Radical feminism changes men’s perceptions of women in the workplace

Radical feminists complain a lot about sexism, but damage is self-inflicted
Radical feminists complain a lot about sexism, but damage is self-inflicted

Lately, we’ve seen an outburst of radical feminism as more women have been equating actual rape and sexual assault with sexist comments or clumsy passes. How does this change how women are perceived in the workplace?

Here’s an article from Medium (H/T Tracy) by an anonymous male feminist.

The first point is about how women handle disagreement, compared to men:

When James Damore was asked for feedback from his supervisor and internally circulated his google memo, it got leaked, he got fired and women stayed at home the next Day because “for emotional reasons”

A ten page summary of data and analysis from Damore was enough to “emotional distress” the women at the company.

This lack of resilience and self-control disrupts the workplace, and results in lost productivity. If it turns into a lawsuit, the costs are even higher. This is in addition to women having fewer STEM degrees than men, working fewer hours than men, and taking months leave for pregnancy. Not to mention preferential hiring and promoting of women to meet government-mandated quotes.

Second point, is increased hostility to men.

Look at this tweet from a writer at Teen Vogue:

Emily Lindin, a mainstreatm writer with a degree in music history, tweets her hatred of men
Emily Lindin, a mainstream writer with a degree in music history, tweets her misandry

She has 23,000 followers on Twitter – this woman is mainstream. I looked into her background a bit. No mention of a father at home, and a self-confessed “slutty” lifestyle from her early teens onward. Her entire writing career seems to be to attack everyone who disagrees with her promiscuity.

Feminism, as an ideology, does not allow women to prefer men who exhibit traditional masculine characteristics: providing, protecting, moral and spiritual leadership, chastity, fidelity. That’s “sexist”. So what’s left? Get drunk and have sex with the hot bad boys, since evaluating a man’s character is “sexist”. Then promote false accusations and misandry to get revenge against the hot bad boys you freely chose. This will only get worse as more radical feminists waste their 20s on hot bad boys, and raise more fatherless girls when they become single mothers by choice, in their 30s.

Do men want to work with women who hate men and make false accusations against people they disagree with? I’m a conservative, Christian, pro-life virgin. I disagree with all premarital sex. If this woman worked with me and found out my views, she would almost certainly get me fired. As more and more women come under the influence of angry radical feminists, men will have the perception that women hate them. That’s bad for the minority of non-progressive women, but it’s just safer to avoid any woman once the radical feminist views become the majority.

Another article from Medium (H/T Wes) makes a third point about how conservatives are treated by liberal women in the workplace. The article is written by a female senior software engineer, who promotes STEM to women and the elderly. She is a self-described “moderate conservative”.


On September 27, 2017, I decided to attend the Atlanta Google Women Techmakers’ event “Idea Jam Session,” which was hosted at TechSquare Labs in Atlanta. At that time, I was still an active member of Women Who Code, the Atlanta GDG, and Google Women Techmakers and, perhaps naively, I just assumed that I had every right to attend the event like any other member of the group because I had not been banned.

Upon arriving at the event, Maggie immediately asked me to leave the room. At the door, she informed me that she would be extremely uncomfortable if I remained a member of the community because some of the views that I had expressed on Twitter are “very harmful to gender equality”. She then asked Daniel Sabeo, the event coordinator at TechSquare Labs, to escort me from the facility. I was deeply upset at being publicly humiliated, but left willingly without causing any disruption.

Two days later, I got an email from TechSquare Labs. Daniel had discussed the incident with Allen Nance, Paul Judge, and Rodney Sampson, the owners of the facility, and he informed me that they had collectively decided to ban me and my company from using their venue or attending any of their events because they were concerned about the “safety” of their members. I later learned from a fellow developer that Maggie had, in fact, told various people that I’d been stalking her.

[…]The following week, Martin Omander, GDG program manager for North America, formally banned me from the Google Developer Group and Google Women Techmakers and, again, declined to provide me with any details of the complaints against me or the rules that I’d allegedly violated.

How many women are likely to attack conservatives in the workplace?

