Teacher fired for stating pro-life views that “triggered” pro-abortion student

Women are more liberal on abortion than men
Women are more liberal on abortion than men

Wow, this is like my worst nightmare of what a liberal co-worker could do to me, if I ever expressed my views directly.

Canada’s national newspaper, the National Post, reports:

A teacher at a posh private school in British Columbia was fired last month after making an innocuous comment about abortion to his Grade 12 law class.

[…]The 44-year-old teacher, who has asked that he not be identified to protect what’s left of his career, was teaching “the criminal law unit, a lesson on vice, ethics, morality and the law” to his small class in the Vancouver-area school in late November.“I was working my way through examples of how some people’s sense of personal ethics was more liberal than the letter of the law,” he said in an email.

For example, he told them, many people might roll through a stop sign on a deserted country road, deeming it morally acceptable, even if unlawful.

In other words, he said, in a pluralistic democracy, there’s often “a difference between people’s private morality and the law.

“I find abortion to be wrong,” he said, as another illustration of this gap, “but the law is often different from our personal opinions.”

That was it, the teacher said. “It was just a quick exemplar, nothing more. And we moved on.”

A little later, the class had a five-minute break, and when it resumed, several students didn’t return, among them a popular young woman who had gone to an administrator to complain that what the teacher said had “triggered” her such that she felt “unsafe” and that, in any case, he had no right to an opinion on the subject of abortion because he was a man.

[…]What happened to the teacher over the ensuing few days sounds like something out of the Cultural Revolution in Mao’s China, where people were subjected to what were known as ideological struggle sessions, forced to “confess” to various imagined sins before large crowds, and roundly denounced.

Immediately after the student complained to the administrator, the teenager came, with a teacher at her side as support, to confront him in a public area of the school.

She pressed for an apology, but the teacher resisted, because, he said, it would set a dangerous precedent for a teacher to be reamed out in the presence of a colleague.

“When I didn’t show contrition,” he said, “I was summoned upstairs and grilled by two administrators who told me my job was on the line.”

Now panicking — he has a family to support and had just recently returned to teaching after several years in business with a relative — he apologized profusely and promised to apologize the next day to the offended student.

Instead, the school had an administrator take over the class for a day, whereupon, he was told, they would all discuss what went wrong in his absence. He would be invited back to “hear the grievances and offer an apology. It was clear I must do this successfully or I would be terminated.”

He repeatedly asked what he’d done wrong or if there was an allegation of misconduct.

“The answer I got back was that I was recognized as an outstanding teacher, but student ‘safety’ was the school’s primary concern.”

With the discussion now scheduled for the following day, the teacher, near to melting down with apprehension and disbelief, went to a walk-in clinic and asked for tranquillizers.

The discussion was postponed another day, and after “white-knuckling” it through his other classes, it came time for the law class.

It was exactly the horror show he’d imagined: His boss sat among a crowd of students, ran through a list of what had gone wrong and “what I needed to do to change.” While most students appeared to be on his side, the offended girl was still furious.

He apologized specifically to her, but then made what was apparently a fatal error: He said he liked her, that she was a bright and engaging student, and said he’d told her father just that at a recent parent-teacher night.

She stormed out of the class in tears, and he was again castigated by his superiors, this time for having been “too personal” in his apologia.

On Nov. 30, he showed up at the school, was retrieved by an administrator and taken to the “head” of school, the private school equivalent of a principal.

He was told he “could no longer continue in the classroom,” and was offered a short-term medical disability top-up for employment insurance.

He was then escorted down the hall and off the premises.

In a more recent news article in the National Post, the school is named:

Fraser Academy, the expensive Vancouver private school where last month a teacher was fired after making allegedly “triggering” remarks to a Grade 12 law class, has put its staff under a gag order.

I guess I have to react to this personally. I have seen things like this happen before, not just in the education system, nor even in the public sector, but in the private sector. It has caused me to have a very firm and convinced prejudice against people on the secular left, namely, that they are so intolerant and bigoted that they literally cannot be approached openly. It’s a short step from getting someone fired for disagreeing with you (i.e. – destroying their career and starving their family) to further acts of depravity, like false accusations, fake hate crimes, death threats, vandalism, violence and even domestic terrorism. And the secular left is doing a lot of that lately. You have to be a special kind of narcissistic sociopath to get someone fired just for disagreeing with you – and that’s what the liberal education system is turning out in droves.

Where do these kinds of students come from? Well, it turns out that the education system is chock full of teachers and administrators who are intent on undermining judgments against immorality.

Consider the architect of Ontario’s sex education curriculum:

Ben Levin, the man who “appeared to have it all,” was today sentenced to three years in prison for three child pornography offences.

[…]The once-tenured professor at Ontario’s Institute for Studies in Education had a “hidden, dark side” in a “depraved on-line world” as a “deviant mentor” who made “insidious attempts to normalize the sexual exploitation of children,” McArthur noted in her 23-page reasons for sentence.

