Black family sues school for refusing to protect their daughter from abuse by peers

Political contributions by the American Federation of Teachers union
Political contributions by the American Federation of Teachers union

I just thought the following story was astonishing. My heart really goes out to this little girl, who is just trying to work hard and make a life for herself.

This is from The State.


Parents of an African-American girl at Columbia’s Hand Middle School have filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against Richland School District 1, alleging school officials did little for two years while their academically advanced daughter was physically and verbally abused for “acting white.”

“Hand Middle School students called (the girl) racial slurs and physically assaulted her on numerous occasions,” says the lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Columbia by Alex Young, a soldier at Fort Jackson, and his wife, Toschia Moffett, a consultant.

“Although approximately 50 percent of the students at Hand Middle School identify as African American, (the girl) was one of the few African Americans in her honors and advanced classes during the 2015-2016 and 2016-17 school years,” the lawsuit says.

“Hand Middle School students called (the girl) racial slurs like ‘Oreo,’ ‘white girl,’ ‘wannabe white girl’ … and generally maligned her for ‘acting white,’ ” the lawsuit alleges. Both boys and girls were involved in the bullying, the lawsuit says.

During those years, she also was “repeatedly pushed, shoved and tripped in hallways and other locations around Hand Middle School … (and) suffered several notable physical assaults,” the lawsuit says.

Although the parents reported the harassment to school officials, district-level officials and school board members, little was done and the bullying continued, the lawsuit says. The parents tried numerous times to meet with Richland 1 Superintendent Craig Witherspoon, but Witherspoon told people “he was avoiding them,” the lawsuit says.

I took a quick look at the web page and found out that the Superintendent is black! Not white! Yet he still refused to have any compassion on the little girl and punish the people who were intimidating her.

The most interesting thing about this story to me, is that the racism is being committed by other black students. Why would they make life harder for someone who they ought to more empathy for?

There were some more details in a local news story from WISTV:

  • On or about February 10, 2017, a group of approximately 12 students surrounded India while she was beaten with a bottle.

  • On March 17, 2017, the same male student who shoved India in November 2016 hit her in the face with a backpack. The blow from the backpack “chip[ed] two teeth and caus[ed] her nose to gush blood. The incident was caught on video and the school promised to keep [the male student] away from India.”

  • On the same day India returned, the male student who hit her in the face with the backpack followed India to the auditorium and intimidated her during theater rehearsal.

  • The lawsuit says that India developed stress, anxiety, and self-esteem issues that affected her education and caused her to miss several days of school. So much so, India began eating her lunch over a toilet in a bathroom stall to avoid other children.

I’m sure that I don’t have to tell you that this school system is a PUBLIC school system. This is a government-run school with unionized teachers and unionized administrators. The parents of the little girl were stuck with this failing school. The money they might have used to pay for a better school, or for homeschooling, was ripped away from the parents in the form of mandatory taxation. They were forced to pay for failure, because the Democrat Party doesn’t believe that parents should have the right to choose where their children go to school. And believe me, this kind of failure by the public schools affects a lot of minority children.

We need to have a policy that allows parents to opt out of paying taxes for failing schools, and then get a refund that they can use to buy the education they want for their children. Public schools teachers and administrators are not the “customers” of the education system – they are the service providers. Children are the customers, and they ought to be able to go where the teachers and administrators serve them.

7 thoughts on “Black family sues school for refusing to protect their daughter from abuse by peers”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this story! This is unfortunately a lot more common than you think. It’s not always backed by physical assault for sure, but there is a general dislike for Blacks (among Blacks) who portray non-traditional preferences and attitudes that defy the stereotypes and general statistics.

    I know this because I went through it myself, and still hear that rhetoric today. In fact, just two days ago I was having the discussion with a White British friend of mine who found it equally ridiculous.

    I told him that if Blacks continue to view sophistication, education, ambition and drive as “White” qualities, we will never get very far, especially when we try so hard to hold back the few who don’t subscribe to those stereotypes. I also pointed out that it says more about how these Blacks view themselves, than about White or Black culture. In short: self-loathing and jealousy.

    Unfortunately for poor India, the how and why won’t make it any easier for her. Her school should have taken a stand, and having failed to do so, should pay the price.

    My schools would have never allowed any bullying like that to take place though. And by the time I made it to high school, I was at a school with other smart kids of Black and other minority races. So the ones yelling out the “acting White” campaign were a minority and were generally ignored.


    1. I’m also non-white but since there were few blacks in my classes growing up, I never experienced this.

      If you read Thomas Sowell, you’ll find out that many features of the American black culture were actually imported from the poor white culture in the UK! So there is no reason for this culture to keep persisting because it has historical roots. In fact, the marriage rate was much higher for blacks after slavery but before the Democrats enacted the big welfare programs that handed out free money for bad decisions.

      We should be helping girls like India, not hurting them.


      1. I’m not sure I agree with Sowell.
        Slavery and post-slavery Black culture at the roots was orchestrated by planters to suit their need of subjugated human property. Britain did not have slaves working on plantations in Britain. Their poor were free men, women, and children. That creates a fundamental difference.
        I don’t doubt that Black culture evolved to take on some semblance of White poor culture. But poor culture is similar wherever you go.


  2. Schools never do anything about bullying and the issue among blacks viewing intelligence has its roots in slavery, along with colorism. This whole thing is systemic and we may not be slaves in the physical sense we still are in the mental one


  3. I have dealt with this before, but…

    …when conservatives advocate for vouchers, and when they GET those vouchers into the parents’ hands, the good public schools don’t get this Talented-Tenth girl here. Well, okay; they get *some* of those kids. But mostly they just get whatever girls (and boys) use the vouchers. Which means they get the At Risk, Was Starting To Turn Their Life Around kids too.

    Which means, those schools get the kids who *bullied* this girl. Only now the bullies have a whole school of white and Asian kids to prey upon too! And the bullies can’t be expelled, because rayciss.

    My suburban school took in “Boston” kids during that 1970s/early1980s forced-busing fracas. So I know that of which I speak.


  4. Reblogged this on Things I Wish I’d Known Sooner and commented:
    Found this one interesting. We raised our kids in an area where none of the schools had high percentages of black students. They too were usually the only black kids in their honors classes. It helped that there were three of them and they stuck together.

    Even with that, they got their share of occasional digs and comments for being different. Basically, the “everyone has a place in the public school” mantra is more accurately translated, “everyone has a place in the public school so long as you conform to the expected behavior of your group”.


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