Will the secular left Democrats allow you to earn money if you disagree with them?

If you're trying to help the rioters escape justice, you're pro-rioting
If you’re trying to help the rioters escape justice, you’re pro-rioting

I looked at a lot of different articles on Monday, and felt more and more sad about the direction that America is going. We should not be going forward with the inauguration until we find out why there were so many voting issues in certain states controlled by far-left Democrats.

I read a lot of articles about the 7-month-long campaign of violence, arson, and murder conducted by far left rioters, and I was going to write about how the media and Democrats encouraged that. But the article that really touched on what I was feeling was by Joy Pullman, writing for The Federalist:

The purge wasn’t at all limited to Trump himself. It’s also pursuing his supporters. YouTube banned all videos discussing voter fraud. Reddit shut down its Donald Trump subreddit. On Jan. 8, Facebook shut down the Walkaway campaign that shared the stories of people who left the Democratic Party to vote for Trump, and banned every one of the group’s owners from using Facebook. The publisher of a forthcoming book by Sen. Josh Hawley cut ties with him over his support for proving to the American people that our elections are free and fair.

‘You’re not entitled your book contract,’ can quickly become ‘United doesn’t have to let you onto its planes’ ‘Marriott doesn’t have to let you stay at its hotels,’ or ‘Visa doesn’t have to let you use its cards.’

And maybe that’s the point.

— Abigail Shrier (@AbigailShrier) January 8, 2021

The National Association of Realtors “has revised its professional ethics code to ban ‘hate speech and harassing speech’ by its 1.4 million members,” both on the job and off. To them, hate speech includes basic conservative ideas, not at all actually racist or otherwise indefensible words. “The sweeping prohibition applies to association members 24/7, covering all communication, private and professional, written and spoken, online and off. Punishment could top out at a maximum fine of $15,000 and expulsion from the organization.”

Police departments across the country have opened “probes” into whether any of their employees attended the Trump protest on Jan. 6. They’re not at all alone. Employers have begun firing people who merely attended the rally of hundreds of thousands, out of which a minority broke the law.
The label of an indie musician terminated their relationship because he posted that he had “peacefully” attended the Trump protest. A Wall Street Journal article documents the firing of a lawyer for an insurance company who posted on Instagram that he had attended “peacefully.”

[…]The notorious Never Trump group The Lincoln Project is launching a pressure campaign to ensure more such firings to purge leftists’ political opponents from all aspects of public and private life, in the name of “America.”

[…]Well-funded groups like The Lincoln Project, Southern Poverty Law Center, and other leftist pressure campaigns are dedicated to earning money and status by destroying the lives of anyone who disagrees with their politics. It’s excellent business. Schmidt has released tweets outlining many of his group’s planned actions, a terrifying blueprint of the cultural revolution mindset ascendant among America’s political left, who just seized control of every branch of the federal government…

This part was unnerving:

Already this creepy lust for punishment has Reddit users revealing their plans to turn family members into the FBI for attending the Jan. 6 protest, regardless of whether these family members committed any crimes or merely, like the vast majority of attendees, walked peacefully in D.C. streets.

She has an example where someone was recognized at a rally, his employer was contacted, and he was publicly denounced and placed on leave of absence. How will he feed his family without a job? But that’s the problem with the communist mob – they put their philosophy above the rights and lives of ordinary people who have a right to exercise their freedoms peacefully (which almost all of the people at the DC rally did). I would never take away the job of someone just because they disagreed with me.

I really recommend that you READ and SHARE the article, so that everyone will understand clearly what is happening. It’s important for people to understand that people on the secular left are fascists and they want to take away the ability of people to disagree with them by using power, e.g. – lawsuits, doxing, getting people fired.

And now, a personal reflection.

I’m concerned about how marriage-minded men will be impacted by the witch-hunting leftists. Men who marry and lead families don’t do this because it is a good deal for men. Marriage is a terrible deal for men. But it’s tolerable if men get to keep their own money, lead their families, educate their children in a way that respects God and good values, etc. When the government gets so big that men have to deal with leftists in the schools, government, hospitals, workplace, etc. men just opt out of marriage. Young, unmarried women may think that they can make a happy marriage with a pro-abortion, pro-LGBT secular leftist, but it’s very unlikely. These are people who sacrifice children for adult selfishness, and that isn’t a good qualification for marriage, which requires self-sacrificial love and self-control. There will be many victims to the rolling back of human rights and moral standards planned by the secular left.

7 thoughts on “Will the secular left Democrats allow you to earn money if you disagree with them?”

  1. It’s also not a far jump from “you don’t deserve a job” to “you don’t deserve to live.” At this point I wouldn’t be surprised to see the re-education camps and firing squads ramping up.

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  2. Remember early in the Trump administration when restaurants refused Trump supporters and administration employees?

    The Purge is that on steroids.

    No rational person can ever say that the Left did not tell us what they were going to do to us. Just like Hitler did in his 1920’s book.

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  3. I just started reading “Modern Times” by Paul Johnson. He covers Lenin’s revolution and the similarities with how Lenin operated in 1917-1921 and how the left is operating now are chilling.

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  4. Also with a certain bad German there are similarities.

    Demand religion modifies beliefs to match yours. Make opposition parties illegal…

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    1. The people in the church who are pushing to just give up on controversy and be liked are using Trump’s (admittedly terrible) character as a fig leaf. They just want their non-Christian friends to not think they are dumb and mean like those fundamentalists. It’s been done before. It doesn’t end well.


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