they are not reported on. Sadly, too many have been completely indoctrinated. They literally believe that without these restrictions, everyone is going to get violently ill and most will die. Following the restrictions shows how much they “care” about others.

    Thank God we left the city years ago.

    My SIL was about to move out of ON. She just had to cancel a deal she’s made on a house. She can’t even hire movers.

    And ON has a “conservative” government!! A lot of people are really betrayed and angry at Ford.

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  3. Do not assume our media is any more truthful than your own. Our governments whether “Liberal” or “Conservative” are politically correct trying to control citizens while pretending to close the borders to foreign influence. They did not close China until we were infected; they have not closed Brazil until we were infect with that variant; and they will not close India until we are exposed to the double mutant variant.

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      1. Well I knew about the daily flights from China after the supposed closure and nobody in the media mentioned it until considerably later. But I didn’t know about giving away vaccines, the media cannot be trusted.


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