Was Hitler a Christian? Is Nazism similar to Christianity?

A conflict of worldviews
A conflict of worldviews

One of the strangest things I have heard from atheists is the assertion that Christianity is somehow connected to the fascism, such as the fascism that existed under Adolf Hitler. Two posts by Jewish author Jonah Goldberg from National Review supply us with the facts to set the record straight.

Let’s start with the first post.

Here are some of the points:

1) Hitler wanted Christianity removed from the public square

Like the engineers of that proverbial railway bridge, the Nazis worked relentlessly to replace the nuts and bolts of traditional Christianity with a new political religion. The shrewdest way to accomplish this was to co-opt Christianity via the Gleichschaltung while at the same time shrinking traditional religion’s role in civil society.

2) Hitler banned the giving of donations to churches

Hitler banned religious charity, crippling the churches’ role as a counterweight to the state. Clergy were put on government salary, hence subjected to state authority. “The parsons will be made to dig their own graves,” Hitler cackled. “They will betray their God to us. They will betray anything for the sake of their miserable little jobs and incomes.”

3) Hitler replaced Christian celebrations with celebrations of the state

Following the Jacobin example, the Nazis replaced the traditional Christian calendar. The new year began on January 30 with the Day of the Seizure of Power. Each November the streets of central Munich were dedicated to a Nazi Passion play depicting Hitler’s Beer Hall Putsch. The martyrdom of Horst Wessel and his “old fighters” replaced Jesus and the apostles. Plays and official histories were rewritten to glorify pagan Aryans bravely fighting against Christianizing foreign armies. Anticipating some feminist pseudo history, witches became martyrs to the bloodthirsty oppression of Christianity.

4) Hitler favored the complete elimination of Christianity

When some Protestant bishops visited the Fuhrer to register complaints, Hitler’s rage got the better of him. “Christianity will disappear from Germany just as it has done in Russia . . . The Germanrace has existed without Christianity for thousands of years . . . and will continue after Christianity has disappeared . . . We must get used to the teachings of blood and race.”

5) Hitler favored the removal of mandatory prayers in schools

In 1935 mandatory prayer in school was abolished…

6) Hitler favored the banning of Christmas carols and nativity plays

…and in 1938 carols and Nativity plays were banned entirely.

7) Hitler abolished religious instruction for children

By 1941 religious instruction for children fourteen years and up had been abolished altogether….

And now the second post.

8) Hitler opposed the ideas of universal truth and objective moral absolutes

…Just as the Nazi attack on Christianity was part of a larger war on the idea of universal truth, whole postmodern cosmologies have been created to prove that traditional religious morality is a scam, that there are no fixed truths or “natural” categories, and that all knowledge is socially constructed.

Practically everything this man believed was 100% anti-Christian. But he fits in fine on the secular left.


Adolf Hitler was a man influenced by two big ideas: evolution and socialism. His party was the national SOCIALIST party. He favored a strong role for the state in interfering with the free market. He was in favor of regulating the family so that the state could have a bigger influence on children. And he favored the idea of survival of the fittest. His ideas are 100% incompatible with Christianity and with capitalism as well. Christians value individual rights and freedoms, small government and the autonomy of the family against the state. The commandments about not coveting and not stealing are incompatible with redistribution of wealth from those who produce to those who “need”. The differences are clear and significant. The Bible favors voluntary charity by individuals and churches. It does not favor redistribution of wealth by a secular government to equalize life outcomes regardless of personal responsibility.

