Big Tech purge of conservatives shows the danger of secular left worldview

Free speech that offends the secular left is inciting violence
Free speech that offends the secular left is now “inciting violence”

The Federalist:

What happened at the capitol was an embarrassment for our country. Now, the hypocritical outcries from Democrats, who proudly condoned left-wing Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters as they terrorized American cities all summer, are ushering in a great reckoning.

The Jan. 6 demonstrators, the vast majority of whom were peaceful, were there to protest legitimate claims of election irregularities and voter fraud. But Google-owned YouTube doesn’t want you to know that. They announced Thursday that they will ban all videos about voter fraud in the 2020 election.

The one free speech haven, Parler, Apple is keying up to ban from its app store and bar from iOS devices, claiming content on the website contributed to the capitol unrest. Google has already jumped the gun, banning Parler yesterday.

Amazon, the company that hosts Parler, has indicated that they would be banning Parler as well as of Sunday at midnight.


Anyone who has supported the president is in for it, as well. Rick Klein, the political director at ABC News, in a now-deleted tweet said that getting rid of Trump is “the easy part.” The more difficult task will be “cleansing the movement he commands.” Democrats have already created a “Trump Accountability Project,” an enemies list to ban, cancel, or fire anyone who staffed, donated to, endorsed, or supported President Trump and his administration.

[…]As the left’s arbiters of “truth,” big tech has been banning users they don’t agree with and suppressing stories like The New York Post’s blockbuster investigation into Hunter Biden‘s laptop and sketchy deals with foreign governments and companies with ties to the Communist Chinese government. With the help of their partisan “independent fact checkers,” big tech and the media made sure average Americans never knew about this before they went to the polls.

This is the part I want you guys to start thinking about:

This disturbing reality we live in, where one political party now has the power to control the narrative in all aspects of our lives — school, work, social media, and government — might make us feel eerie echoes of living under Chinese Communist Party influence instead of in the United States of America.

Perhaps what’s most troubling, and something that we might not have even considered in the chaos of the last few days, is the long-term impact this will have on American children. Generation Z or Zoomers, aged 13 to 21, may be one of the first generations that is more influenced by what they see and read on social media and the internet than what they hear at the dinner table from mom and dad.

A Business Insider’s poll found that 59 percent of Zoomers listed social media as their top news source. While technology used to serve as a way to make information accessible, a way to have the world at your fingertips with just a quick search, it has become something much different. It is teaching the youngest and most impressionable among us that suppression is normal and personal censorship is an important survival mechanism.

Children are being taught to watch what they say and think, lest they be labeled a racist, white supremacist, homophobe, or xenophobe. Indeed, making a pro-Trump TikTok video can get your college admission rescinded and subject you to intense personal harassment. A three-second insensitive or politically incorrect Snapchat video from 2016 can get you featured in a New York Times article and your college admission rescinded, and subject you to bitter bullying.

For young people today, it’s becoming normal to see political leaders in our country deemed “dangerous” to be ousted from public platforms and ostracized from society. They watch their parents self-censor at work, fearful of backlash from employees or coworkers that could get them fired.

Americans used to support the right of people to hold and express opinions others disagree with. Yet the newest generation believes feelings are more valuable than freedom. Study after study finds that younger people are more supportive of limiting speech than are older generations.

A recent survey found that an overwhelming majority of students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison think the government should be able to punish “hate speech.” Of course, “hate speech” is simply the left’s ambiguous term for anything veering from the leftist orthodoxy on issues such as abortion, sex, race, and immigration.

Silicon Valley oligarchs have an agenda. They aren’t platforms, they are publishers, which should nullify the privileges they enjoy under Section 230. Will the Democrats who are now running our government do anything to stop big tech tyranny? Of course not.

This problem is not going away. America’s ethos of free speech and expression is going extinct at the hands of big tech and the leftists controlling media and government.

The people in Big Tech aren’t any different from the communist leaders of the past. You should be very careful about going on social media under your own name and posting publicly. Use an alias, and restrict the visibility of your posts to your friends. You should only have a few friends, and no one who is on the secular left. Don’t make yourself an easy target by posting your real name or any personal details that can be seen by the public or by a secular leftist. It’s probably time to think about getting a VPN and changing your voter registration to independent. Be careful with your donations as well.

