Physicist Michael Strauss discusses Christianity and science at Stanford University

Christianity and the progress of science
Christianity and the progress of science

This is one of my favorite lectures.

The lecture:

Dr. Strauss delivered this lecture at Stanford University in 1999. It is fairly easy to understand, and it even includes useful dating tips.

Here is a clip:

The full video can be watched on Vimeo:


What does science tell us about God?
– the discoveries of Copernicus made humans less significant in the universe
– the discoveries of Darwin should that humans are an accident
– but this all pre-modern science
– what do the latest findings of science say about God?

Evidence #1: the origin of the universe
– the steady state model supports atheism, but was disproved by the latest discoveries
– the oscillating model supports atheism, but was disproved by the latest discoveries
– the big bang model supports theism, and it is supported by multiple recent discoveries
– the quantum gravity model supports atheism, but it pure theory and has never been tested or confirmed by experiment and observation

Evidence #2: the fine-tuning of physical constants for life
– there are over 100 examples of constants that must be selected within a narrow range in order for the universe to support the minimal requirements for life
– example: mass density
– example: strong nuclear force (what he studies)
– example: carbon formation

Evidence #3: the fine-tuning of our planet for habitability
– the type of galaxy and our location in it
– our solar system and our star
– our planet
– our moon

It’s a good lecture explaining a couple of basic arguments for a cosmic Creator and Designer. If you add the origin of life and the Cambrian explosion (Stephen C. Meyer’s arguments), then you will be solid on the basic scientific arguments for a Creator and Designer of the universe.

Positive arguments for Christian theism

6 thoughts on “Physicist Michael Strauss discusses Christianity and science at Stanford University”

  1. Hey Wintery Knight…can you tell me how can a 21 year old man deal with Existential Crisis after reading all this??
    I mean after reading about the Big Bang,Evolution and all that….because that is what happened with me 5 months ago.
    You are the first Christian I have come across who believes in the 14 billion years old Universe theory…which was confirmed by scientists in July this year.
    Also if you don’t mind can you suggest some good content on virginity and chastity??
    I see that you are pro-chastity and pro-abstinence as well so thought of asking you.
    Hope you are doing well.


    1. The Big Bang does not require that evolution is true. Dr. Strauss (and I) are old-universe, old-Earth creationists. He has an entire book about it called “The Case for a Creator”.

      Regarding chastity, I liked Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse’s book “Smart Sex”.


  2. I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Strauss at this terrific lecture. Be sure to check out his blog featured on the Physics page at (eic is an abbreviation for Evolution in Context).

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