Young, unmarried women voted 78% to 22% for Obama in 2008, according to exit polls.

Exit polls from the 2008 Obama vs McCain election
Exit polls from the 2008 Obama vs McCain election: unmarried women voters only

Obama voted against banning infanticide multiple times as a state senator in Illinois. 78% of young, unmarried women voted for him anyway. Women who graduate from college in non-STEM fields are especially progressive. In my experience, most young, unmarried women form their views by adapting to the dominant views of their community. On campus, their community is usually progressive. In my experience, men are more likely to construct a worldview through reasoning and evaluating evidence.

In my experience, young, unmarried progressive women are progressive because they want taxpayer-funded abortions, taxpayer-funded contraception, no-fault divorce, single mother welfare, student-loan forgiveness, etc. Taxpayer-funded bailouts for problems caused by their own free choices. They feel that if society is paying for something, then it’s “normal” and they don’t have feel guilty about making poor choices. Their primary concern about politics is being able to do what they feel like without anyone disapproving. Everything bad that happens is “unexpected”, and so society should have to pay for it.

Most men rightly disagree with leftist policies, because men believe in personal responsibility. But if men think that they will be falsely charged or otherwise sanctioned for being conservative, then it makes sense for them to not speak to women at all. Again, that’s bad for the minority of young, unmarried conservative women, but it’s safer to just avoid the risk. Especially as radical feminism becomes the dominant view among young, unmarried women. The point is that men are going to have to hide their political views from MOST young, unmarried women in the office, because progressive ones seem to be very intolerant of the conservative views that most men hold.

I don’t even speak to young, unmarried women about religion and politics in the workplace. It doesn’t matter if we have the same views or not. Feeling offended and going full totalitarian is just too widespread. The rational choice for men is to disengage. I can have conversations safely about religion and politics with men, even if they disagree with me. I realize that this isn’t fair to the minority of young, unmarried conservative women who are safe to talk to, but it’s just too dangerous to risk it.

22 thoughts on “Radical feminism changes men’s perceptions of women in the workplace”

  1. Reblogged this on Patriactionary and commented:
    Yep. Great cartoon.

    In today’s environment, best to avoid non-work-related, social interaction with anyone other than straight men of your own kind, as much as possible, just to be safe.

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    1. And honestly, I don’t think that women really care about this. I don’t see even mainstream women warning the radical feminists about the likely consequences of their actions. I think this is a denial of male agency – men aren’t allowed to have rational reactions to young, unmarried women who act in vindictive, out-of-control ways.

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    2. Depends on your objective & how much you are willing to stand up for what you think is right. If you want to preach, you gotta go where the heathen are. Yeah, you may suffer for it, it isn’t the safest course, but it is the price of self-respect, and, every once in a while, you’ll gain the respect of someone else as well. You won’t convert a confirmed leftist – that isn’t the point, but if you stand up for what you believe, don’t apologize for it, and go the extra mile to not be a (what Trump is alleged to have said), you will move a few impressionable people still quietly on the fence. There are actually still a lot of sane young women, at least in the South and in the less urban (what is about big cities that attracts so many shallow, pretentious ___s?) areas elsewhere.


    1. Thank you. I was in a rush. Your blog seems to be excellent for collecting together a lot of links to evidence on different issues. The post on marijuana effects was very good.


      1. You’re welcome. That’s why I do ASND — so that people like you can use it and appreciate it.
        BTW, “collecting together” = concatenation. The “links to evidence on different issues” are also topically collated via drop-down Menus (there are several hundred pages — i.e. “different issues” — on ASND). I noticed a number of people have visited ASND these last two days, WK, referred there from this page. I hope they find the site as helpful as you do. It is a never-ending WIP, however, with literally tens of thousands of available additions (“links to evidence on different issues”) already concatenated but not yet collated on (i.e. published to) the site. If you or anyone else is looking for “evidence on different issues” and have not found any (on ASND or elsewhere), feel free to contact me via email (available on each of ASND’s pages) with specific requests (including broken hyperlinks encountered on the site) and I will search my offline archive for citations that can be added to ASND.


