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Police investigate anti-LGBT hate crime: man asked Catholic school to not fly pride flag

Story from The College Fix:

A Canadian university instructor is under investigation by law enforcement for the “crime” of asking a Catho1ic school board not to recognize G4y Pride Month nor fly the rainbow flag at its schools.

He sent the request to the Toronto Catho1ic District School Board last Thursday. I’ve reported before on how the entire Canadian Catho1ic education system is pro-abortion and also opposed to chastity and natural marriage. This includes supporting LG8T lifestyles, and using the secular government as a weapon against anyone who supports Biblical views of sexuality and marriage. Yes, I mean the Catho1ic schools are doing this.


“Sending up g4y pride flags and recognizing g4y pride month are a sign that their message holds a place in our schools and that their message is not to be contradicted,” Mai11et continued. “Flags are flown by those who hold control. Sending signals that support g4y pride messages is contrary to the teachings of the Church and have no place in our schools.”

The pro-LG8T YouTube channel D1gnity L1ghthouse posted Mai11et’s comments to its page, and shortly thereafter people on social media went after him for his “hom0phobia.” Eventually, the Toronto Police were contacted.

They quote Life Site News for this:

The H4te Crime Unit is working with the divisional investigator to determine whether or not the comments made during the meeting would constitute hate propaganda charges,” [Police Constable Jenifferj1t] Sidhu said.

“This is currently an active investigation. The identity of the person who is alleged to have made comments has not been confirmed by TPS [Toronto Police Service], as [sic] this time,” she added.

I’m sure that the constable in charge of the hate crime investigation has a taxpayer-funded degree, and her salary is paid by taxes. Some of the people who pay her taxes disagree with her on morality. And her response to that is to investigate them for hate crimes. And she is very happy to use the money they give her for that purpose. After all, Christianity is a mental disorder to be stamped out by the state. We should be happy to pay her to her to do that excellent work.

Catho1ic teachers march in favor of g4y rights and perverted sex education
Catho1ic teachers marching in favor of g4y rights

The complainant’s employer – a secular university – was also informed about his views.

I thought this was interesting from the LSN article – comments from politicians and school board leaders:

Toronto City Councilor Kristyn Wong-T4m accused Mai11et on Twitter of calling for LG8T allies to be “killed.”

[…]A number of TCDSB trustees also revealed on Twitter their disdain for Mai11et’s presentation.

“There are consequences for those who spread hatred & profess to be Catho1ic-you know who you are. Some feel holier than Pope and want to make us feel like lesser Catho1ics. I stand with Pope: God created us all in his image,” Trustee Maria Rizz0, Ward 5, tweeted March 6.

Rizz0 tweeted hours later that “No one should use bible as a weapon to advance their fundamentalist views to spread hatred at 2SLG8TQ+ students and smilies [sic].”

Trustee Markus de Domenic0 also weighed in on Twitter on March 6, indirectly accusing Mai11et of “hate and bigotry.”

“I take hope knowing the vast majority of Catho1ics are loving, accepting people who believe in the teachings of Christ. We do not support hate and bigotry. We do not use the bible as a vile weapon against others. I stand with the Pope: God created us all in His image,” he wrote.

I looked at some of these tweets, and also found this tweet from a Catho1ic school tweeting a picture of Ruth Bader-Ginsburg for International Women’s Day. My view of Catho1icism was already pretty low, but seeing how many Catholic leaders don’t accept the Bible isn’t exactly helping. Remember, Joe Biden was able to pass himself off as Catho1ic to Catho1ic voters. Catholic voters didn’t see any problem with his views on infanticide and LG8T totalitarianism.

I wonder if LG8T activists understand how they will be viewed when they respond to disagreement like this. It seems to me that they would be much better off if they tried to make someone like Dave Rubin their spokesman. But in my experience, they tend to see dissenters from their views in a more totalitarian way. They are only too happy to bring in government to stifle and subdue anyone who disagrees with them.

As a Christian, it would never occur to me to use police to force someone to accept my views on morality, e.g. – chastity.  I would be uncomfortable overpowering someone, threatening them with unemployment or jail. But for the police in Toronto, this is totally normal. Bible-believing Christians are good enough to pay their salaries, but not good enough to have human rights.

We’ve seen this before in countries with socialism and atheism took over, and dissenters were not treated very well. But they are so steeped in their own dogmas, that they can’t possible think about human rights or principles. They have to win. They have to stop anyone from disagreeing with them, or living in any way that they don’t approve of.

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