Ignorant atheists and their myths

In a recent debate between Matt Dillahunty and David Robertson, Dillahunty made the claim that Hitler was a Christian, because in a campaign speech, he told a Catholic audience that secular schools were bad, and religious schools were good. Dillahunty thought that this meant that Hitler was a Christian. Robertson asked him when those words were spoken, and whether they formed the basis of any POLICY after Hitler was elected. Dillahunty didn’t know, because he just cited the quotation without knowing anything about the context, or about the historical period. Robertson informed him that the words were spoken in a campaign speech, prior to Hitler’s rise to power, and that nothing in Hitler’s policies ever took the words seriously after he came to power. It was the equivalent of Obama claiming to support natural marriage, then legalizing same-sex marriage once elected. He lied in order to be elected. This kind of ignorance is very prominent in the atheist (“secular humanist”) community, which survives on mythology which is never subjected to rational inquiry. Here’s another good example of this ignorance.

Incidentally, Dillahunty later said, in the same debate no less, that he “didn’t know” if the Holocaust was morally wrong. Right – because on atheism right and wrong are meaningless concepts, rationally speaking. They are reduced to personal preferences only, where each opinion is as valid as the opposite opinion, since there is no objective standard by which to judge different opinions. That’s why atheists can’t make moral judgements about anything, they just have preferences, like their preference for certain foods and certain clothes. Very important to realize this when talking to atheists, because they use moral language to describe their personal feelings and opinions.

Whenever I hear atheists speculating about whether Hitler was a Christian, I immediately know that they have not investigated anything very carefully, and are merely being insulting. It’s not worth having a conversation with people who are stupid AND insulting.

9 thoughts on “Was Hitler a Christian? Is Nazism similar to Christianity?”

  1. Popular village atheist ala Matt Dillahunty disciples are mostly clueless about Christianity and history. The fact that they so easily grasp at straws like Hitler being a Christian is so hopelessly desperate that it’s hardly worth mentioning, but I’m glad that David Robinson challenged them on this.

    There is a “secular theist” on YouTube called HistoryNet that regularly demolishes Dillahunty disciples when it comes to history. Here’s my favorite video by him.

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    1. Interesting article – howvever socialism is not incompatible with Biblical Christianity specifically the prohibition of coveting others – the principle of the the redistribution of economic surpluses for the common weal from the ‘haves’ to the ‘have nots’ is laid out in the Torah of Moses and confirmed by the New Testament. On this point u are completely error espousing falshood.


      1. Excellent point! Socialism is coveting made into public policy. The Bible is for voluntary charity, not forced redistribution by “experts” in government who never earned the money.


  2. Hitler would tolerate a state run Christianity, where it was a method to control the masses.
    All doctrine was modified by the government to comply with their view and it would be a tool in their arsenal to control the masses.
    If church leaders happened to preach the Bible without gov’t filters they were imprisoned by Hitler.
    It is no different than the desired far left censor that wants to put phobe preachers in jail for preaching against far left social doctrine

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      1. But if a leftist records a church service and gets a pastor saying something non progressive and biblical they may want to have them tried I the courts.

        Because even in churches biblical thought is abhorant to a progressive.

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  3. My answer to this nonsense is pretty simple:

    “You mean that Hitler worshipped a Jew Whose 2nd Greatest Commandment was to love our neighbors as ourselves?!?”

    BTW, there are lots of good sources on what true Christians faced in Nazi Germany, but this book shows how incredibly nuanced Christian pastors had to be when preaching against Hitler:

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  4. A popular YouTube atheist named Cosmic Skeptic put out a video titled Why Smart People Believe Silly Things.

    Wonder if the following things are in it:

    Nothing × nobody = everything and everybody.

    Blind chance + inanimate matter = human dignity.

    We are all here by accident, but the white accidents shouldn’t own the black accidents.

    Religion has killed thousands of people down through history, which is far more than the 100 million people killed by atheistic regimes in the 20th century alone.

    More and more people are embracing atheism. This is a good thing.

    There is no good or evil.

    Stamping out religion is good.

    Discriminating against gays is evil.

    There’s no such thing as objective moral values, unless a religious person does something I don’t like.

    And OH,YEAH.

    The Founder of Christianity (Who never existed) said you shall know them by their fruits.

    That’s how we know Hitler was a Christian.


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