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How well are Democrats doing at controlling the southern border?

One of the things that people liked the most about Trump is that he believed in border security. He didn’t want Americans losing jobs to people who shouldn’t be here. And he didn’t want Americans paying thousands of dollars in welfare money to illegal immigrant households that use more in welfare than they pay in taxes.

With that in mind, I wonder how Joe Biden and his Democrat allies are doing. They were short on achievements when running for election. Blue states like California have MASSIVE problems caused by illegal immigration. The Democrats had no resume of achievements to run on. But, they won the election somehow, and now we should see if they are competent to govern.

Here’s the situation:

A “staggering number” of children being held at a Customs and Border Protection facility in Texas are facing “concerning” conditions as the population of unaccompanied minors held in border patrol custody has jumped nearly 700%.

CBS News reports that lawyers, representing the migrant children, are lodging complaints about their treatment, after interviewing children who complained over overcrowding, of being left hungry, of going days without showering, and of “never” seeing the sun while being housed in the Texas detention centers.

I know that Biden rolled back a lot of the policies that Trump had put in to discourage illegal immigration. Biden got rid of the law that required foreigners to stay outside of the USA while awaiting hearings. Biden returned to the catch-and-release policy which allows illegals to enter the USA and just disappear. When you destroy law enforcement policies that deter illegal immigration, you encourage people to break the law. And then someone gets the bill for the higher spending on education and health care, and the higher crime rate. Biden doesn’t have the same concern for taxpayer money that Trump had. It’s not his money. What does he care? He has armed security.


“The Donna facility, which opened last month, has been operating over its pandemic-era capacity for weeks, CBP acknowledged in a recent filing in federal court. The facility was holding 854 children on February 21 and nearly 700 two days before, according to the court filing, which also noted that social distancing ‘could not be observed at all times given the increasing numbers of individuals in custody,’” CBS reported Saturday.

Currently, the facility is estimated to be at 700% capacity.

Although the Biden administration as a whole has yet to call the situation a “crisis,” the White House announced on Sunday that it would call in the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to help minister to the child migrants in United States custody, per the BBC.

The Democrats don’t have any money of their own to spend on compassion. They’re being compassionate with YOUR money.

Maybe we should have worked harder to elect someone competent, rather than someone who just offered us good feelings and peer approval? Most of the people I know who voted for Joe Biden just “went with their gut”. They didn’t look at policy. But they’re going to have to pay for policy. They will, and their children will.

6 thoughts on “How well are Democrats doing at controlling the southern border?”

  1. They don’t care. The elites running this show will never have to worry about losing jobs to illegal aliens, or living next to them, or they or their families getting raped or murdered by them – they think. Eventually though, even they will pay the piper.

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  2. You can count on drunk driver homicides by illegals skyrocketing.

    Weird how Biden is not being criticized for “kids in cages,” isn’t it? I wonder how many pro-Biden “Christians” have figured out that they were duped?


      1. Unbelievable! That actually DID make my stomach churn.

        Are these people truly this uninformed due to decades of churchianity and easy-believism? Or are they pro-abort moles?

        The so-called “consistent” life “ethic” and seamless garment are lies from the pits of Hell.

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