[…]A member of Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne’s transition team, Levin was deputy minister of education in 2009 when he and then-minister of education Wynne developed the “equity and inclusive education strategy,” part of which was the 2010 radical sex-ed curriculum shelved by then-Premier Dalton McGuinty after parental backlash. The 2015 sex-ed curriculum is virtually the same as the 2010 version.

[…]Levin himself claimed in a 2010 interview: “I was the deputy minister of education. In that role, I was the chief civil servant. I was responsible for the operation of the Ministry of Education and everything that they do; I was brought in to implement the new education policy.”

[…]Levin pled guilty on March 3, 2015, to three of an original seven child pornography related charges.

Many people go into the education system to normalize immoral behavior, and naturally they teach students to feel offended at any sort of judging of their immorality. The promotion of non-judgmentalism flows from people who do immoral things and who don’t want to feel bad about it. Many people who become teachers and administrators do so with the goal of causing students to become offended by those who make moral judgments. 50 years ago, you could expect teachers and administrators to side with the teacher who expressed the pro-life views. But today, many teachers and administrators would side with the offended student. I suspect that they share her hatred of disagreement and disapproval because they are hiding something in their own private lives, and they just hate anyone who makes moral judgments.

I really hope that this story of the pro-life student and the fired teacher will help you to learn to predict the rage you will be subject to should you ever disagree with secular leftists in the slightest way. For your own safety, you need to assume that teachers and administrators are immoral psychopaths, even if not all of them are. And this is especially true of public schools. Never state your views where secular leftists can overhear. And understand that this is going to keep going – the next generation is going to be even less sane and less moral, not to mention less employable. It is going to keep going until government money that subsidizes (and normalizes) reckless immoral liberal lifestyles runs out.

11 thoughts on “Teacher fired for stating pro-life views that “triggered” pro-abortion student”

  1. “Who gets a person fired for disagreeing with them? Someone who has dark shame and guilt from serious breaking of the moral law.”

    It is very likely that this little snowflake girl has an abortion, or two, in her past OR is very close to someone else who does.

    The line about men not having a say on abortion always makes me laugh. In America, that means that Roe is overturned, because it was decided solely by men. Furthermore, if men have no say on abortion because we are not women, then women have no say on rape because they are not men. (Imagine the triggering there!) Comments like that truly are a product of the dumbed down educational system.


    1. Yep. If men can’t have a say on abortion, there would be no Roe v. Wade. The fact is, abortion is very popular with the kind of man who wants recreational sex with no accountability. And the fact is, that kind of sociopath man is VERY POPULAR with many women, in this day and age. And since no one has the courage to tell these women NO, we have abortion – and hatred of anyone who says anything against it.


  2. Shocking. I had to read it quickly because my blood would boil if I read it slowly. (Can I sue the student who was triggered because her response to being triggered makes me feel triggered…?!)

    It would be great if society hit the buffers and repented as you suggest in your closing comments, but what seems more likely is that these wet, childish liberals then vote in a supreme dictator who will rule with a rod of iron because they no longer have the spine, the talent or the discipline to govern themselves.


    1. No, conservatives can’t be triggered. In Canada, the laws can only be used to punish Christians and conservatives. Complaints and infractions made against the secular left are never taken seriously. The fake rape charge of the student is investigated by the police, but never the crime of making false charges. That’s when the authorities seem to lose interest.


  3. If you haven’t heard about it yet, Wintery, you might at least appreciate some things about this website. http://heterodoxacademy.org/

    The authors of the blog are apparently politically diverse, which includes liberals, but they are all concerned about the tendency of left-leaning schools to make their beliefs so sacred that they shut down discussion and try to get people get kicked out of their institutions or jobs for speaking against liberal beliefs.


  4. Reblogged this on Patriactionary and commented:
    I was going to comment on this myself.

    Never apologize; it does no good. Be fearless and bold; let them fire you on your feet, not on your knees…

    As for us trads, esp. trad Christians, we now know what the administration of Fraser Academy think of our kind of worldview, compared to that of our prog enemies. Let us act accordingly, and not send our children there; surely there are Christian and/or other private schools more worthy. Buycott, not boycott; emphasize other, positive choices you have, and choose wisely. Vote with your dollars.

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  5. I’m not Canadian, but I wonder of he could sue the school for wrongful termination or gender discrimination? It is pretty clear that his firing was motivated by his gender, especially the comment by the student that he had no right to an opinion because he is a man. You would think that Canada would have some sort of employment protections so that you can’t be fired for made up reasons.


    1. Well, in Canada, the hate speech and hate crime laws have never been used to hold liberal groups accountable. People have tried to submit complaints, but the complaints are rejected by the Human Rights Tribunals and Human Rights Commissions. You have to be the right kind of victim in order for these laws to apply. As far as the criminal code goes, the Crown attorneys simply won’t prosecute cases where the alleged victim has the wrong religion or politics or whatever. It’s a banana republic, and their law schools just keep turning out uneducated trash. People with no idea what “the rule of law” means, or why it is important.


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