People on the secular left won’t hesitate to use the power of the government to come after you for making them feel bad. They think that your different opinion is inciting violence. They think that hurting their feelings is inciting violence. You have to assume that this is everyone on the secular left. Everyone who votes Democrat. All the Christian “Never Trumpers” who prefer abortion and same-sex marriage policies to pro-life and natural marriage policies. They may not all be bad, but you have to assume they are, for your own safety. There is nothing in the secular left worldview that rationally grounds human rights or morality.

4 thoughts on “Big Tech purge of conservatives shows the danger of secular left worldview”

  1. I wonder what Herr Klein has in mind for this “cleansing.” Re-education camps or straight to the gas chambers?


  2. Watch out for your friends too, WK.

    I got doxxed recently on one social media by strong conservative pro-life Biblical “christians” because they could not debate my thesis that “fighting against Leftist totalitarianism is a way for Christians to love our neighbors as ourselves.”

    Both were women and both have absolutely NO understanding of history. So, they did was ANTIFA, BLM, and collaborators with the Nazis once did: they cancelled me.

    These were TRUSTWORTHY people, who, IMHO, have lost their salvation due to TDS, masking, and vaxxing.

    Choose your friends wisely, Brother – and, as you say, sparingly.

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  3. Indeed, even just a year or two ago, when we were already taking it for granted the mainstream media were not our friends, I would have regarded your finishing suggestions as raving paranoia. But there’s no getting around the fact the left is seriously doing a happy dance with there having won total control of the presidency and both houses of Congress. They feel emboldened in a way never before seen, and it began with the enabling of all manner of mischief by politicians of ever level, the media, the entertainment and sports industries. It’s what happens when no consequences are felt for bad behaviors…when those behaviors are glorified. They do it again and again and again until such a point has come that few will stand up to it. Disagree with a black person? You’re a racist. Speak against the LGBT agenda? You’re a homophobe. These and other issues were determinant of your goodness and disagree…you’re not good. So they treat you like criminals in ways they don’t treat criminals.

    I’m retirement age. Pretty soon I’ll be retired. Perhaps I should still follow your suggestions. The strongest arguments against these reprobates might best to published under pen names, the way the patriots did it prior to the Revolutionary War. Publius. We need pampleteers like them. But some of us must be recognized as well as supporters. Like Christian apologists, we must be prepared to offer a reason for our allegiance to true American principles the center-left has rejected. Not all of them truly understand just how far and how bad it can get if there is no one to get in the way of the leftist elites. They’re already feeling the intoxicating effects of total power and they haven’t even gotten it quite yet.

    I read of the one of the creators of one of the major social media sites…might be Google, I don’t recall. He parted ways long ago because of what they were becoming, wanting it to be what it hasn’t been for some time. He’s been working on an alternative that will be in direct competition without being in any way dependent upon the existing platforms as so many like Parler are. Hopefully he can bring this to fruition for everyone. He’s already using it for himself.

    But we can’t totally disassociate ourselves from or ideological opponents. Especially those we know personally. We may have to alter tactics, but we must increase our engagement and force them to question what they believe. One issue at a time, one person at a time. I once thought I’d never figure out how to influence anyone to the side of light. But in the last four years, I’ve finally gotten two people to “jump ship”, and an old friend seemingly has “been turned” by someone where he lives. It can be done and must be.

    And always…Pray.

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    1. I think one of the core traits of masculinity is the ability to identify threats and prepare for them in order to deter aggression. It’s not good for bad people to feel that they can safely be bad. Think of R. j. Mitchell traveling Germany in the 1930s and realizing that the Germans were re-arming in violation of their treaty. He went home and designed the Spitfire to deter their aggression.

      We, especially pastors and parents should have realized where the left was going when they legalized abortion and no fault divorce. They wanted to put feelings over facts, and silence or destroy anyone who disagreed with their hedonism.

      The core doctrines of the Bible are surely things like natural marriage, chastity, bring kind to your enemies, self-sacrificial love for widows and orphans, voluntary charity (not socialism), etc. But instead. Pastors have been wanting to feel good and be liked as priority one. That’s why they look to the culture, and focus on environmentalism, feminism, refugees, BLM and socialism. And I mean the socially conservative ones who claim to want religious liberty. By importing millions of democrat voters and encouraging voter fraud, they’ve destroyed religious liberty, marriage and the unborn. They never wanted to defend the Bible, they wanted non Christians to like them. We have to love our enemies, and protect their lives, but we don’t express words of agreement with them.

      I’m saying this as someone non-white who encourages legal immigration of skilled English speaking non-whites who come here by merit.


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