  2. At the same time, in church…..in social settings……at work the lament gets louder “Where are the men? How come they don’t ask us (me) out? I’ve prayed on it, and I decided I am going to adopt a child / become a single parent because there no “real” or “good” men around.”


      1. And that will only make them even less likely to find a man, because let’s face it, very few men want to raise another man’s offspring. Personally, I won’t bother with fatties, tatties, or “baby comes first” women. It’s bad enough competing with other men for a woman’s affection, I’ll be dammed if I have to compete with her sprogs also.


  3. And these women never seem to think ahead and anticipate the real world consequences.

    I’m in STEM and work in industrial R&D with 25+ years experience. I have two friends from years back that both own their own small tech companies. About 50 employees each. Nothing flashy, but a large proportion of engineers and techs.

    Both will not hire women in anything other than low level support roles. And they both have a “no breeders” rule when it comes to roles with significant responsibility with women. They’s been burned too many times at too much expense.

    I’ve worked in large companies and have seen the damage of feminist progressive policies.

    Check out Vox Day’s “Social Justice Warriors Always Lie” and “Social Justice Warriors Always Project” books.


    1. Tell your friends that in case the EEOC comes sniffing around their businesses, they should ask some of their better-paid employees to identify as women. Real women don’t have to change their names, get surgery, apply makeup, wear dresses, grow long hair, or have sex with men, nor do your newly female employees. Just check the “female” box and you’re good to go.


  4. I see it in the workplace. Men here do not want to speak to women unless it is strictly regarding work issues and in the company of a ‘chaperone’. The men ignore invites to conversations, after work gatherings at bars, no parties, or vacation groups. The women use work as part of their need to fulfill their social interactions. Now, they try even harder to get my attention, pull me into their nonsense conversations and plead me and other men to join them after work. I have seen them cancel after work gatherings when they realize it is going to just be women.
    They are lonely at home and at work.

    As ‘David’ above points out. They are incapable of looking at the consequences because they think they are free of accountability.

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    1. I just had a horrifying conversation with a divorced woman where it was made clear to me how entitled she felt to confiscate the wealth of others for social programs (e.g. health care) in order to alleviate the need for people to make responsible choices. This woman is a serious Christian and a moderate conservative, yet she had no idea of the difference between voluntary charity and redistribution of wealth by a secular government. What is interesting is that she wants redistribution but also feels entitled to remarry! Who is going to marry any woman when men have to first pay 40% for a social safety net for irresponsible people who want to live by feelings?


      1. What is interesting is that she wants redistribution but also feels entitled to remarry!
        Mark 10:10
        10 When they were in the house again, the disciples asked Jesus about this. 11 He answered, “Anyone who divorces his wife and marries another woman commits adultery against her. 12 And if she divorces her husband and marries another man, she commits adultery.”


  5. I’m a pro-life virgin Muslim and I agree 100% with your post. Ironically, radical feminism in large bureaucratic companies and universities is going to bring back a very puritanical environment but this time with a twist: 90% of the women will not be worth marrying past 25 years old.

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  6. I agree with you. As a woman (I hate using that phrase XD) in this ‘progressive’ society where these feminists seek to ‘help’ girls like me, I’ve noticed how restricted my male peers seem to feel. They joke around with themselves, but always sort of hushed. Because they know that if they say something too ‘offensive’ even if it’s a joke, they’ll get chastised. Have the wrong attitude to a woman, scolded and shamed. It’s so sad. I plan to expand on that, and on the topic you write about regarding men and dating.

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  7. The whole #metoo movement has gone too far! It thus far has destroyed any semblance of men and women working together without paranoia on both ends, infantilizes women into helpless childlike victims and put no accountability on how women act and conduct themselves and the signals they give off! This hysteria must end if we’re to have any common sense regarding issues like actual sexual assault! Women are not little children: if you act like you want sexual attention, and dress like it, men will take up the offer! Furthermore, who’s stopping these so called victims from displaying integrity instead of taking some cheap sleazy sex deal then removing all personal accountability! Didn’t like it? Then you should have said “no”! I say #NotMe!


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